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One minute you’re driving along a beautiful, smooth California road … ignoring your text messages and instead enjoying the beautiful scenery. The next minute the road begins to heave, crack, buckle and bulge (no, that’s not a law firm to call for damages) for no apparent reason. As you speed away, you shout to any geologist within earshot, “What geological phenomenon (or words to that effect) is killing my beautiful road?” The response is eerie silence.
California Road is Mysteriously Mangled in Minutes


Ellis at New Horizons

On Monday, 30th November, 2015


I will be speaking at The Community Centre, St. Alban’s Road, St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea, Lancashire. FY8 1XD
For New Horizons: www.newhorizonsstannes.com
Doors open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


I have to confess that I have not read David Paulides’ Missing 411 series. Whenever I am ill-advised enough to read about persons who have gone missing from parks and wilderness areas, I panic in the time-honored tradition of those who meet elemental forces in the forests. I’ve spent plenty of time in deep woods, far from “civilization, but the subject is inexplicably terrifying, not unlike the experience of panic itself.
The Lost Children


A four year study by archaeologists has comprehensively demolished cherished myths about one of the most romantic religious sites in England, Glastonbury Abbey.

Those feet, immortalised in William Blake’s poem Jerusalem, never walked on the green and pleasant land of Glastonbury; the oldest church in England was not built there by Christ’s disciples; Joseph of Arimathea’s walking stick does not miraculously flower every Christmas after 2,000 years. And it turns out that the supposed link with King Arthur and his beautiful queen, Guinevere, is false too – invented by 12th-century monks faced with a financial crisis in the wake of a disastrous fire.
Glastonbury myths ‘made up by 12th-century monks’


An illustrated audio recording of Ben Emlyn-Jones’ live lecture at the UK Probe International Conference, autumn 2015. Also includes details of “new Probe”, the significant changes to come to the Probe events in the future.



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