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One of the great things about the French people is that they don’t take any draconian sycophancy from their governments laying down. Liberté, égalité, fraternité is burned into their consciousness. People everywhere can learn from them on this.



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I have received a DVD copy of my New Horizons talk on Numerosymbology. If you fancy a copy to start learning the self-empowering Numerosymbology for yourself then copies will soon be for sale on their website – DVD including postage is only £5 if you live in the UK, and £6.50 for the rest of the world.
New Horizons DVDs of the presentations.

They have a huge selection of great talks on DVD, on numerous subjects. Contact them through their website.


He is to feature in a blockbuster new book about the scandal surrounding under-age “sex slaves” Epstein allegedly introduced to rich and powerful party guests on his private Caribbean island.

The book, due to be published in America before next year’s November presidential election, is the result of a nine-year investigation by former New York Police Department detective John Connolly.
Prince Andrew in sex scandal book


I am writing this from Sale, which is a comfortable suburb of Manchester. The important thing is that I am not in London. For what I have to report is an uneasy sense of alienation from the certainties of the political classes who live their lives, and learn their values, inside the Westminster bubble. Out here in the regions – to the horror of the metropolitan elite – lots of people rather like Jeremy Corbyn.
Memo to the media bubble: real people like Jeremy Corbyn


The 31-year-old royal revealed that he “didn’t enjoy” his time at the prestigious £20,000-a-year boarding school during a tour of a correction centre in Cape Town.

He told children at the Ottery Youth Centre that he would have been more at home amongst its humble surroundings than the grandeur of his own upbringing.
‘Bad boy’ Prince Harry wishes he could have quit Eton to go to Cape Town state school


I led the team of researchers that discovered that Stonehenge was most likely to have been originally built in Pembrokeshire, Wales, before it was taken apart and transported some 180 miles to Wiltshire, England. It may sound like an impossible task without modern technology, but it wouldn’t have been the first time prehistoric Europeans managed to move a monument.

Archaeologists are increasingly discovering megaliths across the continent – albeit a small number so far – that were previously put up in earlier monuments.
Stonehenge is not the only prehistoric monument that has been moved – but it is still unique


Snow-MaidenDed Moroz, translated to (Grand)father Frost, or Old Man Frost, is a legendary Slavic character that makes his rounds every New Year’s Eve. Along with his companion, Snegurochka (Snow Maiden), he brings delight to children as the two provide the little ones with gifts. The figure of Snow Maiden is one special addition that sets the story of Ded Moroz apart from similar winter holiday icons and is essential to many New Year’s celebrations.
The Snow Maiden of Slavic Folklore: Magical Characters of Winter from Russia


…and just to let you know…..I’m disappearing too…after today…

for a while, only cos I’ve no access to the internet for a couple of weeks, maybe more…though I might be able to get to the library on occasion.


Wishing everyone a fabulous, and fantastic festive season.

Lotsa love,


(If you want to email me after today please wait till I return in January. Thanks.)

2 thoughts on “13th December 16 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. Hey Ellis
    Blessings and love to you and yours too lovely, for the coming festive season.
    Again the syncronicity. Viva la France. Today my friend gave me an early Christmas present. A book called C’est la vie (this is life). Illustrated by a guy called Michel Fraile. Wonderful photos of France and beautiful quotes from Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust, Jules Renard and Voltaire. I will leave you with a French Proverb. “Learn to write injuries in sand and happiness in stone”. Brilliant. We are travelling to France in 2017 staying in a chateau for her 60th Birthday. Funded by my long service leave 🙂 i have earned it believe me. We will then be travelling around Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I came to OZ from the UK when i was 11 years old and have not been back since or on a major holiday so i am really looking forward to this monumental adventure back to my roots.
    Take care and all the best
    Julie 🙂


    • Thanks Julie, I’d say that I go along with that piece of wisdom. I don’t bear grudges or dwell on disappointments. You have a lovely time on your very special trip, and maybe we can catch up if you are nearby wherever I am. Thanks mate. Floria wrote an article on Victor Hugo, on this site, if you haven’t seen it.Thanks for the kind wishes. Lotsa love,


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