Midsummer Magic and Mystery

I felt called to a beautiful location close to where I am for the Solstice sunrise. It’s an extraordinarily atmospheric and mystical  place in the foothills of Dyfed’s Preseli Mountains. Many times I’ve had wonderful experiences in several locations within a very short radius. It is in a word, ‘Magical’.

The first time I was drawn to this lovely place was years ago but the first time I actually went was a few days before Beltane. The next time, not long afterwards, was on Beltane (5th May) and I knew I was to spend the Summer Solstice there.  On the 3rd June I took my friend Sara to visit and invited her to accompany me.

The 21st arrived. Sara and I left at 4:05am for a 5-minute journey to the sacred well and its environs lighted by a gorgeous amber full moon. Although to some it might seem late it was still an authentic betwixt light and dark time, or ‘evening’ amplified even more by the rare Solstice full moon. In the ancient tradition of the Britons, Midsummer Eve is one of the three dates in the year when the veil between worlds is at its most pervious, the tair ysbrydnos (three spirit-nights), in Welsh.  The original Welsh names for the actual moments seem to be lost (and replaced with Roman-derived terms) but we know them as Midsummer, Samhain and Beltane.


Our short journey swept us along the windy narrow lane and we were soon there. It was very light for ten past four in the morning, much lighter than when we’d left just five minutes earlier. My friend (who has also had a life-time of otherworldly encounters) and I both commented on it. Maybe there’d been cloud covering the moon earlier. (1)

There hadn’t been though, we’d both admired it when we had got in the car.

Anyway, we arrived where we were going. I am always struck by the powerful energy of pure love that envelopes this otherworldly location; a place of ancestral sanctity and an otherworld kingdom of the Fae. I’ve met various races of the Fae, mostly Elves, during my lives and I was to meet them again this morning. Those I have known are gentle folk and they have always shown me nothing but love. That isn’t to say that they aren’t more than capable of dealing with anyone and anything that attempts to invade their world or harm those, and what they care for.

I wrote Called to Cares about some of the recent experiences I’ve had with them.

Time went very fast while we were there and my friend and I explored while we waited for the sun to appear. Kria, the buzzard soared above and a tawny owl surveyed a field to the south-east. I noticed that the sacred well was aligned to the mid-summer sunrise and that other features, including pine trees Brigit at St Nons96were too. We visited the well and went inside. It felt warm and nurturing. My friend remarked on my green and gold aura and the guardian of the well appeared. She wears flowers around her head. At wells, she wears green or white long flowing dresses. (I’ve met her at St. Non’s well, near St. David’s too), and I sense she was one of the priestesses at a Sanctuary experience I had also. She changes her hair from brown to fair. There must be a reason for this, but I’m not aware of it. The priestesses at the Sanctuary wear more ‘fitted’ white gowns.


The cloud was broken but thick and the winds, making for the East in the upper levels, were slow. Our first glimpse of the sun, and it was only a brief one, was at 05:43:


the well


025copyenh640x480Continuing my wandering I came upon something in the grass that stopped me in my tracks: a cast of crow, rook, or raven feathers. Right on the alignment! Nothing but feathers scattered by a breeze tangled with the cut grass and wild flowers. I looked very closely but there were no other remains, and no blood. There seemed a lot of feathers for one bird too, and too many to count without handling them. There are ravens here, and crows nest in the nearby decommissioned and derelict church.

It felt like witchcraft, and if it is then they were likely placed there on Midsummer’s Eve, the evening before. There are tales of a local witch who once lived close by casting curses by throwing a bent pin into the well.

I did look very closely at the scattered feathers, they hadn’t moved far. Likely a will-willy (as Aussies called them), a small whirlwind, had spun the feathers and grass around but was it a summoned wind or an act of nature? If I had to make a 049enhanced640x480choice, I’d say the former. They were all still very localised, perhaps a 3 foot diameter circle, and they had stayed on the dragon line. (2)

…so I felt confused. The energy in the field was beautiful. If it was witchcraft it does not mean that the feathers of the corvine had a dark magical purpose. I didn’t feel any darkness…but it is clearly something intentionally placed. They are, as you can see from the photo, all flight feathers, gleaming black. Had they been laid in a particular pattern before being wizzed around?


Straight after seeing this my friend and I went into the well-sanctuary again. The energy was very, very high – electric, but peaceful and calm. I sat on my heels in the centre, my friend chose to stand next to me. I closed my eyes and straight-away saw an elderly man with long, strikingly white hair and a beard of the same colour. He was seated and wore a long pristine-white gown. He, like the fairy guardian, who also appeared, this time also in white, wore flowers around his head, and he held a golden watch on a chain in his hand. It was the Merlin. I could feel flowing warmth around my head and upper torso; my third eye and my heart zinged. A cold breeze swirled around my ankles and out again through the sanctuary’s entrance.

As we exited Sara related how she saw ‘the lady’. She kindly recounts what she saw that morning:

When we arrived at the location, Ellis went down to the well, and I was at the top of the field.  I saw him clearly with a golden aura with flecks of green, it was glowing.  He beckoned me to the well and I spent some time inside the well’s stone structure on my own.  Whilst there I ‘saw’, in a psychic sense, a very clear vision of a beautiful lady, dressed in a long flowing white dress.  She had long brown hair and brown eyes, and had a wicker type basket, with flowers inside.  As she smiled at me, she would occasionally pause and stop and pick more flowers, then look up and smile at me again.  Later that morning, Ellis and I were both in the well at the same time and I psychically saw her again, she was leaning towards Ellis with her hand on his shoulder and was telling him that ‘everything was going to be alright’. As we both sat at the top of the field just before the sun rose over the mountain, I saw her for a third and final time, this time physically.  She appeared just as I had seen her in a psychic sense, then as a huge flash of white, disappearing through the hedge.  I felt she was connected to Bridget, but also the Fae.


We left at 7am. My friend returned home to her partner and little boy and I, back to my place for a cuppa, a potter, and a daydream in the garden. Later I would download the photos. It had been a lovely morning.

As I clicked through the images the thought came to me to have a look at the time the photos were taken. The first one, snapped as soon as we got there, was taken at 4:42:

first photo solstice morning

We’d left at 4:05am by the clock in the car (which is right) on a 5 minute journey. Even taking into account the very short walk from the car there is no way that from door to well took 37 minutes. I checked the time setting on my camera to see if it accurate. It wasn’t. The camera said it was 10:21, but it was 10:16 according to the clock in the kitchen, and the computer. The camera time was 5 minutes fast. This still leaves half an hour mysteriously unaccounted for.

A couple of days prior to our visit (on the 18th) I had walked the lane to the well for the first time. You see much more walking than driving and I wanted to take a close look at a spot along the way, which has always drawn me. Another real otherworldly fairy realm:


I need a better photo.

On the way to the well on Solstice morning I had remarked on this place as we passed it; but it was too dark to see past the hedge and I told my friend that we could have a look on the way back. There’s the clue.

It was very dark…yet it was exceptionally light that morning due to the full moon. It is possible that something happened there to account for the missing 30 minutes or so.

On my earlier walk to the well I’d traced a line of energy to the centre of the well and took a short journey whilst in there. I prayed and also asked if the fairies would show themselves on Solstice morning. They said they would…and they did, as you have read. I left a gift, 3 raspberries from my garden on the gate of the well.


Something funny happened when I walked outside. I frightened the life out of a hiker who had arrived and didn’t know I was in there. He let out a yell and I looked up to see him clutching at his chest “I thought you were a ghost in your white shirt,” he offered breathlessly. Poor guy. He was soon OK, and he wasn’t far wrong :-I.

…and I did feel that there was more to ‘Mark’ turning up at that moment.



I am returning my main focus to sharing my otherworld journeys and what I learn from them now. I always intended that but the signs have been coming in thick and fast that big changes and transformation are ahead for me. I’ve been feeling that. My friend, one of the very few Mediums I’ve ever met who has been accurate for me (and almost always), confirmed what I’d been sensing, out-of-the-blue. * The Merlin showed me that. The feathers and the magpie too. I know that I am in good hands.


* See: Misty and Featherfoot


  1. As I’m going over  this paragraph a magpie hovered, clawing at my window, 2 feet away from me (it’s exactly 7.40am, 24th June. When I turned to see it the bird looked me in the eye and the telepathic communication I felt was one of joy. I’ve only just heard that Britain has exited the EU – a fabulous result that has left me teary eyed since I found out. 7, together with four, as you may have read from me before, are the prime otherworldly and portal number combination. This was a message from my guardians and my ancestors. My prayers at the well were answered; the message at the Sanctuary on Easter Day 2015 demonstrated. (See Called to Cares) Their way of acknowledging this momentous sign of the British spirit awakening. I’m not really a political person but for this my passion was aroused and I needed to write the two articles I did: We’re ‘ere because we’re ‘ere and Vote for the Principalities?…Like Hell.
  2. When I studied the photo of the feathers something else had appeared, something pink. It wasn’t there when I examined the feathers on the grass. I know it isn’t flesh and it doesn’t look like a flower. I’m not sure what it is. I intend to go back today to see if I can find out.


Much love,
24th June 2016





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  1. Hi Ellis, Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences. I have had otherworldly experiences many times, and find it reassuring to read your posts. With much gratitude, Christina, South Australia


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