The Devil’s Daughters?

m6motorwayI’ve had my own strange experience, with a friend, on the M6 motorway, though mine was on the toll road. Ours involved missing time, a van with CIA on the number plate and no recollection for either of us of what happened, including how we could have paid the fee. This one though, involving two young women; every viewer who has watched it will never forget…It was a horror that could have destroyed many lives and within a few days, did lead to the death of one man and heartbreak for those who were close to him.

Besides posting these videos from Youtube (and a link to the book written on this horrific set of events) I’ve had a quick squizz at the numbers…and how fitting they are – of course.

The symbol for a motorway in the UK is basically the number 11 crossed by an elongated pi –  π . So numerically we have the numbers 11 (and/or 2), as well as 22 and 7 (pi being 22/7). As 11 is broken it can also be read as 11-22/7-11:  339 or 447.

In addition, the M6 sign (upper right) gives capital M (39 – or 12 then 3 when added together) and 6, totalling 45 or 9. It could easily be code for 666.

The name ‘motorway’ (not capital ‘m’) gives 444, which totals 12 and then 3. Number 4 applies to wheeled vehicles and containment, and 3 is the number of speed and the usual number of lanes on a motorway 3&3. As well we have the twin number 44, which totals 8, and as such describes roads, routes, rules, and surveillance; it is also a double 4 which gives us the two regulated directions. The M6 sign in total, numerosymbolically, gives 33-16, 33-7, or 4 (an upside down and crooked cross) or four (the open four).


Open four is channelling, receptive and sharing, circulatory. 3 also relates to mind, 8 to control, both to manipulation. 11 is also a mental number. 7 is ethereal, and especially 16 mystic and psychic. 7 (markedly when resulting from 16) and 4 together are the prime portal combination. 9 is evaporation, thought, mind, escape. The frequency of 6 relates to such things as care, duty, mission, self-sacrifice, health. It is one-eyed by nature. 16 describes sudden, dramatic, and unexpected activity.

Anyway you’ll notice all these numbers appearing throughout this brief study. Intensified numbers abound…again, of course:


Ursula and Sabina Eriksson



In 2008, two young Swedish women, twin sisters, launched themselves into speeding heavy traffic on a British Motorway, near Keele Services (119 and 999), between junctions 15 and 16, are run over, bounced and smashed around as if they are rag-dolls… and survive. (Keele reads Kee-le: the key.) The BBC (22), with its legendary prescience (c.f. Building 7 on 911) is there, camera crew at the ready. We don’t know if they really are twins or if the names are genuine; in fact we know nothing for certain about who they are and why they did what they did…except perhaps the only hint, that they have the unmistakeable bodies, and auras, of fight-ready martial artists.


The name, Sabina derives from the Russian, sebr – ‘neighbour, friend’, the Gothic, sibja and the Old High German sippa, ‘blood-relationship’. From the same root we get the term ‘sibling’. Unconsciously the connection is formed that they are indeed sisters. Ursula means ‘bear’, so they are both she-bears and sons (children) of the son (child) of the ruler (Eriksson means ‘son of the ever-ruler’). In other words they are ‘princesses’. As a bear is a chlothonic creature in myth, a creature of the underworld and darkness their names fit with their deeds on Highway 666 (and Duke St – see later).


Ursula Eriksson (443 or 11) was retained in hospital but released from police custody, after only 5 hours, Sabina Eriksson (334), allegedly goes on to murder a man, Glenn Hollinshead (33-16/7 and 22), in Duke St. (22, 11 and 33 or 6)), on a 17-date with a 7 and 33 (20th May 2008); their motorway escapades had taken place on a 17-day * with a 22 (17th May). Sabina Eriksson is apprehended and charged with murder on 11th September (9-11) on being released from hospital, after being injuring herself jumping 40ft from a bridge, at Heron Cross (113 or 5 and 55), on to the busy A50 (77 or 5).

*17 is a key frequency for secret agendas and in contrived anti-human incidents. It also adds to 8.

She pleads guilty on 2 September 2009 (22 or 1111 with 911) to manslaughter, with diminished responsibility,and exactly a year later, on 2 September 2010 (113 or 5), she is sentenced to 5 years.





madness shared by twoFrom the book’s description on Amazon:

A Madness Shared by Two, is not only the true untold story about the lives of Sabina and Ursula Eriksson, alongside the murder of Glenn Hollinshead, based on a critique re-examination of the BBC’s Madness in the Fast Lane documentary that had 7 million viewers [with a conservative estimate of around a further 15 million people having since watched this film via the internet and on websites such as YouTube], glued to their TV screens watching the twin sisters propelling themselves into the fast lane of the oncoming traffic on the UK’s-M6 motorway, as Ursula manages to throw herself under the wheels of a 40ft articulated lorry travelling at 60mph, that seems to swallow her up and spit her lifeless looking body back out of its rear end. It is also the result of a thorough investigation into what might have really happened on those fateful days that led up to this tragic slaying of an innocent man. We challenge the “Official Storyline” and expose a ‘cover-up’ and what really occurred just hours before M6 dash, for it is here for the first time we expose the Eriksson sisters were “arrested” under the Mental Health Act, though this vital caught on film evidence was edited out of the original BBC films. This will come as a great surprise to many people who questioned; ‘…how was it possible Sabina could have been released from hospital after only five hours’ following their ‘suicide attempt’ on the M6? Read all the rest of the book’s description on Amazon here

Website: A Madness Shared by Two


Andrew Johnson: What Was The “Madness in the Fast Lane” (BBC Documentary, 2010)?

The following website caused my antivirus to complain but after it had checked it was ok:
Where is Sabina Eriksson M6 Motorway Madness Killer – MKULTRA – Super Strength Soldier? Part II


Ellis Taylor
18th July 2016

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