Maggie’s Hammer

How Investigating the mysterious death of my friend uncovered a netherworld of illegal arms deals, political slush funds, high level corruption and Britain’s thirty-year secret role as America’s hired gun


The author, Geoffrey Gilson, was interviewed on the Richie Allan Radio Show last night, 27th August 2015. See video below.

This certainly seems like a book to read.

maggies hammer

Book website: Maggie’s Hammer



Two site articles on the area that Simmond’s body is said to have been found in (Buckinghamshire):

Pokin’ ’round Burnham Beeches
Pokin’ ’round Cliveden


BTW, I looked for Simmonds on Wikipedia – no page for him; in fact no mention of Hugh Simmonds anywhere on the net that I can find presently, except articles and comments by Geoffrey Gilson. Seems very odd. Is someone attempting to wipe him from public awareness, or did he even exist?Not saying he didn’t but I find it odd.


If anyone can confirm and supply evidence for Simmonds death near Beaconsfield, please let me know.

Around the same time a man was found dead, gassed in his car, in a wood between Oxford and Henley. That was a strange one.


– Ellis


Someone has kindly responded to a comment on the Richie Allan interview with Geoffrey Gilson. Simmonds is mentioned in David Frith’s book, “Silence Of The Heart: Cricket Suicides” :

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