Phenomena Magazine – Issue 77

phenomenamagsept2015The latest issue of the Fab & Free PHENOMENA MAGAZINE, is now ready for you to download and enjoy.

Once again Phenomena Magazine arrives, all fresh and feisty, in your inbox and once again it is packed full of articles, reviews and news from the genuinely strange world in which we live. In this edition we hear about a bewitched Celtic necklace, Pat Bussard and Ken O’Keefe look at the bizarre link between the paranormal and UFOs, and there’s a report from Hannah Barrick concerning the redoubtable Ghost Circle. Paul Williams discusses  feral children, and there’s part two of an excellent three part article on Ufology from Peter Robbins,  Paul Dale Roberts tells of  the abundantly haunted Holbrook Hotel and finally we have another UFO themed item (a lot of UFOs in this issue) from John Ventre. Once again, we really do appreciate feedback from our readers, so please, please, feel free to get in touch and tell us about your thoughts and encounters at this email address. See you next month


Brian Allan,
Editor, Phenomena magazine

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