The Lure and the Lair of the Dragon Queen



An article from 2004. I got it wrong….and I got it right…

It has been suggested by many readers since that the huge attention this article received just might have put a spanner in their works causing a nifty shuffle here and there but essentially presenting the same elements contrived. Maybe, I don’t know but as Klingon Clinton has never gone away I thought the piece deserved a repost.

(There’s also an additional quick mench of, and squizz at, the Samhain U.S. election candidates Lairy and Trump-ed up at the end.)

The unnatural contrived calendar we are governed by has been designed to align with a set programme which seeks to profit the Darkness as much as possible by employing otherwise neutral astronomical activities. We saw this with GWB, the setting sun (Saturn’s son), and how he was installed to harmonise with the cosmological influences of the time (See Predictions).


We are re-entering a very natural energetic phase where the primacy of male energy will be tipped by female energy. This process has been gradually exposing itself over recent times with masculine powerful women and intellectually driven females. However the threshold is about to be crossed and this is very closely linked to 2012. Number 2 is a feminine number 1. Number 12 is constructed of the male 1, and the female 2, which will engender a progeny, 3.  Hence the year is the year of the female child or the new female. The numbers of 2012 total 5, which is the number of change and brings with it lessons regarding everything to do with freedom and balance.


The Darkness has known this for a very long time, and has prepared for it. Much of its activities are transparent once one is alerted to its methods and the traces it always leaves. Almost this entire site registers its malevolent practices.


The march of the Darkness has stepped up since Saturn’s (George H W Bush’s) reign was bolstered at the confidence trick called election. In the article on Elizabeth, the Queen Mother’s, passing, Anus Horribilis, received psychic information revealed that the Darkness‘s plan was that the younger George Bush would not see out his orbit; and that the next ‘ordained’ president would be Hillary Rodham (Rod -’em -Shaft ’em’) Clinton.  Make no mistake, if it has its way and everything goes according to plan then she will be the next bum on the Whitehouse throne. But, and you’ll have to read the QM article to see what is being outlined here, another apparent contender has been pushed into the arena, Condoleezza Rice. Condoleezza – Condo (House) of Leezza (From Elizabeth – El, the Dragon Queen 2) means ‘House of the Dragon Queen’, but it also means ‘in opposition to the Dragon Queen’ (Con = opposition) or ‘blended Dragon Queen’. (Elizabeth also means ‘House of the Dragon Queen’.) Although this seems confused and contradictory this does all make sense when one understands what I think is happening here. Condoleezza Rice has been groomed and will increasingly be strenuously promoted as the new woman, a black candidate, tough, determined and successful through her own efforts; a person black and non-white people can admire and look up to. She will be seen unconsciously as the black Shadow side of the Great Queen. They will activate their obnoxious programme of indoctrinated racial and gender prejudice. White people will tremble at the prospect of having her as the president. Willingly they will give themselves to Hillary, who is likely to be seen and promoted as a paragon of compassion and good deeds. Unconsciously she will be assumed to be the Light aspect of the Great Queen. But they are one – Condoleezza is from the House of El. Hillary contains that extra El.

“Hillary (Clinton) is a strange little person. I didn’t get any eye contact with her.
She’s like a lizard sliding off a rock”
– Germaine Greer (Sunday Tasmanian, Dec. 24th 2000)


Everything is energy combined in various patterns and frequencies. By using combinations of energy in a contrived formula a predictable result is achieved. Names have their own frequencies, numbers have theirs. In this case the energy patterns of the aforementioned names and dates are combined to bring about a frequency that is attuned to the time but these frequencies have been pre-primed to behave in a manner that is commensurate with the Dark agenda.


If anyone wields power in the construct world then you can bet that it is through the protection, support and patronage of the Darkness Invisible. The personages that have been ‘chosen’ to hold offices of power and consider themselves superior are possessed, they are not evil people, rather they are victims of a spell that was cast upon humankind long ago.


© Ellis C Taylor

18 November 2004



1: I’ve learned a great deal since 2004…and one thing is that the figure ‘2’ is actually ‘the integrated human’. This paragraph stands though, because the female (the curve) is over the prostrate male (horizontal flat line). There are dino mot cut out300mirroredhuge messages written in the symbolism of letters and numbers – programming, predictive programming, direction and forewarnings. For instance, also written in the ‘2’ figure, is the expiration of humankind – if humans just lay down and take what ever is launched at them.


2: El is the name of the dark queen in the British Edda – a fabulous book I used to have but lent to somebody and have not seen since.





Donald Trump




Donald John Trump (born 14th June, 1946)

Donald means ‘Ruler of the World’. ‘Trump’ relates to the Major Arcana of the Tarot…so, The Emperor card.

…but he also aligns to the 16th card, with his Trump Tower


…and ‘the Fool’ with his 22 – birth date – which is the 1st and last Trump (but the card is given the symbol ‘0’ – the cipher). His day and month refers to card 20, ‘Judgement’ picturing, in the RWS, Gabriel blowing the great Trumpet.


Hillary Clinton



Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born 26th October, 1947)

Hillary derives from a Greek word meaning cheerful, happy, or propitious – so in the Major Arcana I’d relate that to ‘the Fool’.

Rodham associates with the suit of wands and a settlement. ‘Clinton’ meaning fenced settlement invokes both wands and swords – specifically 4 of Wands and the 7 and 8 of Swords.

Hillary Clinton’s full birthdate derives 30 – so Numerosymbolically ‘3’; which is the Empress. Her day and month, the Moon. Notice too her middle name, Diane (the moon goddess).


Bernie Sanders




Interestingly Bernie Sanders’ birthdate (8th September, 1941) and first name, Bernard (St. Bernard) align him to the Heirophant (card 5) – giving us a 3,4,5 numeric run. His day and month total 17 – ‘the Star’ (giving us another run: 16, 17, 18, or Tower, Star, Moon). This card relates to Aquarius.

His surname, ‘Sanders’, suggests Alexander to me, so equating to ‘the Chariot’.



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