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fox from matt

Regular reader, Matt, has made friends with a local fox. This one was taken from two feet away. Beautiful isn’t it?

Dr T J Palmer and Andy Porter with a case of Tourette’s Syndrome being accessed by remote spirit release procedures


Andy Porter and research subject TS01. Final report.


AL-499, Peasemore, Barry King gave us an unbelievable story in The Voice papers, which I helped print, in 1994. A secret US operated ‘alien’ transhumanisation base in Berkshire revealed itself as real, with the secret abduction craft 184ft wide, The ‘Firefly’, showing itself to the Grid Keeper.
He tells how they were twice abducted at Peasemore, and tells his tale here. Then at Balmoral Castle, with James Casbolt, Gridkeeper and 2 others, one a secret director of the CIA this account tells of actual possible direct contact with Her Majesty the Queen, (who got a black bloodied eye that day) at Balmoral. This and more, with helicopters near Stonehenge getting within 10ft of the witnesses’ car… All such whistle blowing by our services. Why..maybe they have something they can never tell, but for us to find out.. while we still can.
Part 1 of 2 , with Duncan Davis, The Gridkeeper giving this interview in August 2013, telling his part of the James Casbolt story

James Casbolt’s early years, with a flash of a BlueBeam at St Ives…. Gridkeeper.. aware of of the Scalar energetics of our ancient monuments..Inter-dimensional technology from our ancient past… and the TR3B-Alpha abduction craft…. making itself known, seen and on video tape, and those phone calls from MI5…

During the edit, a call is received an the first known recording with Casbolt is discovered. This will be part 6…


Second part:


Duncan reminds me that it is he that is sitting next to James Casbolt – in the black mist and with a dark orb behind him. Here

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Every year we tell you stories about people who have gone missing in the mountains.
Sometimes searchers find them. Sometimes they don’t.
But we don’t often think what happens after the rescuers go home. Whatever becomes of the victims and the families left behind?
These are the questions a Colorado man has examined, and in the process, has uncovered mysterious phenomena
Colorado man finds mysterious phenomena related to people who disappear in the wilderness


The mystery of the black spheres falling from the sky in Spain is getting deeper as yet another of these space balls fell from the sky in the same area where two others appeared in less than two weeks. No explanation has been given for these strange objects dropping from space as if someone or something is targeting Murcia. The area has been quarantined … is it time for terrified residents to evacuate?
Third Sphere Falls in Spain, Area Put Under Quarantine


Storm Abigail: ‘Foamageddon’ as British sea front engulfed in foam amid warning for motorists

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