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After a few months off from programme making, this episode provides an update on up coming Richplanet activities. Starting with an announcement of a new Madeleine film which is currently in production. The reason these films are being produced is primarily to expose mainstream media to as many people as possible. On an entirely different note a meeting was held in Birmingham recently with members of the newly formed “Richplanet Energy Research Project”. Ten engineers discussed many aspects of alleged “free energy” technology. Richard is currently undertaking various investigations, some of which will be discussed in his up coming lecture at the UFO Truth Magazine Conference in Holmfirth on 19th September 2015. 900 sheep have recently “disappeared” in Lincolnshire! It’s all very Bob Lazar.

 One of numerous differing depictions of the infamous Beast of Gévaudan prepared in France, Germany, or elsewhere in Europe during the 1700s (public domain)Between June 1764 and June 1767, a hideous series of killings, as grisly as they were plentiful (somewhere around 80 to 113 human victims, plus many injured survivors), occurred in a village-speckled district of Lozère, southeastern France, called Gévaudan. Their perpetrator became known as the Beast of Gévaudan, but more than two centuries of speculation have failed to stem the controversy regarding its precise identity. Just what was this Beast? An animal? A man? Or something more?
The Beast of Gévaudan- Wolf, Man…or Wolf-Man?

Earth Avalon



The Bird-Woman Horror Fresh from thinking about the monsters produced by the theory of Maternal Influence and why pregnant women should not look at parrots or monkeys, I found the following narrative in Strange Things Among Us, by Henry Spicer. Spicer, who died in 1891, was a British writer of short stories, novels, and plays and was frequently published in All the Year Round, the weekly literary magazine founded and owned by Charles Dickens. He also wrote a rather amusing, non-fictional look at the first flush of Spiritualism in the United States in the early 1850s.
Encore: The Bird-Woman Horror


noreen renier psychic detectiveGuest: Psychic detective Noreen Renier discusses the current state of psychic detective work and provides an overview of some of her current cases. Alex also discusses Ben Radford’s appearance on the Skepticality podcast.
Listen or read: Psychic Detective, Noreen Renier and Skepticality Response


The image of the "extraordinary marine visitor" appeared in the Victorian publication, The Days' Doings An account of the sea monster’s appearance was featured in a newspaper article in the Victorian publication, The Day’s Doings on 21 October 1871.

The paper reported that there had been “some excitement” in Kilkee at the appearance of the “extraordinary marine visitor”.

It appeared before a “party of strangers, composed of several ladies and some gentlemen”, one of whom was a well-known clergyman in the “north of Ireland”, when they went down to “Diamond Rocks”.
Picture of Irish sea monster surfaces in London image archive


stress leftHonestly, I was never cut out to be a pathologist.

It’s true that I have a strong eye for pattern recognition of rare tumors. And I’ve got enough OCD-ishness to avoid most of the million tiny and galactic mistakes that haunt pathologists without OCD traits.

But I lack the bluster for the job.

It turns out that bluster, the gift of feeling and sounding 100% certain when you’re only 99, is the key to tolerating a profession where people’s lives are in your hands.
I Bailed On My Medical Practice


forgivenessarticleNot long ago in a dream I was visited by a beautiful girl who was my girlfriend for two months during my junior year of high school. At the time, I was a “too-religious” loner and she was a popular senior who, for some strange reason, saw something special in me, sought me out and told me about it. She talked to me like an equal. Though we never kissed (it was against academy rules) we became an item. When we broke up, it was because of poor communication on my part.


It’s worth reading the comments as well.

…and also it’s a reminder to re-publish a personal experience of my own on the same theme. Thank you Mr Moorehead.

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