Revelations, Talks & Free Minds

Revelations, Perth
Oxford Talks, Oxford
Free Minds, Newport


Just for the record:

Besides speaking in several, I have run conferences in three countries: Australia, England, and Wales.

I had welcome support from  a very few of the alternative media and downright hindrance from mainstream. One published my ad days  after the conference, others ignored my emails and blanked my phone calls. Mike Soper, the media rep for Contact International UFO Research (the longest running UFO group in the UK), who, at the time, was the go-to guy with all the mainstream media,  attempted to drum up interest for the Oxford Talks in all the local media, and elsewhere…and met a wall with all of them. “I have never had this happen before; It’s like a D-Notice has been put on anything to do with what you do Ellis.”

At all of the venues I had some wonderful assistance (thank you) and we had some fabulous presentations; only two of the speakers I’d not met previously, Susan G. White, and Graham Hancock.

A list of speakers who lectured at Revelations’, Perth, Western Australia (2002)

Harry Mason – Geologist and researcher into fireballs and secret weaponry
Mary Rodwell
Rick Collingwood – Hypnotist, teacher and researcher
R. Lewis (Lewis da Costa) – One brilliant man, now passed over.


A list of the speakers who lectured at Oxford Talks (2004-2005):

Ann Andrews  – Absolutely genuine experiencer – speaking at BUFOG – 2008
Bagoll the Traveller – Warrior and Mystical Earth poet
Brian Allan – now editor of Phenomena Magazine and author of several books and articles on this site.
Cry Earth – fabulous local band.
Denette France – healer, artist and activist, now passed over.
Ellis Taylor
Jason Andrews – Absolutely genuine otherworld traveller and experiencer
Jess Miller – An adventurer with fascinating life stories
Mary Rodwell – Principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network
Neil Hague – Visionary artist
Michael Soper – media representative, Contact International UFO Research
Susan G. White – Spirit Release Therapist


A list of speakers who lectured at Free Minds, Newport, Pembrokeshire (2010-2011)

Angela George – Visionary artist
Bagoll the Traveller
Ellis Taylor
Graham Hancock – speaking at Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics
Win Keech – Inventor, UFO and crop circle researcher – speaking at an AMMACH conference


Thank you to everyone who attended, assisted, and spoke at, these ground-breaking conferences.


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