Energetic activity during my interview for Don’t Mention the Reptilians

donmtmentionrepsI’ve just uploaded this very short clip from my interview with Chris Turner for Don’t Mention the Reptilians; which is coming out soon.

Video 1:17

Soon after the start of my interview with Chris Turner for his documentary, Don’t Mention the Reptilians the cameraman stopped filming because of unusual light. This is what was happening.

The interview took place in Manchester, the day after my talk at Exopolitics in Leeds. I had been psychically bombarded in Leeds from the moment I got there and throughout my talk, continuing until the following morning. I was shattered.
Chris and his colleague, Daniel Rogerson, have put so much time, energy and money into this project and the quality shows. It’s outstanding.
Visit Chris Turner’s channel to view numerous clips from the documentary.

NOW PUBLISHED ON ODYSEE with some of the activity indicated:


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