Angelic movies, dreams and demons

by Floria Thames



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Over the last few days I meant to write two replies on this blog – one to Samantha, the other one, as a reaction to Ellis’s powerful piece “What Happened to Daniel Nolan? The Official Theory Doesn’t Wash“. But they both ended up too long, so eventually, I merged them into one.

Ramana Maharishi once said: “If you dream and see several men, and then wake up and recall your dream, do you try to ascertain if the persons of your dream creation are also awake?

No, we just get out of bed and get on with what we believe to be “real”. But who is to say (until proof to the contrary) that this is not another dream? I often ask myself: to which extent am I responsible for what’s going on in this dream, called “reality”? Do I have any power over it, can I truly influence it? What is my allegiance to the “several” men, women and children I met in this dream, or to the many more I keep hearing and reading about, seeing in the news, as living on the same “planet” as me? are they for real, or will they just vanish one day just like the characters in my night dreams do each morning?

Is evil real? Do satanic rituals and sacrifices really take place? Are they in fact happening all the time as we speak, and so many famous and important people in all the high places are involved in them? If yes, how do we live with this thought? Were indeed so many lethal and unethical experiments on population done on purpose, in cold blood, by our governments? (on “Howlin’ at the Moon” there was a link to an article related to “Secret Science: A Century of Poison Warfare and Human Experiments”, a book by Ulf Schmidt, University of Kent).

Hillary Clinton herself (yes, I know…) admitted and apologised for the Guatemala syphilis experiment and yet, did this shake in any way our cognitive dissonance? Do we really perceive that our respectable G.P.’s are tyrannically prescribing dangerous and crippling vaccines for our kids? I feel that now we live with so many elephants in the room, that we’re barely left with any air to breathe. No wonder most of us feel so uncomfortable; and while we are waking up from this nightmare, more of its demonic scenarios are revealed to us each day, including in the mainstream media.

One might think it’s a sign of our times. In a way it could be: a bigger population may mean more demons (numerically) than in the “good” old days. More confusion too, through technology and apparently limitless (and free) access to “information”. Hopefully, they only seem worse, these demonic events, and more ubiquitous now because our awareness is also greater (thanks to the brave people who have spoken out as surviving victims or as witnesses; and thanks to those courageous investigators out there, not sold out and not corrupted; and thanks to brave writers like Ellis – especially considering that, as Robert Phoenix was pointing out so well, many spiritual, perceptive and sensitive people simply do not have the stomach for these issues. They are too heavy).

Angélique, la Marquise des Anges poster1Astonishingly enough, there are so many surreal occasions when “they” always tell us what they do – only that we do not want to understand what we see (we do not want to see it). In my experience, one of the most staggering examples of how I saw it myself after (at first) not seeing it, was in this iconic French movie series (very famous in Europe), “Angélique, la Marquise des Anges”, with Michèle Mercier (another MM), playing the beautiful and elegant heroine. I used to be fond of all 5 movies, when I was a teenager. About two years ago, I had the chance to watch the films again, hoping, in my nostalgic naivete, that I would re-live the same enthralment of those romantic times and period characters. No such luck, in fact, I had two mighty ugly shocks.

First one, in the second film of the series: “Merveilleuse Angélique” (1965): about 50 minutes into it, a wild party is taking place in a tavern called The Red Mask (Le Masque Rouge). The partying men and women are masked, and they are brutally tearing the place down in a sinister frenzy with drunken violence. The table cloth is pulled from the long dinner table full of food and wine, and a young boy who is laying there is ritually sacrificed – apparently the king’s (Louis XIV) brother was the one slicing the boy’s throat. The scene is graphic, it really makes me emotionally sick just to think of it.

Click to watch a trailer: Angélique, la Marquise des Anges poster2Afterwards they set fire to the tavern, to remove the traces of the horrible murder and offer Angélique, the owner of the tavern, an exclusive license to sell chocolate, in order to shut her up and never discuss the incident. She does accept, and becomes an even richer business woman with a chic chocolate parlour and more admirers, who introduce her to ‘high society’ – better said, to the royal family (the Road to Versailles being the English version of the title).

A “gutter poet”, Claude le Petit, who wrote pamphlets to circulate the info about the grisly murder of the boy, gets hanged in the end. (The ritualistically murdered boy was called Linot – a search on the name will skip irrelevant text):,_the_Marquise_of_the_Angels

Hardly any review of this film mentions this terrible scene: I only found it here (literally in small print) under ‘violence and gore’. (Was it just me who watched the movie?):

“Angélique et le Roy” (1966) – the third film in the series of 5:

Here we are told how the heroine almost became King’s Louis XIV mistress, except that she was clever enough to refuse the role. That would have been far too risky. Her arch-rival was the very Marquise de Montespan, infamous for ‘the Poison Affair’ and for participating in black masses to ensure that le Roi Soleil remained besotted by her charms:,_marquise_de_Montespan

These black masses were performed by the notorious La Voisin, a sorceress, poisoner, and serial killer:

So, again, during this wonderful, romantic movie, which made so many millions of people dream of love, adventure and beauty, we’re presented with a sordid, traumatising scene of a black mass, complete with infant sacrifice and the Marquise de Montespan as the altar…This much loved mainstream movie of the mid 60’s was extensively shown in cinemas all through the seventies and eighties in many countries; basically, it became a cult movie.

In internet reviews, one can hardly find any indications of, or indeed, reasons for, why these disturbing satanic rituals (shown, as a matter of fact, with a PG rating – age 12 usually) in the midst of entertaining cape and sword movies, raised no eyebrows.

Or maybe they did…but only like a short interruption from a bad dream which quickly vanished, to make room for this alleged waking life as we know it.


Floria Thames
August 2015


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