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About time. Firms, in staggering numbers, and supported by their shareholders, pay peanuts and expect everyone else to supplement the crumbs they begrudgingly pay via increasingly shaved government payments. Meanwhile they dodge taxes, health and respite contributions through employing several people part-time workers instead of proper jobs. The amount of money they steal from the community by these methods pales into small change any Daily Flail (and its press-gang posse) pushed (so-called) benefit cheating. Profit for the sake of greed at the expense of people’s welfare is only one of this world’s despicable curses. Good on Corbyn!
Jeremy Corbyn to warn businesses over ‘unfair’ pay


Where do we come from? Well, it depends on who you ask. For example, an astrophysicist might say that the chemical components of our bodies were first forged in the nuclear fires of stars.

On the other hand, an evolutionary biologist might look at the similarities between our DNA and that of other primates’ and conclude we evolved from apes. Lisa Randall, a theoretical physicist at Harvard University, has a different, and novel answer, which she describes in her latest book Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs.
Theoretical physicist proposes radical new hypothesis for why humans exist



Actor Dan Haggerty who rose to fame starring as frontier woodsman Grizzly Adams in a film and TV series in the 1970s has died aged 74.

The actor’s manager Terry Bomar told ABC News that Haggerty had been suffering from cancer.
‘Grizzly Adams’ actor Dan Haggerty dies at 74 from cancer



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