One Night in Newport

freemindsSoon after I moved to Pembrokeshire, in Wales I started the Free Minds Everywhere lectures in Newport, with first-class speakers:

Visionary artist, Angela George.

Former soldier, poet and mystic, Bagoll the Traveller.

Inventor, UFO and crop circle researcher, Win Keech.

Consciousness explorer and alternative historian, Graham Hancock.

I also spoke one evening on my interdimensional and contact experiences.



Graham Hancock’s talk, on the night of Saturday 5th March 2011, was the final one.

I can’t recall how many but some days prior to the event at which Graham would be speaking I was advised psychically not to have young children there. I was not told why but I know and trust the source, and taking their advice, I sent an email to attendees making it clear that this was for adults and older teenagers only. Something was clearly in the wind.

The evening arrived. Visionary artist, Angela George was the first speaker, then we had a break before Graham gave his presentation.

Not long into his fascinating lecture I became aware of a strange presence behind me, and moving through the audience from the right side of the hall to the left. It was at the seated audience’s head height, but I couldn’t see it and it did not come near me. I mentioned it to the person next to me, and she also sensed it. Although I could not see it I could ‘watch’ it as it wove its way through each row to the back. Some people fidgeted in their seats when it was close to them…and then, when it got to the last person I couldn’t see it. I turned around again to look at the screen and listen to Graham. Then an elderly lady, sitting at the end of the first row got up and walked briskly to the entrance – which was at the back of the hall -and went through the swing doors. Immediately, the lady who was sitting next to her hurried to the entrance too, and went through the doors. Before they had swung back, the doors burst open and the second lady screamed, “Help! Help! Someone come and help my mother!”

The audience leapt from their seats and rushed to assist. As I was only a few rows from the front people were already attending to the elderly lady when I got there. The sight that met me was two people attempting to heal her, a nurse friend doing what she could and a throng of audience members crowded around, some trying to prevent her from injuring herself. The normally sedate and charming elderly lady was cursing and writhing with a terrifyingly supernatural strength. At once, a clear voice came through my mind, “Nobody here can deal with this”…”GET OUT!” it commanded directly at the lady. A scream of such rage and intensity that no one there will ever forget exploded from the lady’s mouth…and she sank back into the arms of her carers. A drunk shuffled past on the other side of the street.

Someone had called 999 and just a few moments later an ambulance arrived. The medics checked her over and then took her to hospital. She spent the night having a battery of tests and was allowed home in the morning, pronounced fully fit. There was no medical explanation for what had happened to her.

…So now I know why I had been warned not to have young children at the talk. Whatever the entity was my mentor knew that it was coming. Young children would have been extremely vulnerable. It had to search out a victim that was suitable among the adults there instead. Some of the audience had been a bit put out that I had excluded their children and said so before the talks. They’d have a different view now.

What made this lady more desirable? Well, it could be this: She was born psychic, had visions and experiences all of her life, but she was brought up in a strict religious environment that caused her to fear the unknown and her gifts. She had therefore never learned how to discipline her talents and discern the intentions of the contacts she had. She had obviously, not learned how to protect herself.

This had been her very first venture into meeting other people who shared similar experiences to her life-long secret life.

I was puzzled by Graham’s attitude when the evening was over. He did seem cold and rather distant. Perhaps he was shaken and didn’t know what to say, I thought. He didn’t mention or ask me anything about what had happened.

In a newsletter some time later he did write about the dark side of taking Ayhuasca and delving into other realms.

Letters From the Far Side of Reality


I’ve asked the nurse for her recollections of the incident. She has kindly written the following:

This is how I remember it too. [Her partner] saw a hornet like creature, with dangly legs flying around before the possession. I didn’t see it.

I’ll never forget that scream. She was fine afterwards as if she had no conscious recollection of anything. She seemed confused. When I first saw her I thought she must have had a cardiac event or CVA as she was on the floor but it was soon obvious that that wasn’t the case. She was writhing and it was impossible to get sense out of her. As soon as she had screamed, all seemed fine with regards to her communicating with people.


Photos from before the incident (click to view a larger image):



11th July 2016


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