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Tis wonderful how circumstances roll into each other. With the information that Hugh Simmonds body was discovered in woods near Chalfont St. Giles, and that village being the one time home of the poet John Milton one’s mind is drawn to the visionary romantic poet and artist, William Blake. Next I hear from my friend Neil Hague, a contemporary Blake, in many ways, with news of his latest artwork…and then I get a notice from WordPress of a new ‘like’ and ‘follow’ on my books’ blog, by the illustrator and writer G.E. Gallas who has only gone and produced a stunning graphic novel in a tribute to William Blake.

poetandtheflea230x37030 pages of a marvellous graphic novel by writer and illustrator G.E. Gallas. Enjoy:

The Poet and the Flea is a reimagining of the life of the poet-painter William Blake. Set in 1790, at the onset of The Industrial Revolution, William suffers from the death of his beloved younger brother, Robert. Catherine (Kate) Blake attempts to comfort her husband, but cannot dispel his grief. During this spell of anxiety, William is visited by an ominous creature: The Ghost of a Flea. The Flea reveals a vested interest in William’s spiritual well-being — the result of an unorthodox wager. Will William triumph over The Flea’s sinister meddling? Or will he fall victim to The Flea’s corruption?
The Poet and the Flea Ode to William Blake

…and after that, I’ve just gotta include the one hymn that is almost sure to rouse every English schoolgirl and schoolboy into song from their heart, during the normally dreary interminable assemblies:


The name ‘Jerusalem’ means ‘peace’


Chlorophyll 230x129An amazing study published in the Journal of Cell Science reveals an entirely new reason why it is essential that you ‘eat your greens,’ as mother always said, namely: it enables your body’s mitochondria to produce more ATP energy when exposed to sunlight.

The study titled, “Light-harvesting chlorophyll pigments enable mammalian mitochondria to capture photonic energy and produce ATP”, indicates that by eating a chlorophyll-rich diet mammals (and by implication humans) can capture specific wavelengths of sunlight radiation that will translate into increased energy within the powerhouses of the cell known as the mitochondria.
Groundbreaking Discovery: Animal Cells Powered by Sunlight/Chlorophyll

Well, this may answer some of the questions I’ve had over recent years. A small number of kids I’m acquainted with are (like everyone else) barraged by the dark bullets (of techno devices, fluoride, aspartame etc) aimed at us yet, in contrast to the vast majority of youngsters today, they are bright, energetic, enthusiastic and show no signs of any ill-health or lack of enthusiasm. What is different about them, besides parents who do what they can to minimise their contact with such ‘weapons of mind destruction’? They play outdoors and eat serious amounts of fresh, organic greens and fruit. – Ellis


transhuwic230x256Transhumanism may seem like a crackpot fringe movement, but it is the new ideology of the Illuminati.

Transhumanism is expressed as a bizarre aspiration to achieve immortality, according to lunatic ambitions like cryogenics, placing miniature robots in our bloodstream, “augmenting” ourselves as cyborgs, and even uploading our minds to the Internet.

Sound like the prognostications of a mad scientist? However, these new trends are being spearheaded by the likes of Google, and are therefore in the hands of those who have at their disposal the means to exercise extraordinary control over our lives. One of Google’s own heads of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, is the adored modern-day prophet of transhumanism.
Transhumanism and the Illuminati

Earth Avalon



mystdeathsmicro230x120Last week I wrote an article on mysterious deaths associated with a UK company called Marconi Electronic Systems. Today MES exists as a component of BAE Systems Electronics Limited. Its work includes the development of futuristic weaponry, spy-satellite technology, and much more. As for those deaths, they occurred over a period of time that spanned the early 1970s to the early 1990s. It’s intriguing – but also disturbing – to note that something eerily similar began at the dawning of the 21st century. This time, however, the deaths were linked to the field of microbiology.
Mysterious Deaths and Microbiology


muhammed aliMuhammad Ali recites a poem about a prison riot
Muhammad Ali recites a poem during a interview in Ireland AMAZING


missjanepittman 230x159Well, I know what I’m doing for the next couple of hours:

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

Well, I watched it…and it’s fabulous, had me in tears, many times. I’ve just left a comment on the video:

“A message to our hearts. A truly stirring tribute to the courage, perseverance, and potential of humanity; and hopefully, an inspiration. There are messages in this film that challenge more than the insanity of racial prejudice. ‘The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman’ raises further key issues, foundational issues that have perpetuated throughout human history… of inhuman despicable historic and present coercive propaganda and indoctrinations. Slavery, injustice, social classifications, prejudice, and disenfranchisement are the states that human beings everywhere accept more than tolerate; the rewards of indifference, compliance, cowardice, and silence. It’s not ignorance; it might have been once but now, in this information age, that excuse is unacceptable; a luxury that the future of humanity cannot afford.

In the end, Jane came to realise that she was ‘the one’ she and everyone else was waiting for…just as each of us are ‘the one’ that we have been waiting for.”


6 thoughts on “30th August 15 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

    • Hi Floria, I don’t think I recall seeing Blake’s rendition of the Last Supper, so thanks for pointing it out. I can see why it hasn’t been analysed, the characters are rather ambiguous – except that could be Judas in the front right. Interestingly WB has also suggested ‘the disciple Jesus loved’ was a woman, there’s a suggestion too that the two at front might be gay and another two might be women as well…but it’s difficult to analyse, and deserves more study. Also it, and da Vinci’s, put me in mind of the reredos that I posted a photo of few years back. I’ll look it out. Thanks for commenting.


  1. Hi Ell, thank you so much for sharing the amazing story of Jane Pittman. I cried a lot. How a woman that was born into slavery could then live to the age of 110 and tell her story without hatred and bitterness is beyond my comprehension. Thanks for all that you do. Much love and appreciation.
    Julie x


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