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The shared roots of the NAZIS and ISIS
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It’s a big, dark presence at the farthest reaches of our solar system, a mysterious force powerful enough to skew the paths of planets in orbit and yet so subtle that it slips undetected past even the most powerful telescopes on Earth. For centuries, it has eluded some of the most brilliant minds in astronomy — some say it even destroyed one. It’s the subject of endless calculations and rampant speculation, crackpot theories and countless hours spent gazing, fruitlessly, at the night sky.

It’s known as Planet X.
Scientists claimed they found elusive ‘Planet X.’ Doubting astronomers are in an uproar.


For decades during the Cold War and into the 1990s, the United States military ran a program that used “psychoenergetics”–psychokinesis, telepathy, and, most prominently in this case, “remote viewing”–to collect intelligence.

This isn’t some clever promotion for the new X-Files. The collection of records on the program released by the National Security Archive has recently expanded to 51 separate documents. As befitting a government agency, many lay out the incredibly weird protocols of psychic espionage in boring memos, endless strings of acronyms, and, of course, budget analysis.
How the Military Ran Its 1970s Psychic Intelligence Program—Many Memos, Naturally


In January 2000, veteran American cryptozoologist Ron Schaffner was emailed by someone using only a generic, non-specific email and who identified himself simply as ‘Derick’, but whose information was anything but generic. Derick attracted Ron’s interest straight away, thanks to his emailed report containing the following intriguing introductory statement:
From Mini-Rex to Moon-Cow – Unravelling the riddle of America’s Modern-Day River Dinosaurs’


On more than a few occasions, I have heard people say words to the effect of, “Nothing of any significance, on UFOs, has ever surfaced under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.” Time and again, I have seen people in Ufology loudly proclaim that all of the “good” material is withheld by the alleged “Black Budget” or “Special Access Programs” that secretly oversee official research into UFOs.
UFOs: In The Interest Of National Defense – Nick Redfern’s “If It’s Weird It’s Here”

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