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Right on time for Samhain (17:44 today GMT)

Canary-Wharf-incidentThis is the shocking moment a man dressed as Marvel comics character Winter Solider was arrested in London’s financial district on suspicion of having a firearm, sparking fears of a terror attack.

Heavily armed police swarmed on Canary Wharf this afternoon after reports of a man walking across a bridge on the North Dock, apparently armed with a shotgun.
Moment armed police arrest red-haired ‘gunman’ dressed as Marvel’s Winter Soldier in Canary Wharf amid terror attack fears

Canary Wharf was the scene of the 7/7/7 lock down and reported shootings – 3775 days ago (22).

A heartfelt and powerful speech to the hearts and minds of humanity. Please share it.



texasjudgeshootingState District Judge Julie Kocurek was returning to her Austin home with other people on Friday when she was shot around 10pm. She is in stable condition and has no life threatening injuries, according to authorities. Dozens of police officers searched the area around Kocurek’s home but no suspect is in custody and little information is known about the shooter.
Texas judge who was appointed by George W Bush is shot in her driveway by mystery gunman


dunham a51A Florida woman who has battled federal agencies over their denials of compensation claims for sick Cold War workers who were exposed to toxic substances has gone to bat for a former Area 51 worker from Las Vegas.

Donna Hand of Tampa said the Labor Department should reopen Fred Dunham’s claim and those of about 50 other workers at Area 51, the once-secret U.S. Air Force test installation 90 miles north of Las Vegas.

Dunham worked as a security guard at Area 51 in the 1980s. The installation where the Air Force secretly tested high-tech military aircraft generated a mystique among UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. It also played big parts in several popular science fiction movies, including “Independence Day,” which came out in 1996, and “Paul” in 2011.

Hand, a workers advocate and authorized representative for Dunham, 64, said the Labor Department wrongly relied on a Department of Energy contractor employee’s opinion “not based on any material facts” that Dunham’s employer, EG&G Special Projects, was a Defense Department subcontractor not covered by the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Act.
Ailing ex-Area 51 worker gets help fighting feds


Dark deeds and agendas masquerading (again):

The first successful weather satellite, TIROS-1, was launched in 1960. The images, though a bit blurry, picked up a typhoon 1,000 miles east of Australia. This satellite only lasted 78 days in orbit but it showed the benefits of space observations, ushering in an era of much more accurate weather information that has helped save lives and protect livelihoods.
Rise of the smart farm: get ready for satellite-controlled cows



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