An article from my former website, Otherworld Journeys, that was published on 7th March 2012.

Here, in this realm, light is impenetrable but it has limits. Its intensity, its power, is built on Love and can only be amplified by Love. Love seeks to expand. Where there is self-absorption there is darkness.

In our dimension, and some others, the nature of darkness enables it to block, shape, diffuse and deflect light and the Darkness has taken full advantage of this even so far as to appear to absorb light. Light has limits. The nature of darkness is to contain.

Humanity is right now hovering precariously deep in the shadowlands between light and dark and there is a real and present danger that this could be its terminus.

We are living in the times foretold by the Book of Revelations. They so accurately describe the present because it has all happened before. Since those destructive events during previous Age transformations the Darkness has incessantly aimed to resurrect globally Its neo-successes of the Noachian age and that of Sodom and Gomorrah, by Yuletide 2012; all to demonstrate to the Infinite how easy to corrupt the human species is. Whether the Darkness succeeds in this (and tragically, who, given the evidence now before us, can dispute that It is winning?) entirely depends upon the actions of every individual incarnate human being.

The perpetual way of the Darkness, Its eternal modus operandi, has always been to seclude the spirit within the incarnate human slowly, and by degrees, spelling subtly, punctuating violently, creating ever darkening shadows for It to creep in and blur the ethical borders, making it easier to fragment humanity’s wholesomeness until humankind is so weakened and wounded that it not only refuses to see that they have been enchanted but they are unable to do so.

Dividing It has conquered; men from women, women from men, children from their elders, from their parents and family, male from female; humans from nature, from reason. The intention of human life is to leave in better spirits than we arrived and we are not going to achieve that by just laying back and thinking of England while the Darkness has its wicked way with us no matter how many chocolates and shiny things it brings us.

We all, except for the hopelessly assimilated psychopaths, know right from wrong despite the interminable conditioning that is worse presently than it has ever been. Perhaps not so often now, because of this, but most of us surely recall such wisdom as ‘treat others as you would want to be treated yourself’. Not many can hold their hands up to abiding by that and these days the mental and physical welfare of other people, even our loved ones, is only a secondary concern at best for more and more people. Everything is being sucked in.

In the watery cave of the mind the see-way to light has been sewn with bristling mine-s. Everything comes to be about mine; my ownership, my desires, my pleasures, me me me. Even when it comes to what is by humanity’s very own true nature more precious to them than anything else on this Earth:

The real conversation:
But what about me?
You? What about you? Fuck you! That’s up to you. Just don’t get in my way.
But I’m your child! I need you mummy/daddy. I am still too new to succeed in this darkness. I need you to teach and guide me through it, to be close when I am afraid or hurting. (I am still only half in and half out of this world. My spirit is still strong in me.)
Well that’s tough. I’m here to party (etc)…and I don’t want you hanging around. (You’re like my conscience. Shut up! – I don’t want to be reminded of that.)

So what happens to the little children while their parents are so often abroad from their offspring, mentally and physically satisfying the beast in gross ways? They turn out as the epidemic of disturbed kids we see everywhere today – just more fodder for Gomorrah. Sodom! Emaciated spiritually, devoid of vital melatonin from lack of worthwhile sleep and overexposure to false light and mal-sonic technology, malnourished, craving love and attention, not a clue who they are, searching for themselves and looking for it all in all the wrong places. They learn from example.

Those fortunate children who have parents and elders around them who remain faithful to the hard-won wisdom of our forebears; children who eat right, who sleep well, who attune with nature, who are encouraged to enrich their imagination, to wonder always; who are taught to be self-motivated and self-responsible, whose individuality is respected, their talents given every opportunity to express themselves, are then ordered to school.

School, where the Darkness’s creeping master-stroke to lead human beings away from their vital spirit through education (from the Latin e: meaning ‘out’ and ducere: meaning ‘to lead’ – ‘lead out’), gets to work on their troublesome individuality and free expression. In their forms they are reformed, classed, moulded into being one-eyed (a pupil). Led out the child is left alone, away from the great sea of the Unconscious, from all that is real. Left ‘eyed’, left-brained; the conscious mind intellect is the one god now. Here too the bright children (in the true sense) are at the mercy of the now dulled (flocked) kids who have innocently and inevitably been forced into becoming agents of the Darkness through their parents’ and teachers’ ignorance and neglect. Now the truly sensitive children of light face the formidable challenge of peer pressure in a darkly constructed world where few parents and other guardians can spend as much time with their children as the State does through school and television.

Relentlessly the light dims, the spirit is orphaned and the child is re-warded. It used to be that most of the youngsters with energy attractive to the Darkness would be pressured into apprenticeships, where they could be eaten by the system (in denture-d) but more usually now they are batched and doctored via the burgeoning  one-voice institutions.

Diploma-d, sheep-dipped in the vat, they’re certified now; and their now exhausted parents aren’t half proud, seeing their children with their cemented to the system mortar boards and plastered in their no-light, dark gowns.

The ethereal princess, the flower of intuition and imagination, precious child of the God and the Goddess is built around, walled off.

Hammered into the one-eye-left stew-dents is that if it isn’t in the text book it isn’t relevant and it isn’t valid. And it definitely isn’t allowed. What is traditional and permitted, through blind eye turning (they lost it at school), is that the seekers stew and pickle themselves, blow holes and craters in their auras creating hooks and homes for malevolent entities that swarm around the vulnerable.

And now most everyone is persuaded that this is ‘the real world’ and that only what they are told by the darkly installed and funded authorities and their one-dimensional sure-d up science is legitimate. They insist that there are no other worlds, no other entities, especially not ones intent on controlling human beings and their actions.

Unfortunately the powerful religious wing has always maintained its control by pushing the opposite. As corrupted and perverted as religions are too much wisdom and too many truths still haunt their books and teachings. Originally they were ordered written and broadcast to ease the way to where their agenda is now. Their usefulness to the Darkness is outworn; and even worse for the culling business at hand, what they show is too revealing.

But this exposure hasn’t come as an unexpected shock, the Darkness has long prepared for this day. Every see-sun, every Age, It has expediently seeded and then sprung ‘Its satanic saints’, like Monsanto germs in a communion wafer, amongst Its always brainwashed but overwhelmingly well-meaning cultivated priesthood. In recent times to bring religions into (essential to Its last-days agenda) virulent disrepute It is forcing Its possessed fifth column to commit and incite atrocities while commanding Its media to present and emphasise these rare connived circumstances as being rampant amongst the gods’ squads. Add detached and dismissive highly secretive hierarchies, again highly publicised, led by ranters, war criminals, sociopaths, misogynists and impotent catatonics simmering evil within the assumed guardian institutions of social morals seems out of control. (Of course they always have been under full control, but not by anything altruistic with human beings’ interests at heart.) In tandem, highly vocal, brain-washed and/or possessed detractors have been mobilised and heavily promoted to dismiss all and any evidence of otherworld reality. While cults, perverts, hoaxes, nutters and charlatans are increasingly being activated everywhere they can have nowhere near as much influence over human well-being without the complicity of the Darkly directed media. Without the media’s exaggerated focus few would know much about the activities of these dark pawns and the energetic harvest would fall flat; meaning that the escalating consequences could not happen either.

But, anyone revealing anything different to the Darkness’s schematic is frogmarched into one of these ready-made categories and censored – ignored, ridiculed or destroyed, often all three. Human sacrifice will never lose favour with the Beast. It survives and flourishes on expressed human energy mental and physical and the Darkness is insatiable; double-dipping, the energy of the accursed, and the audience is top of the menu.

Not that destroying Its holy orders credibility is the only means It is employing to divert humanity away from remembrance of their incarnational responsibility, which fundamentally includes moral duty. While the above has been going on It is glorifying greed, lust, debauchery and service to self in everything. New temples have been raised physically and electronically to claim human energy, distracting soul purpose and subduing spiritual sovereignty; the new churches are the shopping centres, sporting arenas and electronically, television and what they promote as social media (s&m – so-shall me-dia [me-god]), the likes of Facebook, and Twitter. The computer languages, symbols and codes of the new buy-bull of the masses is equally as incomprehensible to the vast majority of today’s so called surfers as the black bubble was to the illiterate serfs of yesteryear.

The new churches are just as packed as they were in those days of not long ago, more so, but I’ll vouch virtually none of the obsessed congregation knows what it is that they are worshipping.

We have access to immense wisdom passed down to us from our forebears to draw upon, and within us the light of our conscience. Right now it is essential that we achieve balance – male and female, within and without, the two must become one. Gangs and cliques of one gender, or uneven in their representation, are detrimental to the flow that is required. People just must make friends with the part of their consciousness that they usually sideline.

It is not too late to wise up and shine.

© Ellis Taylor
7th March 2012


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