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I awoke on Monday to a text. Ziggy Stardust has died. It was cryptic, but I knew what it meant. Bleary eyed, I rolled over, switched my computer on, hit the Internet and sure enough, Bowie had left the planet. And then it hit me; Friday’s show, his birthday, the chart. I talked about Bowie’s death. It was in there. I saw it, didn’t want to see it, but I saw it. After decoding his transits, I said, “Let’s appreciate him while we can.”

Then the texts and FB messages came in, “OMG you called it on your show.” It’s strange to have had that moment in time last Friday and gazed into the wheel. I had been connected to Bowie from the first time I heard, then saw him.
So Long David, Seeing Your Passing, On the Day of Your Sun

The topic of parapsychology has been heavily disputed for over 2 centuries. Of course high standards of proof and skepticism are virtues. But the reaction from antagonists has been deeply biased, and reflective of a lack of objectivity.

Thus I have created a research project in an attempt to address this, from the perspective of an advocate. I will conduct a bit of primary source and archival research, and more importantly convey the results of consultation of several thousand dollars worth of literature on the subject, in addition to highlighting relevant documents on this sources page.
Parapsychology History and Defense


In the last few years, the frightening phenomenon of the Black -Eyed Children visitations has swept the internet. Whether or not the the stories of midnight encounters with with the mysterious Black-Eyed Kids have any truth to them has been a hotly-debated topic, but that hasn’t stopped tales of the BEKs from popping up on message boards, in chatrooms, and on paranormal podcasts. Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they want? We aren’t sure.
Witness Report: “I Let the Black Eyed Children Into My Home, and Now I’m Slowly Dying”


Romanian folklore records two atypical versions of the western vampire. These are the strigoi and the moroi which, even though they resemble the western image of the vampire, are very different from it.

The Romanian tradition makes a clear distinction between the good dead and the evil dead. The good dead are beings whose souls cross over without problems into the superior spheres of the world beyond; while the evil dead cannot find peace after death and thus return to haunt their relatives in the form of strigoi or moroi.
Confronting the Evil Dead: Terrifying Ancient Beliefs Still Alive in Present-Day Romania


Could the prehistoric Stonehenge megaliths once have been the support for a wooden, two-storey roundhouse, a venue for feasting, speakers and musicians? That’s the theory of an English landscape architect who designed a small model of what she has in mind and is looking for money to build a 1:10 scale model of the structure.

Sarah Ewbank says the fact she is not an archaeologist has freed her from preconceived notions and allowed her to approach the matter in a fresh way.
Architect presents radical new theory that Stonehenge was a two-storey, wooden feasting and performance hall


“Another edition of your favourite on-line magazine is ready to download. This one feature articles on a range of subjects including a fascinating take on conspiracy theory from new contributor Richard Ritchie, a look at the enigma of The Hutchison Effect enigma, an in-depth examination of what went on at the Skinwalker Ranch from Peter McCue, Don Collins tells of the uneasy legend surrounding the Tindall Bridge, Sean Casteel intrigues with a look at the mysterious Pale Prophet and Archie Lawrie presents one of his paranormal investigations, this time in a haunted shop. All this plus the usual selection of news and reviews. “
Brian Allan,
Editor, Phenomena magazine

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