Alas, but needs must…


Much as I dislike it, we’re in an Age where most people embrace the many tentacles of the data collecting octopus, and Arse Book, is but one of them.

I’ve resisted for years but every other person I know of with a blog or website, in the genres I move in, seems to be on it…and as you may have noticed I’m a pariah to many of them, for reasons that I don’t know, and they are not willing to tell me. Fortunately I also have some brilliant support too from people in the field who I greatly respect and appreciate (thank you).

That said, I’m not precious about keeping a presence on FB, the web, or anything else. My only goal with this is to inspire humans to rekindle their amazing suppressed abilities and to believe in themselves and their purpose.

I have honest insights to share, into the true nature of life from multidimensional viewpoints, which I have evidence for, and lots of it, witnesses too, many…but it’s one step at a time, for us all.

We are all intended to view life through the prisms of our own life experiences, but indoctrinations of many hues, and from endless directions, beset us all; so for most people there are only squints of view or sly peeks; for others they’d rather borrow someone else’s glasses that they too have pinched from someone else…ad finitum. My own writing is coloured by my experiences, mostly subconsciously. It’s always been like that for me, and always will be, I suspect.

I’m sure that we are all, every one of us, capable of perceiving endless vistas from countless stand points; if only we gave ourselves some credit for the insights everyone of us does have, and most dismiss; because humans are told what to believe from the get-go.

I’m here attempting to inspire people by showing the reality of dimensional interactions between human beings, otherworlds, and the Others. I don’t know how it all works, it just does. Explaining the science is not my role. I’m not sure it’s even possible, to be honest, though many claim it can be, and that they can. Good luck to ’em.

I know that unacknowledged entities beyond suppressed human senses, influence and direct people and situations, because I’ve watched them, seen them do it. I still do. Every human being could once, and still can on other aspects of their consciousness. It’s real.

I am blessed by a core of very loyal readers (thank you), many of who, I’m sure, will be disappointed in this FB escapade but I really do need to try to reach a wider audience. For the most part, the alternative media is very cliquey and, as I said earlier, they swerve round my work – quite impressively sometimes. So, I’ve gotta try doing it myself.

Hence the about-Face-Book.

Of course, this still depends upon readers sharing my output.

Please do.



My Facebook page is: otherworld journeys. It can be accessed from the Facebook button below.


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