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Anthony Charles Lynton Blair
James Bartley’s podcast show
UFOs keep on trucking
Real Video Used to Train Police in Dealing with Satanic Sacrifice and Occult Crimes
Babylonian Star Map Of Jupiter Just Changed History



From my old website: Looking Into the Dark Places (10th October 2001)


Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is the son of Leo Blair, a barrister and a Tory. Leo was the son of Charles Parsons and Gussie Bridson. Charlie and Gussie were a musical-hall ‘turn’ in which Charlie took the stage-name of Jimmy Lynton. Gussie, Tony’s grannie,  was the daughter of a well-heeled, Lancashire family who were relatives of the Earls of Strathmore, the Queen Mother’s family.

Tony’s illegitimate father, Leo Parson’s was fostered out to the family of a Glasgow shipyard-worker, James Blair, which is where the new name comes from.

A curious tale, full of intrigue, and one that matches the mysteries of other ‘statesmen’ of recent times such as Hitler and Clinton.

whosreallywhoFormer diarist for the Daily Express, Evening News and Evening Standard, Compton Miller, writes in his book, “Who’s Really Who” :

“Pragmatic “Bambi” is the most top-drawer PM since Sir Alec Douglas-Home.”



Blair is a committed Christian so he always turns the other cheek, does not judge others and loves everybody. Does not tell any lies, is completely open and honest and will give away everything he has to help someone less fortunate than himself.

Whilst he has been in office he has redeemed his creed’s spat with the money-changers. Heartily sorry for Christ’s rampaging attack on their tables he has shovelled mountains of dosh their way whenever the opportunity has arisen. Oh, and he has nothing to do with killing anyone.


James-at-the-Beach-281x500James Bartley has just ventured into his own podcast.

Interview with Solaris Blueraven about artificial telepathy and remote manipulation.
Interview with Solaris Blueraven

More interesting info to peruse: here on James Bartley’s website:
The Cosmic Switchboard


Claims there is a British Area 51 have been made after mysterious UFO-shaped objects covered in tarpaulin were snapped on the back of a lorry on the A34 in Oxfordshire.
SHOCK PICTURE: ‘UFOs’ on trucks on A34 spark claims there is a BRITISH AREA 51
Interestingly the A34 runs across numerous underground facilities. As similar police-escorted cargo was spotted in west Wales too – which again is suspected to be connected to underground facilities.


While it’s easy to laugh at the cheesy, alarmist, and obviously over-the-top assumptions in the video, it’s important to remember that this was actually used to train police. Videos like this resulted in countless metal-heads, goth kids, and occult enthusiasts becoming unfairly singled out as suspects in crimes they didn’t commit.
Watch the Real Video Used to Train Police in Dealing with Satanic Sacrifice and Occult Crimes

Occult hilarity eh? It’s not funny. Good job people are waking up en-mass eh?

A researcher has just deciphered a mysterious clay tablet from ancient Babylon and it has changed history forever.
After close study, researchers concluded that ancient Babylonian Astronomers were able to calculate the precise celestial movements of Jupiter with the help of an ancient form of geometric calculus, which, according to mainstream scholars, wasn’t invented over millennia after.
This Ancient Babylonian Star Map Of Jupiter Just Changed History


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