Because I wanted to…

A poem from my 2004 numerology book, ‘Living in the matrix’; inspired by Neil Hague’s beautiful painting ‘Cathar Portal’, the front cover illustration.

Living in the matrix by Ellis Taylor. Illustration: Cathar Portal by Neil Hague. Because I wanted to…

She danced a pretty ribbon song,
Entranced the boulder hard,
And eye gazed upon a secret whirled,
From twixt, between, becurl-ed,

What lies beneath your wails!
Vain citadel atop the rock,
Gleaming like sure-fire,
Do you know?

She yawned, that cavern deep,
Under that inkjet sky,
Or was it a smile… and wry?
No matter. We’re Home, my friend Odie and I,

The hills and valleys,
The mountains and streams,
Then hark… my dog?…No! He dreams.
A voice… forlorn and sage-y,
T’was to my left,
And down… in a cleft,

‘You are here,’ he says,
‘I sent for you.’

I came because I wanted to.



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