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Stella LaStellansing was a middle-aged housewife from Massachusetts who in 1961 began experiencing strange, and otherworldly events that over time lead her down a bizarre path of UFOs, Strange humanoid creatures, Men In Black, and visions of other worlds. Most of which she managed to capture on different types of film. Here we take a look at Stella Lansing’s work and research into a nightmare that followed her throughout her adult life. The life of Stella Lansing: Photographs from beyond.
Stella Lansing: Photographs From Beyond

In previous shows we have discussed the moon landings and the many problems with the official story. In this weeks show we look in a bit more depth at the person who is often cited as being the film director of the hoaxed moon landings. Carl James has found out a considerable amount about Stanley Kubrick and reveals many pieces of circumstantial evidence which seem to point to Kubrick’s possible involvement. This is a subject which mainstream media never represents correctly and even uses shills in attempts to ridicule moon hoax researchers, whose best evidence is usually ignored. Carl James is the author of “Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda”, which examines the role of science fiction in the shaping of public perception. Carl James continues next week talking about Star Trek. (In four parts)
Carl James :Stanley Kubrick & The Moon Landings


probeufoparanormalBen Emlyn-Jones: I’m an aficionado of the UFO/conspiracy/paranormal conference circuit. I attend as many as time and money allow. Luckily in the last couple of years I’ve been speaking or working at many of them too, or been given a press pass by the organizer, and so don’t have to pay. My favourite conference of all has to be UK Probe International. This twice yearly event is the first one I ever attended in October 2006 and it has become an important part of my life. I’m bonded like family to the people who join me there regularly. I’ve covered the conference on the HPANWO blog and HPANWO TV many times, most recently see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/probe-autumn-2014.html. However this series of events is now sadly coming to an end.
New Probe


Tony Benn quotes


gw1We are a peculiar breed. Our roots grow deeper than the cedars, and yet we don’t know precisely where or who it is that we grew from. We are a mystery as old as these hills themselves, and it doesn’t take much figuring to know that we are enigmas of intentional design and destiny.
The Last of the Granny Witches



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