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I will really try to make this the last time that I bang on about this.


We need to recognise that the calendar is an artificial construct designed to control human beings and their behaviour, to disengage them from Nature and their free role in, and responsibilities to it.

Our very ancient ancestors were taught how to celebrate our Earth’s place in the music of the great wheels and mansions of the heavens. They learned how to attune their lives and their actions with the exquisite rhythms of Divine Creation. They were shown how to do this at specific moments indicated by the stars and our sun’s apparent travels through the constellations. In particular these became the four great fire festivals (known by ‘the Celts’1 as) Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasadh; and there were/are several others between. These moments had, and still have, no allegiance whatsoever to the Roman Catholic/Satanic* calendars that most of human society locks step with.


1  They did not call themselves this but most people today recognise this derivation.
2  For Satanism to fulfil its role it must operate in the same rings and arenas as its opponent. Satan is essentially a creation (thoughtform) of Abrahamic religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – though every culture recognises a force/forces of opposition.



These great occasions of re-acquaintance arrive as we step with the sun from the midpoint of the four Astrological Fixed constellations of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo – from 15° to 16°.


(Samhain and Beltane mark the gateways between Winter and Summer.)


When we celebrate any occasion according to the Church’s calendar we pay homage to that entity and its machinations…but to assimilate our songs into the musical repertoire of Creation is to allow the heavens to be our guide.


Exist to assist

In those far-off days Nature kept balance, neither light nor dark sought dominance, only equilibrium.


….but it came to pass that human beings struggled.


The multidimensional philosophies of freedom and responsibility were beyond the comprehension of humanity and their ability to appreciate them. As an intermediate measure religions were introduced.


With religions came individual and societal regulations and expectations; which developed into statutory laws as well. Alongside these came such devices as alphabet, numeric, and calendar systems – very handy they are too, but undeniably controlling in their manner and execution. None of them, mind you, essential to humanity really.


The systems we use today were invented and adapted by the priests of old directed by God’s representatives on Earth – those moved and sponsored into  positions of authority by unseen entities.


The vast majority of human beings had no need for any of them until it was time for humanity to clock on – for the machine world, the so-called ‘Industrial Revolution’, that was about to screw them.


Ox-ford or Taurus and the crossing of the Ecliptic

Although (officially) the ‘Star sign’ for Oxford is Capricorn – this is (supposedly) based on the establishment date of the present City. Oxford really rose out of the marshes way back in the late Neolithic and Bronze Age (c.2300 BC) i.e. The Age of Taurus, and the House of the divine feminine in the shape of Venus a.k.a. Mary Magdalene. Then it strode the gravel banks between the Rivers Thames and Cherwell; a striking concentration of life in a mysterious Otherworld that faded back into the mists of time to be concealed until it was forgotten by all but a very few.


Left picture, the Taurus constellation.

Right: Oxford showing the location (white ring) of the very ancient (and recently unearthed admitted) city.


Oxford and Taurus


The original city was built during the Age of Taurus.

The Rivers Thames and Cherwell represent the horns.

Beaumont Palace, birthplace of Richard ‘the Lionheart’, and his brother, John, stood where the Royal Star, Aldebaran, is located in the constellation.

St Giles Church is at the third Eye.


magdalen towerThe boys’ choir of Magdalen College sing in the dawn from the tower beside the Cherwell on 1st May every year. It’s the wrong date – but then that unfortunately is by design. Especially at Beltane Oxford is the centre of the World. The name of the River Cherwell fits very well too. Cher means love but it is pronounced ‘char’, which means ‘to burn to a cinder’. ‘Well’, obviously refers to water. The two together give fire on the water – which is an essential aspect of Beltane ceremonies (and some others); representing the dawning sun nourishing the waters (dew, pools, springs etc – even human beings) of Earth.


The River Thames at Oxford naturally splits into several streams now combined, rewley abbeyre-routed and reformatted as the canal. In Plantagenet times the river ran very close to Beaumont Palace and still skirts the castle (as a mill stream). The River continues to flow in the once grounds of Beaumont Palace in the guise of the Oxford Canal – which comes to its terminus where once stood Rewley Abbey.


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