31st May: Repcon and New Horizons

This is only brief (for those who don’t know and am wondering where I’ve got to, I’ve no internet connection now, except I’m wrestling with a dongle – made even more difficult by being between mountains and the sea).


Anyway, I’ve done two talks in the past few days and wanted to say thank you. The first one was on Friday night to the New Horizons group in Preston where I gave a talk on Numerosymbology, which I’m told was a well-received eye-opener.

The second was in Bury, Repcon, organised by Chris Turner, a truly exceptional event that I was fortunate to be asked to speak at. If you are on Facebook then there is lots of  praise from attendees to read there, and photos to see too. Unfortunately my mobile internet connection isn’t up to posting any photos. Two of the speakers I had never met before – James Bartley and Simon Parkes. Both of them gave brilliant lectures. The other (besides me) I’ve known  for a few years now, through meeting at the Probe conferences, Frank Willis (who stood in for Max Spiers). He’s a one-off and gave another of his unique and courageous lectures again. (Good to catch up with you again mate.) Another mate, Ben Emlyn-Jones, did a magnificent job introducing the speakers, weilding the shepherd’s crook, and telling suspect jokes 🙂  (Good to see you again Ben too.)

I also want to thank all Chris’ helpers, his wife, Lorraine, Danny, his partner, Noel, his cameraman, Steve Mera (sponsor and publisher of Phenomena Magazine, and his wife, Jackie; the staff at the Fusiliers Museum (some of whom may be in the audience next time – going by their interest), all the lovely people who attended and everyone who came up to say hello (old friends, and new, I hope). What a great day it was!

Chris filmed the whole event and it will be available to buy in the near future (watch this space).

Also Chris gave me a copy of the documentary he’s just completed (and I’ve mentioned a few times), ‘Don’t Mention the Reptilians (Part 1) and I’m looking forward to watching that later.

Again I’d like to thank Chris for inviting me. He’s a remarkable man and it’s a privilege to have met him. His excellent conference, his dedication and commitment to revealing vital information in such entertaining and accessible formats is wonderful.

Chris plans the next Repcon to take place in November this year. It’ll be packed after what he’s shown he’s capable of with this one. Tickets will go like hot cakes.

Website for Repcon and Don’t Mention the Reptilians

Website for New Horizons Preston

Thanks again, to everyone,



4 thoughts on “31st May: Repcon and New Horizons

  1. So delighted all went so well! I’ve followed James’ work for some time now and regretted missing his lecture as well as yours. As you know, my travel plans were derailed to the Warsaw conference (w/ Max, ironically!) and in short order ( a few hours, literally), I’ve found myself back in the crack between an August con and this Nov one you’ve mentioned. I’ll end up where I should, when I should. (depending on the weather. kidding!). I look fwd to the vid becoming available!


  2. Mowing lawn. Pressed play thinking I’d catch your ‘talk’ and its crowd applause. Hahaha Good one, Ellis! Oh well, back to the lawn. 🙂

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