We’re ‘ere because we’re ‘ere.

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I watched a very moving World War 1 documentary focussing on the British forces’ Pals’ Brigades, a colossal blunder that decimated towns and villages. (The video has been posted at the end of this article – please watch it when you get there.) – – Of course it was removed from YT. Here’s some pages of other film offerings on YT:


Britain, as well as many other countries, lost the cream of their male genetic pool during this slaughter (World War 11 robbed humanity of most of what was left among the major combatant nations). Only a few countries’ male gene pools were relatively unscathed after these calculated reapings. It is estimated that there were 16 million deaths and 21 million wounded, including millions of women and children – altogether about 6.8 million civilians. Millions and millions of mothers were left widows – and a great percentage of these destitute, or almost, to bring up father-less children until they were old enough to die in the next one.

First World War children:


I wonder how many of these little kids survived the second world war?


They were magnificent courageous men, and women, who offered and gave their lives for the country they loved, their families, their ancestors, and the future integrity and sovereignty of their nation.

Just as the British people were tricked into Europe with both World Wars they were enticed into the European Union by the false promises of a dark agenda (a-gene-d ‘n’ a) so evil that it lies beyond human ability to comprehend it.


London 1936

Link to a blog article on this event: A Nazi Funeral in London

How many of those soldiers were attending their own funerals, in just a very few years I wonder?

“This is not a peace it is an armistice for 20 years”
– Allied Supreme Allied Commander Marshal Ferdinand Foch, as the Treaty of Versailles was being signed on 28th June 1919

Was it a guess, a psychic outburst, or did he know something? 20 years and 66 days later Germany bombed Poland (3 September 1939). The Second World War had begun.


Britain is only a member of the (so-called) European Union because its people believed the deceit of its government that it was only a trading agreement, a Common Market. It has turned into a deranged dictatorship answerable to no one but the Darkness it serves – and inevitably it is a burgeoning cesspit of crony-ism, corruption and other told and yet untold vices.

Please ask yourself everyone in Britain: Will your vote in the upcoming election show your appreciation for the misery, courage and suffering of your forebears? Are you happy to endorse something so treacherous as this EUsless to us writhing snake pit has already shown itself to be?

Before everyone with open eyes the true nature of those who have cheated their way into ‘governing’ Britain is revealing itself during this lead up. It is obvious that they will stop at nothing, say anything, threaten, cheat, and  lie, to fulfil their real master’s orders: that Britain must stay in…and they will have no compunction about rigging the vote either. Be alert to that. Surely nobody can believe anything they say from now on. Will this debacle of people’s trust in them and realisation of their long term inhumanity towards the people and abuse of the nature of this country be a catalyst for this generation of Britons to at last exclaim NO MORE!…and mean it? Will they re-claim  and insist on freedom and justice and throw every one of the criminals out of Westminster and from their other gravy-trains in a complete overhaul of the toxic systems we exist under today? If Britain does manage to extricate itself you can bet your last penny that the unseen dark-soiled Coterie will come at its people with a fury: with all sorts of nasty plots, but Britons can overcome them all if they stick together.

220px-RWS_Tarot_16_TowerIts a 16 year, and Britain is the thunderbolt that will take them down, if Britons hold their nerve. It’s not an accident that the people of this country have been given this opportunity now.

I am not advocating physical violence against anyone, let me make that clear. That’s what they do, and their spirit will have to answer for every dark deed they commit, just as we would have to. My attitude comes from a position of knowing that to be true, and awareness of the eternal journeys of consciousness.

We must rise above all the abusive conditioning and terrors that they have indoctrinated humans with and their snarling threats. See those things as more evidence of their unworthiness to have any say in your, and your loved ones’ lives and the health of this planet and its other inhabitants. Just, one step at a time, stop complying with them and hasten to the aid of anyone who they unjustly target with their ignorant and cowardly reactions in every way you are able. (Wearing a uniform doesn’t make someone right but it often makes them darker.) Stand with the oppressed, stop complying even more, only support what is loving, moral and just.


Almost every good thing in society that Britain has is because our valiant ancestors worked together and didn’t give up, despite every cruel and dirty trick launched against them.  Did they go through hell just for Britain to sleepwalk back into it?

Please consider all this and more the future of Britain’s children and grandchildren are in your hands.


There are no wizz-bangs, trenches, barbed wire, machine guns, mines or mustard gas to charge through (not yet anyway – but something similar is surely in the wind if the EU continues its advance). Britain, you can prevent it.


All that today’s British people are being asked to do is turn up and put their mark next to OUT!



Britain and its people: YOU CAN DO IT.



12th June 2016


8 thoughts on “We’re ‘ere because we’re ‘ere.

    • Hi Siobhan, my feeling is that if the British people do vote to align with this, that consent will bring a darkness upon this world like they’ve never known.
      Thanks also for showing me that I’m not just talking to myself on here mate.


  1. Thanks Ellis for an amazing article, this makes sense on so many levels and I am grateful for your continued impressions, feelings and contributions in these times. You are a true heroic voice.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m voting out but can’t help but think that we’ll stay in…narrowly. Similar to the Scottish uk in/out vote where exit polls suggested a majority were voting to leave the uk only for a narrow win for remaining in the uk! Sadly too many people just can’t see through the lies and will vote to stay in…. better the devil you and all that. Hope I’m wrong!!
    Great website though Ellis,at least we have people like you in this crazy world.


    • Hi Mark thanks for commenting mate. You’re right many people are still in the thrall of the very effective generational propaganda and distraction techniques. I was in Scotland not long after the vote. I didn’t meet anyone who claimed to have voted to remain in the UK, and most of them were convinced it was rigged because most of the people they knew had voted out too. Maybe it’s the company I choose to keep :] but I wouldn’t put it past the conniving ratbags. Cheers Mark, and glad you like the site.


  3. Hey there Ellis. Pleasure to read your articles mate. I often see how the darkness operates both sides of the pendulum. I often ask people what they think of the fact that whilst British and German troops were killing one another in the mud of France (Germany as the great enemy), from April 1918 (until at least 1920) British and German troops joined forces and invaded Russia?. A stunned silence usually ensues. Whilst our same government stands and lay’s poppies (The militaria opiate) of it supports a Neo Nazi Regime currently in power in the Ukraine. The image of the room with the sacrifice is very disturbing. Remember that the darkness also thinks like this – – –

    “In international diplomacy there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent interests.”

    – Prince von Otto Eduard Leopold Bismark (1815-1898)

    Be well Buddy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Salient points there Anton, thank you. Another stunned mullet here mate. I didn’t know that either. Glad you enjoy the articles. Cheers, you too Anton.


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