Vote for the Principalities?…Like Hell

While it may be suppressed and misdirected now the courage and fortitude of this island nation still stirs in its heart, and in the very DNA of its people. I’m attempting to reach it, and to encourage the British people to focus on the strengths that course through their blood.

It is why I wrote We’re ‘ere because we’re ‘ere


The Management is terrified, terrified of the innate fighting spirit of the British people, their resolve, and their innate sense of justice. In the two conjured deadly conflagrations of World Wars in the last century the people refused to lie down, but at the same time (taking advantage of the trauma they had wreaked, realising they wouldn’t) mobilised programmes of conditioning the psyche of Her people to ignore the suspicious ties of their monarchy, to trust their governments, and to believe their media.

In recent years they have been testing how effective their schemes have been. Here are some, and what I suspect their verdicts and aims are:

  • False Flags. Too many to list all of them. Excellent examples of our sleights of hands and the hypnotic blitzkrieg press coverage.
  • 911?, Very successful as things stand.
  • London, 7th July 2005? Well pleased with that too.
  • Elections. Winning all these. Very amusing watching them squabble amongst themselves. The people know we are pathological liars and offer candidates we wouldn’t trust with our children but they still come back for more.
  • Paedophilia in High Places. Anyone of consequence and still alive in the pokie yet. No, and not going to be either.
  • The Scottish independence referendum?  Needed to pull some more strokes to nail that but it was only a rehearsal for St. John’s Eve anyway.
  • 23rd July 2016, Britain in or out of the EU. Well, of course, to save us a bit of bother, we’d like them to vote in but that won’t be the end of it.


If Britain were to stay in the unaccountable EU it would be as a result of the inept, deceitful, and treacherous policies and propaganda of the governments we’ve had (and have), and the success of its pervasive brainwashing techniques.

It is they, the corporatocracy, following orders, blackmail and bribery from their inhuman and unelected sponsors, the principalities, that have made Britain seem as if it cannot stand on its own.

It can. We are a gifted, warrior nation.


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12




Yes, if the British people decide not to continue in this rotten-rooted tyranny, all manner of monstrosities will be unleashed…but they are already laying the groundwork for this, and worse, if Britain stays in.

On a recent Richie Allen show his guest, Derek Hyde, related several facts that people don’t know about the EU and how it is run. He, as well, revealed that the police are closing huge numbers of police stations and leaving only a tiny few. Clearly these will be made like fortresses to go with the increasing militarisation of our police. Why would they be doing that?

  • There is a huge dark and sinister game plan, and it is being rolled out in front of our eyes…there is the herding of human beings from one place on Earth to another. (There’ll be an ultimate goal for this and it won’t be to our benefit. I suspect a plague of some sort.)
  • The replacement of human beings with technology in their employment and the inevitable individual and social frustrations, suffering, and unrest that will provide excuses (while they still feel they need them), to bring in even more draconian measures.

In short, the plan is to remove human beings from this planet altogether.


A nightmare is unfolding and the British people need to wake up, and quick.

22nd June 2016


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