Keep it clean

This is an article originally published on my former website, Otherworld Journeys, in October 2012.


keepitclean330There are many popular articles and writers on the net that concern me in as much as they perform the function of a subliminal loop tape whether intentional or not. It is a good thing to inform people of how they are being filed and programmed but I question the need to constantly point and spray the same such details at viewers over and over again. I am discerning and watchful myself when it comes to material on the web and I encourage everyone else to be; but it isn’t enough to be aware and informed people also need to know how to deal with what they allow in to their minds and virtually nobody does.

To engage with the internet is to sit and to connect with unseen and unknown minds in a vast and sinuous circle inhabited by a tiny fraction of people we know and a heaving mass that we don’t. It is infested with viruses with agendas, most of which in reality target human minds rather than our computers. The internet (the in-to-net), the web, is a spirit domain and mind catcher, our keyboards of letters and other symbols a techno Ouija board; the mouse, a planchette.

When you sign into the internet you apply to join the circle, the séance, but in that one action a request is sent through your ISP (asp). If you connect then your invitation has been accepted. You have opened your front door and you have granted admittance. (The term on your keyboard and screen is ‘Enter’) (1). As far as the Darkness is concerned, that’s all you have to do. The devil cannot enter without an invite. That is the Law.

The point where darkness meets light is Law. What we KNOW belongs to the realm of light and what we don’t know also belongs to light but it is concealed in the depths of the domain of the Darkness. (Which of these do you think holds sway in this world?) Darkness can shape light but it cannot enter it. It can though, squeeze it.

The more intense light becomes the more volatile is its potential. So the Darkness stretches, bends and concentrates light intending to shatter it. Naturally, if it succeeds, darkness can surround every particle of it. This is why light must stand not fight or retreat or make allowances. Ignorance is no defence and it is no attack weapon either. (2)

With a strangely appropriate statement from Simon Dee at the end, and what follows – don’t blink or you’ll miss it:
Amen Corner – Bend Me, Shape Me – Top Of The Pops (1968)

“For gawd’s sake, don’t open yer mouth”…cut to Jimmy Savile.

When one enters the World Wide Web one enters the realm of darkness. Like space there is a lot of blackness in comparison to and between the points of light, and Earth humans’ embodied journeys into the cosmos are almost certainly in direct proportion to the extent of its special (species-all) knowledge regarding reality. Asteroids and meteors become the intuitive messages (most of which fly past us); and journeys guesses and flights of fancy. Human landings are conscious understandings. If human beings really landed on the moon then, as a race, we would all be convinced that we are not alone because the moon represents the reality of another mind besides our own…but there is a lot more to say on this, which I’ll leave for another time.

It is foolhardy and asking for trouble to wander into dark and unknown places without taking sensible and conscious precautions yet we all do it, or have done it, with the internet. Our curiosity pulls us in… doesn’t it, cats?

How easy it is to be blasé and consciously detached while brow-sing (open and communicating third-eye) the  in-to-net and many people do become obsessed, entranced in its weird meditation serf-ing in their séance with the watchers through dark monitors and screens.

*  I have spoken of this before: I have always been strongly advised to not take part in any on-line meditations, prayers and the like, by my Otherworld advisers. (The bible also reports Christ, many times, communing with All That Is alone – and advising us all the same thing: e.g. Matthew 6:5-22.)

Me being me, and stubbornly, sometimes unthinkingly, having to learn through my own experiences – and fortunately, for whatever reason, looked after when not following this wisdom (so far – but there’ll maybe come a day….) have learned the truth of this. Several of my interviews conducted online have been severely interfered with, even wiped completely (e.g. Robert Phoenix’s Free Association Radio and Planet X Radio.  The internet is rife with alien frequencies – technical and demonic. Mass meditations are another thing altogether – online especially (but in crowds too) – and I never get involved with them.


All their terms tell us what they are doing. A ‘page’ is a messenger sent to inform, entice or summon. The word derives from the Latin pagina, meaning ‘to fasten’; in other words to latch on to, to stick – a ‘web page’ surely makes it even more so. Programming and possession: mental and spiritual attachment.

When you open a web page that doesn’t feel right then close it immediately without reading it. Then the sensible thing to do is to straightaway wipe it from your aura and also from your page cache. If you feel this sensation on opening a web page then you are not adequately prepared for what this particular visitor or message is cell-ing in this each way communication. The momentary spiritual alarm is telling you that and it is giving you the opportunity to block it. Always appreciate that there is a more alert and aware part of yourself that needs to be listened to. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the page is detrimental or malign and it is not telling you to retreat, just stop and stay where you are. It may just be that you are better off continuing your current journey for a while longer to acquaint yourself better with the signs and proceedings in order to comprehend something better first; but on the other hand its multidimensional view can see before your intellect does where dangers lurk. You can always return to the page when you are prepared, if you feel inspired to.

Being at one with one’s spirit inevitably means that one is intimate with one’s aura and intuition. Listen to them. Encourage your sensitivity; feeling is essential. Intuition is felt in one’s aura; instinct, which is different, is felt in one’s gut. (This isn’t to say that instinct is not to be listened to because sometimes it is but always bear in mind that instinct is programming and it does encourage addictions, obsessions and belligerence; and it can be sourced from installed yet unwarranted fears.)

Learn how to spiritually clean and protect your aura and your environment and do this every time before you turn on your computer. Keep your workplace uncluttered and clean and treat your internet device as something representing the vehicle of your spirit, because it is.

De-vice it. Keep it clean.

Ellis Taylor
14 October 2012

(1) We also enter by clicking our mouse. To click with something is to attune with it; again we are accepting, inviting something in. Mice are fast and scuttling, quickly multiplying creatures mostly of the night and out of sight known for their gnawing destructive habits when allowed free rein.

(2) Matthew 38-39 etc


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