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Kieron Lee Perrin is a British TI, or Targeted Individual. He has MRI scans showing his large Type 25 implants. Now his latest data is this is an interdimensional issue, involving octoforms…spiders. The Super Soldiers are Inter Dimenstional Soldeirs, where time and coherence logical straight line thinking simply does not work. We have a problem, a BIG ONE. Features a short pre interview, before teh Brussels Targeted Individual Conferenec, in Nov 2014, where the late Dr Rauni Kilde made her final public appearnce before her assasination in early 2015 (She was a ‘Gas Lighted’ killing). Kieron spoke at the Bases Project International Conference in 2014, and later at Probe (Replacing James Casbolt)


Earth Avalon


It’s that time of the year again. The time when we drool over pumpkin spiced lattes, wiggle our way into the ‘ol autumn sweaters, and glue our eyes to our televisions to watch countless horror movies under a full moon. But for those of us who find ourselves researching the paranormal, this is just another typical day for our curious minds. And while my previous article for The Hidden Auditorium focussed on the possible crypto cousins of the grays, I thought this time it would be interesting to cover another topic that involves black eyed beings of the human persuasion… or so it would seem.

Imagine sitting in your living room one night, reading a book. You begin to doze off, the strain of the day slowly fading away as your eyes close. Suddenly, a harsh knock on the front door…
Can We Come In? – The Lore Of The Black Eyed Children – Ryan Sprague’s Hidden Auditorium



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