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A thought came to me when the Bibi See played Big Ben’s clock striking 11 for the 2 minutes silence. Those who fought, were injured, and died in these wars would surely rather we spent those two minutes shouting at the top of our voices: “NO MORE WAR!” – Ellis


Redgum – I Was Only 19




What fabulous news! Tears of joy.
sierra-del-divisor-conoAfter more than a decade of discussion and planning, Peru on Sunday will officially designate Sierra del Divisor National Park, a 1.3 million hectare (3.3 million acre) reserve that is home to uncontacted indigenous tribes, endangered wildlife, and one of South America’s wildest landscapes.
Peru creates ‘Yellowstone of the Amazon’: 3.3M acre reserve home to uncontacted tribes, endangered wildlife



CrickhowellWhen independent traders in a small Welsh town discovered the loopholes used by multinational giants to avoid paying UK tax, they didn’t just get mad.

Now local businesses in Crickhowell are turning the tables on the likes of Google and Starbucks by employing the same accountancy practices used by the world’s biggest companies, to move their entire town “offshore”.
Crickhowell: Welsh town moves ‘offshore’ to avoid tax on local business


tmcTerence McKenna is one of those cult-famous, societal-fringe figures of whom the majority of people have never heard. He’s also someone whose views probably have a polarizing effect on anyone who encounters them. At the very least, though, Terence was an exceptionally original thinker, and those who explore a fraction of his work will note his erudition and incredible ability to articulate his thoughts.
Terence McKenna’s Disillusioned Perspective on Mass-Consumerist Culture


Last night I attended a movie premier. There was no red carpet, no audience of fans waving cameras and autograph books, no celebrities strutting around in diamond-studded bikinis; but then the movie I went to see would never be considered for that kind of attention by the media. The venue in London hosting the event was a small backstreet independent screen specializing in art-house flicks and world cinema; it has the pun name of Whirled Cinema…
Incontrovertible- the Premier


gray_dark_council_hooded_robed_abstract_figures_hd-wallpaper-746000-585x306Humankind has always had a sort of fascination with the idea of secret societies. From the Freemasons to the Illuminati, there is a certain allure to the idea that behind the scenes of our everyday life there are powerful forces at work pulling the strings, privy to knowledge beyond our mainstream understanding, and with access to ancient secrets beyond our wildest dreams. They operate just under the surface of our civilization, their motives and aims enigmatic and inscrutable, working towards ends that we may never fully understand. One such alleged secret society concerns a shadowy group of nine mysterious men, formed in ancient India and charged with guarding ancient secrets and protecting us from the potentially destructive knowledge which we manage to glean from the mysteries of the universe. Operating in secrecy, they are spread throughout the world, silently watching and accruing ever more potent secrets, all the while hidden from our view. These are the Nine Unknown Men.
The Mystery of the Nine Unknown Men

2 thoughts on “11th November 15 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. Hello Ellis
    Thanks for the post as always. On the subject of amazing movies i just want to share an amazing movie with you and your readers. The movie is called ‘PRIDE’ a movie set in the 1980’s in the Thatcher era. Gays and Lesbians get together to support the miners strike. Set mostly in London but also in Wales. This movie made me cry loads because of one scene in particular. If you dont get the time to watch the whole movie google ‘bread and roses song’ from PRIDE i guarantee that it will make you cry. Welsh women singing for their family in a time of great need to survive. It is truly amazing. I do hope you get the chance to watch it. It has humour and brilliant 80’s music also so not all doom and gloom. i grew up in the gay scene in Perth but unforunately when the whole AIDS thing happened the gay scene changed and became quite secretive as is depicted in this movie. I am very glad that i was privvy to this era, it taught me a lot about society and how the system works against the people who they chose to ‘get rid of’ through fear and loathing. Very sad but very uplifting too. Love to you ellis.
    Julie x


    • Hi Julie, I’ll see if I can get to watch it, sounds great. I just watched and listened to ‘Bread and Roses’, very moving, and what a great cast. https://youtu.be/qNQs6gSOkeU Another of those powerful creations that have the ability to bring humanity to its senses; to recognise that difference is wonderful and togetherness an unconquerable joy.
      The scene reminded me of a little chapel, in Narberth, bursting to the rafters for the celebration of a very dear friend’s life. Their voices filled the cairns and valleys with Calon Lan. It was one of the most unforgettable moments in my life: https://youtu.be/ZfWiDA9_ch0 Begin listening at about 30secs in. Try and get through this without a tear too mate. Lotsa love, Ellis


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