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perth no jab no pay no way rally“… national protest rallies are being held in all capital cities on Sunday 20 September. Perth will be starting its rally on the steps of Parliament House with speeches at 10.30 am and then marching through the streets. We hope that you will turn out with your families and friends to demonstrate your objections to this proposed social welfare policy. A policy that is removing the right to decide what Australians inject into their own bodies and their children’s bodies. I have attached a flyer for distribution to publicise this event.”

Under the Australian Federal Government’s proposed changes to the Childcare Package, “No Jab, No Pay,” Childcare subsidies and welfare payments (Family Tax benefit part A end-of-year supplement) will be withheld from all but full schedule vaccinating families, until their children turn 19 (effective January 2016). That means every vaccine and every booster shoot on a Government-recommended schedule that has NOT been proven to be safe, necessary, or effective, including unknown future additions to the schedule.

It’s f’in Arsebook but it’s all I could find:

Freedom of Choice: No Jab, No Pay? No Way! Perth Rally

20th September

Parliament House steps (city-facing side)

Journalists at a Press briefing last December were taken aback when a senior detective said that officers regarded the account by “Nick” as credible. We at Exaro were not so surprised. We knew what they thought. And we knew why.
Analysis: why police continue to investigate claims by ‘Nick’
Sola Busca Tarot Part 1


Part 2

Earth Avalon



Sola -Busca Tarot


This is the mouth of the well where modern archaeologists believe ancient Athenians invoked Apollo to tell the future in the water. (Photo by Greek Ministry of Culture)An ancient well has been uncovered in Kerameikos in central Athens, Greece, with inscriptions calling upon Apollo, the Greek god of prophecy. Archaeologists speculate that Kerameikos seers used the well to try to foretell the future using hydromancy rituals.
Site in Athens revealed as an ancient temple of twin gods Apollo and Artemis


A 15th century depiction of Scota’s voyage from Egypt. (Wikimedia Commons)During the 1440s, a Scottish chronicler, Walter Bower, sought to trace the history of the Scottish people from the earliest times. The result of his endeavour was the creation of a compendium of Scottish history, the Scotichronicon. Perhaps one of the most astonishing claims made by Bower in his Scotichronicon is that the Scottish people were actually descendants of the ancient Egyptians, and could trace their ancestry to the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh, Scota.
Scota: Mother of Scotland and Daughter of a Pharaoh


Recall or retrieval of memory refers to the subsequent re-accessing of events or information from the past, which have been previously encoded and stored in the brain. In common parlance, it is known as remembering. During recall, the brain “replays” a pattern of neural activity that was originally generated in response to a particular event, echoing the brain’s perception of the real event. In fact, there is no real solid distinction between the act of remembering and the act of thinking.
Memory recall/retrieval

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