A voice for nature: Trees for leaves

My views of course but if humans could still hear them I am certain that none would be in favour of corporatism and corporatocracies, such as the E.U.


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withoutus bytheirfruits whisperingthroughtrees hearts of oak400



5 thoughts on “A voice for nature: Trees for leaves

  1. If you are suffering from a bad headache, or even a migraine, then go sit in the arms of a weeping willow. She will remove the pain.

    From ‘Not Only the Rivers Run Free’ by Carolyn Hillyer:

    You have come by the oak and the holly
    And spread your pain over their roots
    In the heart of the greenwood you’re weeping once more
    For the love that you know you will lose
    Will you rest in the arms of a willow
    Will you give your chains up to the trees
    When you wake will you hear the leaves whisper
    For not only the forest grows free.


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