Dolphin Square scene in first Culture Club/Boy George Hit Video

I’ve just been sent this by a long-time subscriber (edited):

dolphinsquarebg 230x173Hey Ellis, vid of Culture Club, Boy George,’Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?’. in the video clip it flashes on the screen that it is a scene from Dolphin Square Health Club 1957?? At 1.56 in the clip. I found this very spooky especially what is being revealed about Dolphin Square being connected with the whole royal paedo thing. Do you really want to hurt me???? Thought this would be of interest. Love to you…J


The video opens with a scene of Boy George in the dock. The judge sits under the crest of the borough of Islington (which is similar to Arsenal F.C.’s crest).


judge under islington crestisligtoncrestarsenalcrest







Info on Islington crest:

Clerkenwell Green Court HouseSo the courtroom scenes are probably shot here:

Former Clerkenwell court said to be haunted sold by masons



A little bit of a search found this:

That info from MTV says that the Gargoyle Club is a fictional club…it wasn’t.

“…founded in 1925 or 1928 (sources vary)….It closed in 1978” – After this part of it was home to the Comedy Store and a strip joint.

“Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” was released in 1982 and was their first big hit, and first number 1, in the UK.


Ta for the info J.


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