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bubbles“Are we alone?”

Quite possibly the biggest question posed by eusocial primates. The need to know encouraged our forebears to climb down from the treetops. To brave the savannahs in hopes of sighting distant forests, or making meaningful contact with other clever apes. Over the millennia humans crossed oceans to new lands in hopes of deepening their gene pool, or their pockets. Unlike Alexander the Great, we do not weep when we see the breadth of our domain, knowing there are no more worlds to conquer. Instead we turn our gaze to the stars in hopes of expanding our real estate portfolio, and perk our ears heavenward to eavesdrop on aliens.
Evidence Mounts For A Real-Life Multiverse



My lovely friend, Paola Harris, recounts a life-changing experience she had at Mount Shasta:

celestial-visitors-collageAs in the movie CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, I was invited.
This 1977 film began my life as a researcher because I went to find the father of Ufology, Astronomer Dr. J Allen Hynek, and I worked with him for 6 years until he died. So it is logical that the film invitation would be followed by a invitation to experience actual contact 34 years later on September 21st, 2014.
An Encounter with Antarel at Mt Shasta


Paola, Ayem, Ben Emlyn-Jones and me on Planet X radio:


Lightning-Strike-Theros-by-Adam-PaquetteAfter reaching the number one spot in the best-sellers list, Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision” was banned from a number of academic institutions, and created an unprecedented scientific debacle that became known as “The Velikovsky Affair”. In 1956 Velikovsky wrote a sequel, “Earth in Upheaval”, which presented conclusive geological evidence of terrestrial catastrophism.

“I have excluded from [these pages] all references to ancient literature, traditions, and folklore; and this I have done with intent, so that careless critics cannot decry the entire work as ‘tales and legends’. Stones and bones are the only witness.”

However, for forty years these highly controversial theories remained anathema to the academic world. Then, in June 1994, an event occurred that radically changed scientific thought and gave credibility to Velikovsky’s theories. Myth and legend, once dismissed, had to be re-examined. What was this catastrophic event?
Velikovsky the Unsung Genius



I meant to post this a long time ago. Good news.

kakadu NourlangieAerial water-bombing finally appeared to extinguish a week-long out-of-control fire in Kakadu national park on Thursday afternoon as firefighters sought to keep it from spreading into inaccessible land and culturally significant Aboriginal sites.

The fire was sparked on Tuesday by the operators of the Ranger uranium mine, Energy Resources Australia (ERA), who were attempting to conduct a controlled burn on the mine land.
Kakadu bushfire: aerial water-bombing saves Nourlangie rock art site

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