Beautiful performances of Pie Jesu

Music, and a message, to stir your heart and your soul.






jesus and childIn Western Australia, in the mid-90s, I was blessed to come across a stream of wonderful women who helped me to understand myself and what I was here for.

One of these remarkable women was a fantastic numerologist called Patricia who gave numerology readings on Perth’s 6PR radio station. I’d been introduced to numerology by another lady who I’d met while decorating her house. Somehow (I can’t recall how) I came to meet Patricia and she took me under her wing. Soon afterwards, during one of her radio shows, she predicted that I would one day be doing what she was doing. (The closest I’ve got is a short session on Robert Phoenix‘s radio show, but that’s by the by.)

On my first visit to Patricia’s house I was sitting on her verandah while she made us a drink. I closed my eyes, enjoying the warm sunshine, the whisper of the gentle breeze, and the busy chatter of birds in her garden…when, in that moment, I saw the face of Jesus…very slowly turning deosil. The teaching, which it was, was so profound and beautiful that I will never forget it.

Beginning with the archetypical Caucasian depiction and without pause and always recognisable his face moved fluently through the beautiful features of every human race.

How I wish I was a good enough artist to paint what I see…and how I hope this teaching touches you too.




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4 thoughts on “Beautiful performances of Pie Jesu

  1. As often happens, when you write on these topics they are synchronistic for me Ellis. As the saying goes: “Among a thousand who seek me, one finds me. Among a thousand who find me, one follows me. And among a thousand who follow me, one is mine.” Music and a story that encourages us all to continue the search within. Beautiful. Thank you.

    much love


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    • Siobán, tears haven’t ceased flowing since I began writing this post – the inspiration to post Pie Jesu came last night, and was my first thought when I awoke. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could not being moved by this beautiful composition and these wonderful performers. It was during the listening that I felt to include that tiny, in words, but immense in meaning personal anecdote. I’m so glad that this offering was meaningful to you. I felt it would be, you came to mind. Thank you so much for your insightful comment. Much love to you and G. too, Ellis


  2. Hello Ellis. I have just read the comment by Sioban and i totally agree.your posting of material spark hidden memories in me. i worked at radio 6pr in perth in the 80’s. a producer by the name of patricia b took me under her wing. She could see that i was very young and vunerable in the world of the media and sort to somewhat protect me from the ‘egos’ and ‘wankers’ that prey on the young. In those days we didnt have the internet so when a guest came onto the show they would leave a complimentary copy of their latest book. Patricia would pass on those books to me and i would read them through the night. The first book was ‘the holy blood and the holy grail’ the second book was the ‘cosmic conspiracy’ and so on. So this Patricia was the person who started me on my path of seeking the truth. I dont think that your Patricia and my Patricia are the same person however,saying that my Patricia was also into numerology. She lived in Swan View at the time on a lovely property surrounded by trees and horse agistments. Would be quite lovely if it was the same person though.
    Your Patricia wasnt far wrong btw. You do practice numerology and you are in the ‘alternative’ media. LOL Love to you and your family

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    • Hi Julie, ta for the comment mate.
      I wonder if it was the same Patricia. How lovely that you were looked after…and some great books to get you started. When I knew Patricia she lived in the southern suburbs somewhere (can’t recall exactly where), but that was in about 96, and I think I remember her saying she’d only been there a little while. She didn’t actually work for 6PR then but had a weekly spot – very popular. She wasn’t giving me a reading when she made that prediction it was something she talked about during the introduction on that occasion. I can see how what she said applies to what I do now, of course, but she was alluding to me doing a radio call-in like her. There’s still time and it’s something I wouldn’t mind doing now and again, if I was asked, but mainstream media would probably not risk having me on live 🙂 . Maybe another internet show will ask me again one day. Love to you and yours mate.


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