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The demonising of Stan Romanek?…..
Does the Simulation Hypothesis Defeat Materialism…..
What to believe? Science is a red herring and a wild-goose chase…..
Mark Knopfler – Tunnel of Love Final Solo (Best Live Version)…..
Of Pokemon, Mirage Men and Manchurian Candidates…..
Beast of Dartmoor mystery solved?…..
Hacktivists Design Untraceable Anti-Surveillance Phone Case…..
Robot doctors will perform one in three surgeries ‘within five years’ to help exhausted medics


The demonising of Stan Romanek?:

You may know that I posted a clip from an interview Peter Maxwell-Slattery conducted with Stan Romanek, who claims (with witnesses) to be an experiencer of alien contact and supernatural activity. During the conversation Stan Romanek faked paranormal activity; acts that he later admitted to in a further interview with Peter.

Soon after I posted the video mainstream media outlets reported that Stan Romanek had been charged with having (and I think distributing) child pornography. The Romaneks, Stan and his wife, Lisa, strenuously deny the charges and friends who have witnessed the strange goings-on around Stan are supporting him. They say that computers were tampered with by corrupt agencies and officers. As I said in the video intro text, I have not followed Stan Romanek’s case so I personally have no idea of the validity of his and his supporters’ claims, about these claims or his encounters. However, I do have a friend, a very knowledgeable one, who wrote to tell me that they witnessed strange happenings around Stan Romanek at a UFO conference, and Pete (Slattery) has also confirmed that he witnessed activity at Stan Romanek’s home when he visited. I trust these two friends and what they have reported completely but as I said I have no personal knowledge of the validity of any of Romanek’s claims.

What I do know is that among the very worst of charges that can be levelled against someone is that they are a paedophile and I have absolutely no doubts that such false trails and charges are easily within the capabilities of, and are laid by ruthless dark agents for their clandestine agendas.

Is Stan Romanek a paedophile? I don’t know. Is he a genuine experiencer of the phenomena he claims? I don’t know that either. What I do know is that for very many experiencers the trauma is huge and unrelenting. It shadows and affects every facet of their lives causing them to behave in numerous ways that confuse them and disturb others.  Such experiencers lose the certainty in their lives in a flash, unleashing an earthquake and tsunami that takes their bedrocks of convention’s indoctrinated shaky ‘reality’ away from them – forever.

Anything to do with engaging with something unknown is full of possibilities and can be fraught with potential perils. Otherworlds and their inhabitants, their motives and agendas, are, especially in the conditioned ignorance of this monotheist lock-step tattoo of a world, among the least well-known and naively dismissed impacting influences on anyone who ventures into these realms whether willing or not. To court otherworld interaction without really knowledgeable and trusted guidance is asking for trouble, and this can be lethal. Not for nothing did our ancestors (and current aware cultures and tribal societies still) insist that any such engagements be confined to only certain souls that reincarnated again and again in their many-lives classrooms of shamanic training. (Native Australian tribes and Dalai Llama procession are extant examples of this.)

Inviting non this-world entities and thought-forms into one’s life and essence can, as I said, be life-threatening; it can also destroy lives in other ways, for one’s self and others that one interacts with, or who engage with you. A malign entity, concealed in the unseen energetic field of a person can cause its host to commit almost anything and without their knowledge. The ‘vehicle’ having no idea what it has done can be completely honest when he or she says that they are innocent of any wrong-doing (though some many will take the credit [and profit] for positive actions or inventions etc that come by the same means). This is why lie-detectors are unreliable, as well as so-called truth drugs. (However many drugs do create entry points for malign entities; and it makes sense to me that certain electronic frequencies do the same.)

I’m not saying Stan Romanek is possessed, I don’t know, but even if he is that still doesn’t mean that he has committed the disgusting crimes he has been charged with and nobody should be levelling accusations against him without proof. To do so invites the devil into themselves – if it’s not already there. Only a fool or a plaything of darkness accuses without real evidence.


Unbeknownst to me at the time of the fakings incident it seems that Stan Romanek was aware of the legal situation that was unfolding. If so, this pressure on him, on top of the distress of his Contact confusion, if his stories are true (I am not saying they are not), would have been unbearable and could account for his actions.  Actions that I felt needed to be denounced because they threatened to weaken and invalidate (in the eyes of the undecided) the testimony, evidence and well-being of authentic experiencers, especially those who are vulnerable. In most cases genuine experiencers are left with little material or this-world recognised evidence, it makes them easy targets for debunkers and their lazy condemnations. I’m not surprised that under their duress most people stay silent but I do have evidence and lots of it, and I am not going to keep quiet about something so crucial to this world’s well-being. It isn’t anything to do with craving personal recognition or profit, that is not me, as anyone who knows me will tell you. It is about revealing authentic information and nothing else. In all matters, experience and humility trumps ignorance and ego every time. I’d rather just wander off and enjoy the countryside, but it isn’t possible in the current climate of suppression, disinformation and misinformation.

The video where Stan Romanek  later admitted faking in a further interview with Peter

Today, while reading one of the items featured on this page (Pokemon), I came across this video of an investigative journalist, Stacy Lynne passionately testifying to, and reporting, serious criminal conduct amongst the authorities and police personnel involved in Stan Romanek’s charges and trial, even pointing the finger at someone on the bench:

Stacy Lynne informs the Loveland Colorado City Council on January 5th, 2016 that a letter to her from a “good cop” reveals inside information regarding embattled Detective Brian Koopman.
Stacy Lynne informs council on letter from a “good cop.”

Romanek Trial Delayed


I do not believe the judicial system, with its limited scope and vision,  has the ability to ascertain any human being’s guilt. It may determine that the actions of a ‘vehicle’ caused the mental or physical crime but we are all beings motivated by thoughts. Our actions are manifestations of mental activities; but who or what ‘mind’ is the true perpetrator really needs to be addressed before causing even more suffering in this world; suffering that allows unseen predators to continue their ravages upon this beautiful planet and its belaboured inhabitants…but that enlightening course is, unfortunately for humans, suppressed and barred from current comprehension; even though cryptically, as usual, the court bible (used in system trials to swear upon) insists, in many places, that judgement is a divine consideration i.e. Circumstances must be viewed from the perspective of all Creation. Hopefully, one day no-longer conforming human beings will again cast off their blinkered naivety and indoctrinated ignorance.

I hope for everyone’s sake that the allegations against Stan Romanek are without foundation.

May truth prevail.



simhypToday on Skeptiko we’re joined by Kent Forbes, whose movie, The Simulation Hypothesis, explores the possibility that reality is a simulation in which we are unaware avatars. It may sound like a strange idea, but it’s gaining attention among serious physicists. I have to wonder if they’ve fully considered what this hypothesis means for materialism, but fortunately for us, today’s guest has:
Kent Forbes, Does the Simulation Hypothesis Defeat Materialism



To be certain about things is reassuring. It allows feelings of safety, security.

For knowledge, for understanding the world, humankind seems to have turned at first to what could be inferred from the spirits of things — the spirits associated with or inherent in everything: in mountains, in trees, in bodies of water. The spirits could be understood, at least partly, because they were similar to people in having emotions and desires.

Eventually — quite recently, only a few thousand years ago — the plurality and hierarchies of spirits and gods yielded to monotheistic religions in most parts of the world. Even more recently, and only in the most powerfully developed countries, religion yielded to science.

That is to say, traditional religion yielded to scientism, the religion of science. Even the monotheistic gods have emotions and desires, but science doesn’t. So knowledge became entirely impersonal, at least in principle.

Nowadays, then, for real certainty we look to science. “Scientific” stands for unquestionably true. Science is the gatekeeper of truth. “Science” and “scientific” are mediators of being certain, being sure about something.

Consequently, a great deal of arguing to-and-fro has to do with whether something is scientific:
Does it emerge from use of the scientific method?
Is it reproducible?
Is it falsifiable?
What to believe? Science is a red herring and a wild-goose chase


One of the greatest gifts in my life is to be here to listen to the music of Mark Knopfler:


The Pokemon Go madness continues. Related items of interest include multiple shootings and a couple kids who inadvertently – and illegally – crossed the U.S. border into Canada before being picked up by authorities. To top it off, Hollywood icon Oliver Stone called the app indicative of totalitarianism and surveillance capitalism.

According to Stone, as quoted by Fortune at San Diego Comic Con:

They’re data mining every single person in this room for information as to what you’re buying, what you like, above all, your behavior.

So Pokémon Go kicks into that. It’s everywhere. It’s what some people call surveillance capitalism—it’s the newest stage. It’s not for profit at the beginning, but it becomes for profit in the end. Because it creates its own awareness, and it gets into everywhere in the world, until it manipulates our behavior, and we start to act like that, which has happened already quite a bit on the internet.

But you’ll see a new form of, frankly, a robot society, where they will know how you want to behave and they will make the mockup that matches how you behave, and lead you into another form of behavior.

It’s what they call totalitarianism.

I’d agree the intelligence community is on this evolving technology like a dirty shirt.

Of Pokemon, Mirage Men and Manchurian Candidates


For years, the rumours of big cats roaming Dartmoor and savaging livestock have been dismissed as sheer fantasy, no more credible than claims of the existence of the Loch Ness monster.

But the doubters may have – dare one say it – paws for thought.

For the claims that Big Cats are roaming free may actually be true, with the mystery of how they got to Dartmoor and nearby Exmoor and Bodmin Moor solved at last.

It is now claimed that three pumas were released onto the wilds of Dartmoor by Mary Chipperfield, the famous circus owner, after her zoo in Plymouth was forced to shut down in 1978.
Beast of Dartmoor mystery solved after famous circus owner Mary Chipperfield ‘set three Pumas free in 1970s’


snowdenphonecaseWhistleblower Edward Snowden is back in the headlines this week thanks to a new high-tech phone case he designed with famed hacker and free-speech activist Andrew “bunnie” Huang. The phone case will notify users whenever their phone is transmitting data, and features a “kill-switch” than can disable the phone’s power instantly. The case also obstruct phone cameras to prevent unwanted monitoring and its own display screen that lets users monitor all data traffic.
Hacktivists Design Untraceable Anti-Surveillance Phone Case


Robot doctors will be performing one in three surgeries in the next five years, experts say.

The surgical robots will more than double by 2021, with human doctors sitting at computer consoles guiding mechanical arms.

While the latest figures are projected for American surgeries, the so-called “da Vinci” machines are expected to be used across India and China in the next few years.

Pioneering US company Intuitive
 Surgical has more than 3,600 of its da Vinci
 machines in hospitals worldwide.

The number of procedures jumped by 16% in the last year and is expected to rise even further.
Robot doctors will perform one in three surgeries ‘within five years’ to help exhausted medics

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