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mysteriousuniversepsychicsThe history of paranormal claims relating to police investigations and missing person reports is one addled with controversy and, at times, confusion. While many believe that to rely on the purported abilities of a psychic intuitive could be potentially misleading, let alone the very height of pseudoscience, some have claimed to have had an uncanny track record with helping solve crimes through seemingly otherworldly means.

In his book The Lonely Sense: Autobiography of a Psychic Detective, British psychic and author Robert Cracknell outlined his assistance with a number of English police investigations over the years, many of which had not seen disclosure of his involvement publicly. At times, some police agencies in the UK and elsewhere have managed to be more open about these sorts of “unconventional” methods of investigation. However, a new memorandum may have outlined things such as the use of ESP in solving crimes as somewhat standard practice; so long as the information gleaned in such circumstances is treated with care by official investigators.

The Telegraph reported on the new guidelines, set forth in an advisory document issued by the College of Policing:
British Group Issues Guide for Using Psychics in Police Investigations

wariscrime 230x62History: Fiction or Science? is a most unusual book series, one that undermines the very foundations of History. According to the author and his team of researchers, History as it has been taught in Europe ever since the Renaissance is fundamentally false, verified history beginning around 1250 A.D. the earliest. Jesus Christ was born in 1152 and crucified in 1185, the First Crusade being an immediate reaction to his Crucifixion. Homer identifies as an anonymous poet of the second half of XIII century A.D., and the event led to the creation of the Iliad had been the fall of the Latin Empire of Constantinople in 1261 A.D. The list goes on and on.
Are History and Astronomy Incompatible?


UK Creator Seven excoriates Steve Jobs, validates targeted inventor Rainetta Jones as original inventor of Apple iPod and Amazon Kindle:


dolphinsquare 230x351Scotland Yard is under pressure to shelve its VIP paedophile murder inquiry after it emerged detectives had ‘grave doubts’ about the testimony of the key witness.

Officers have not found a ‘shred of credible evidence’ to back up claims that a string of senior Establishment figures were responsible for murdering three boys in the 1970s and 1980s.

Many detectives believe the inquiry – which has already cost the taxpayer more than £1million – is doomed and should be wound up.
VIP child abuse inquiry is staring to unravel: ‘Grave doubts’ emerge over key witness’s claim that he saw boys murdered

Staring to unravel”: interesting ‘spelling‘ mistake, and left there since yesterday.
Staring: to stare, to look at intently, fixedly, squarely. Anagram: staring = a string. A string unravelled. Disentangled, ‘a line’ perhaps. Untie.

“…a string of senior Establishment figures were responsible for murdering three boys in the 1970s and 1980s.”

Dolphin: A mooring buoy.
A sea (see) mammal.
A northern constellation: Delphinus – also known as as Job’s Coffin (‘Grave doubts’).


‘Square’ that up.

Something fishy.
– Ellis


Also see Dolphin Square scene in first Culture Club/Boy George Hit Video




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