How come there is now a giant, 29-metre-tall fanny next to the Bell Tower in Perth?

From the West Australian government’s department of “tell them any ol’ fanny and they’ll believe it”, a new piece of work:

Credit: Possibly ' SeanMack' according to Wikipedia

She is called ‘Spanda’:

Credit: Possibly ' SeanMack' according to Wikipediabell tower

“Spanda is a Sanskrit word that means ‘divine vibration’. The term is used to describe how consciousness moves in waves of contraction and expansion. The sculpture gives form to this primordial energy. My intention in making this sculpture is to express and facilitate oneness of the individual with the universal.” Artist, Christian de Vietri”




Hell’s Bell (on Wayback Machine)

An Occult Agenda

Destiny or Destination



Perhaps Bell ‘Flat 10’ (Felatio) won’t be used so much now:


Unfortunately it’s  not possible for me to do it right now but hopefully someone reading this will check out the alignments. I do suspect that something to do with children will feature.



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