A Journey to the Top of the Mountain

I’d just like to begin by saying this:
In the scheme of things I know that I know very little… but I do know three things – or thought I

They are:
One, that I’m still just a boy on a long adventure.
Two, that none of us choose to be born here. We are all cast and then sent. We all have a
purpose, a vital role to play.
And thirdly; and most importantly, is that the Source is not some remote entity lashing out praise
and punishment. It is All that is, was, and ever will be – at the same time. God is everything and

Ellis on Carn Ingli, May 2011Now, this morning I went on a journey…and this will seem foolish after making the previous statement…..(but I am still a boy and learning).

I decided that I had had enough of the crap in this world and that I was going to see God; and I was going right now. Nothing was going to get in my way! Briefly, the face of a beautiful woman smiled at me lovingly… but I wasn’t going to hang around. I was going to go like greased lightning…and off I shot…

Colossal, fierce-looking and threatening demons barred my way, jumped out at me and on to me…I just vaporised them without skipping a beat and kept going….up and up I went.

In no time I was very high and I reached a place of such tranquillity and beauty and with colours so vivid that it took my breathe away, and I stopped. ‘I’m here’, I thought. Now I’m going to have a strong word with God. Tell the blighter that I’ve had enough of it. (I didn’t really know what I was going to say. I hadn’t thought it through…but I was going to say something.) I sat on the soft, rich green grass and waited for God to come.

Surrounding me, above the grass, all that I could see was a dense, and intensely white mist and at any time I expected God to appear through it. Instead the mist dissolved and I could see right down below villages and towns, forests, hills and rivers…but no humans or traffic.

Presently the scene slipped into what was now a blanket of stars wheeling clockwise through the heavens (as they don’t here), and quicker. I reached out my arm and found that I could conduct their speed, even make patterns out of them… and then the mist came down again and something caused me to look behind me.

Towering above me was the highest snow-capped mountain glistening in the sunlight.


Ellis Taylor
3rd October 2013

A piece from my former website

2 thoughts on “A Journey to the Top of the Mountain

  1. Something had me wait until now to open/read this … perfectly timed morning meditation, it turns out! All is at it should be. … best to all ! xx).


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