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carol raineyPart two of Carol Rainey’s fascinating memoir of Budd Hopkins UFO abduction research:

The Singer’s Hybrid Daughter, Part II – Excerpt from The Abductionist’s Wife: A Memoir, by Carol Rainey


You don’t have to look far to see how quickly robots of all kinds and A.I. (artificial intelligence) are being phased in.
This is another way of saying that humans are rapidly becoming obsolete.
Rapid Rise Of The Machines


Most people agree the internet is not consciously alive (though my two-year old daughter, who’s addicted to internet games, disagrees). Currently, the internet accepts inputs and is pretty good at producing outputs, depending on browser, apps, hardware, search engines, coding factors, and, of course, the people using it.

The scary fact, though, is that on a long enough timeline, the many billions of operations on the internet every second will no longer just be following pre-described patterns, but will begin to evolve on their own. To me, the question of whether the internet will become self-aware is not if it will happen, but when.
The Internet Will Become Self-Aware When Aliens Wake It Up



“I have thought all the known quantities over in the case of these objects and arrive at a not too unreasonable answer. The answer is that these objects are unknown, definitely and positively.”
So said a U.S. Air Force sergeant in 1953, trying to explain to investigators (and, I suspect, to himself), what he had seen, standing on a roof on an August night, watching three well-lit, color-changing objects fly by. His statement, which can be read on Project Blue Book Archive, a site devoted to supporting “serious UFO research,” gets at a fundamental misunderstanding of the people who believe in UFOs—that they are anti-science.
What UFOs Mean for Why People Don’t Trust Science


Awakening the spirit of the warrior.

Coming together, being there in person, hearing, considering, discussing and sharing information, teaching and learning, making new friendships and meeting up again with old ones, enjoying each others’ company, taking what we’ve learned and the experiences we’ve had at them out in the world, spreading light and planting seeds; that’s what conferences are essentially for. The multidimensional experience and the lasting benefits of actually attending a conference in person is light years away from just watching it, so if you can attend this conference, any conference (especially in alternative genres – they ain’t dull and dry), then do yourself a favour and prise yourself away from the tele and the keyboard and go.

repcon conference flyer


2 thoughts on “25th February 16 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. Hey Ell
    Not sure if you have been following the story of cardinal george pell once based in ballarat but now based at the vatigan. please scroll to the end where you will hear a brilliant parody by the brilliant tim minchin. a song for the survivors who were funded by lovely donations via crowd funding so they could actually go to italy and force george pell to give evidence with them all in the room. george pell refused to come back to oz saying that if he flew he may have a heart attack due to ill health. some say that wouldnt be a bad thing.

    Love to you and yours Ellis


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