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anthony hopkins 230x115In 1973, award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins landed a role that was based on the book The Girl From Petrovka by author George Feifer. After he signed the contract, he decided to visit London to get a copy of the book.

He searched and searched, but couldn’t find it in any bookstore. After giving up, he went to wait in the Leicester Square underground station for a train home. At one point during his wait, he noticed a book abandoned on a nearby bench. Hopkins picked it up and was shocked to discover it was THE book!

Fast forward a couple years.
The Mysterious Power of Synchronicity – How It Changed Actor Anthony Hopkins’ Life & Can Change Yours Too


benslinguisticsarticle 230x165I’ve always been very interested in linguistics, perhaps because I was brought up in a multilingual environment- speaking several languages. My father’s family are Bristol Welsh and I was born and brought up in a region of Wales where the Welsh language is dominant. My father’s own family has a Welsh-speaking branch too. My mother was a Dutchwoman and I spent a lot of time in the Netherlands with her family, all of whom also spoke German because we were close to the border where they lived in Limburg. Some of the older ones also spoke Groesbeeks, a rare dialect that has since died out. I’ve been thinking lately about how languages are classified and what defines a language as opposed to a dialect, and why it matters.
The Lonely Anglophone



earthalienenterprise 300x159

“The tendency towards psychological collectivism does not have man’s welfare as its end. It is designed for his exploitation.”
Jacques Ellul

As you surely know by now, your online behavior, from banking to shopping, to searching for anything including health and financial information, even your cell phone usage is, “…fed into databases and assembled into profiles of unprecedented depth and specificity.” [Pasquale]

This information is then sold to companies you know nothing about and used to market to you, to evaluate your potential to get a job, a mortgage, a loan, a rental, and many other dreams you may have that could be denied to you because of collected data you know nothing about.

There is no such thing as a ‘free’ App — all Apps are Trojan Horses. We now live in the Internet, the algo-matrix… like it or not, and the tyranny of massive data collection is upon us.

Now is the time for us to rethink our euphoria with technology.
Earth as an Alien Enterprise


doppelgangerMore than two decades ago, Peter Brugger, as a PhD student in neuropsychology at the University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland, was developing a reputation as someone interested in scientific explanations of so-called paranormal experiences. A fellow neurologist, who had been treating a 21-year-old man for seizures, sent him to Brugger. The young man, who worked as a waiter and lived in the canton of Zurich, had very nearly killed himself one day, when he found himself face-to-face with his doppelganger.
The Disturbing Consequences Of Seeing Your Doppelganger

Earth Avalon



twinbabies 230x120For quite some time, there had been something unusual about the small town of Candido Godoi, Brazil. Year after year, a strange sort of magic had seemed to transpire here, and throughout the surrounding region, the place became known for this oddity, after which the town garnered a special nickname: The Town of Twins.

The phenomenon itself seemed centered around a small settlement on the outskirts of town, known as Linha São Pedro, where a largely German and Polish population of immigrants had gathered for a number of years. The odd prevalence of twins born in this locale is a documented fact, with the rate of birth nearing 10% within the Linha São Pedro area. Speculation about this unusual phenomenon within the largely German settlement would eventually spawn an unusual, and perhaps unsettling rumor about the town: that the rate of twin births might actually be linked to inhumane experimentation carried out by the Nazis during the Second World War.
The Mysterious Twin Towns: A Genetic Anomaly?


diana 230x120…on the curious connection between the late Princess Diana and one of the so-called, mysterious, “Alien Big Cats.” The ABC phenomenon is one that has been recognized for decades in the UK and shows no signs of going away anytime soon. As for the story, it’s a very strange one and admittedly somewhat friend-of-a-friend-like in nature. But, it’s also a story that, given its various intricacies, is not at all implausible. So, with that all said, and for those who want the complete saga, here goes.
Princess Diana and an Alien Big Cat Pt. 1


bigcateye 230x120Part-1 of this article focused on a clandestine conversation that English cryptozoologist, Jon Downes, had a number of years ago with a retired member of the British military. Specifically of the Royal Marines. Downes’ source revealed startling data on his alleged secret knowledge of how, in 1983, the Marines came to locate and kill several so-called Alien Big Cats. And on the private land of an influential, powerful figure living on Exmoor, England. Downes’ informant had another, somewhat related, story to tell. It was an eye-opening and controversial story that involved the late Diana, Princess of Wales.
Princess Diana and an Alien Big Cat Pt. 2


More later

2 thoughts on “6th September 15 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. Hey Ell.Great post on twins. very apt as today is Fathers Day so i got to spend today with my family of males including our twin boys. They are fraternal twins meaning that they are from seperate eggs so do not in any way look alike. These angels are three years old and do not speak to us adults, however they speak in their own language to each other. they mutter away and have long conversations with each other normally resulting in load laughter at the end of it. They are so funny and close they make my heart sing.I dread when they have to got to school and lose their identity. i will treasure these bairns indiviuality for as long as it lasts. God bless em ,,,Happy Fathers Day to all XXX


    • Ta mate. We had ours a little while back but I’ll take another. I’m sure you’ve had a lovely day. Your two boys talking to each other reminds me of a vid I linked a little while ago: https://youtu.be/_JmA2ClUvUY With a mum like you they’ve got a better chance of dodging the machine than most. Cheers for commenting.


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