The Coming Race – From Buddha to Asperger

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This is Part 2 of Dan Green’s article: The Mother of All Codes


buddhaandtheautist180Given that my life has always been a sequence of bizarre adventure supervised by Overseeing synchronicity, it was only a matter of our concept of time before a presenting and concluding picture would form. In the late seventies my first contact with organized Tibetan Buddhism was a stay at the Karma-Kagyu Samye-Ling Tibetan Centre and monastery in Dumfriesshire, Scotland; the first Tibetan centre in Britain and named after the first monastery in Tibet.

Some twenty-one years later having renounced my Buddhism, I spent two and a half years working with persons

Samye-Ling Tibetan Centre, Dumfries, Scotland

Samye-Ling Tibetan Centre, Dumfries, Scotland

with autism and Asperger Syndrome at Heath Farm, the first residential centre for adults with autism in Lincolnshire, England. A ‘heath’ is any of various low-growing shrubs of the genus Erica – many species also called ‘heather’. Heather is also called ‘ling’! That the language of the Mother Tongue I have so frequently written about should find its timely way into my life at a point on my DNA blueprint is no mystery – the word ‘language’ tracing back to Middle English ‘langage’ from Old French from Gallo-Roman ‘linguaticum’, from the Latin ‘lingua’, meaning tongue, language. Language, Buddhism, autism – something had just connected all three.

Boston Higashi School, Randolph, USA

Boston Higashi School, Randolph, USA

By 1999 I had consolidated a friendship with Robert Fantasia, President of the international Boston Higashi School in Massachusetts, a program serving children and adults with autism from all over the world with systematic education through group dynamics. During one of my visits on a late summer Sports Day, I experienced one of the most calming and harmonic days of my life parallel to another in May 1994 at Samye-Ling when HH the Dalai Lama was paying a special visit before 20,000 attendees to consecrate the completed Temple that had been in construction since 1970. Being amidst Tibetan Buddhists and persons with autism, I found myself recognising a ‘sameness’ and similar deep vibe, and wondered why this could be so. It seemed to me that an onus was about to be placed on my shoulders to investigate a brave hypothesis and a consequent conclusion and when in 2002 my initial attempt, a limited edition book “Buddha and The Autist,’ was well received by British autism expert Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen at his Research Centre within Cambridge University, this confidence assisted me to delve deeper.

Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen comments: ' Very interesting and thought provoking.'

Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen comments:
‘ Very interesting and thought provoking.’

Key to Buddhist doctrine is the concept of impermanence, the continual changing nature of all beings and objects. Given this, we can ask a question – if Buddhism, instigated by the presence and investigations of one Gautama Buddha, – like all else must change, then into what? In September 2009, the National Health Service in England made a startling announcement, that one in every hundred adults in the country has autism, the neurological condition described as a complex developmental disability. No-one really knows why people have autism, or why there is an alarming worldwide increase in its appearance. Millions of people across the world also have a deep rooted belief in the phenomenon of ‘UFOs’ and would like to attribute them to being extra-terrestrial spacecraft piloted by ‘aliens’. Scientists who have little patience with what they consider as an outlandish expectation, cut to the quick and say provide the evidence. Extra-terrestrial DNA would be the clincher, but I think the real proof concerns an alternative neurological wiring. My inquiry will set about to inter-related what will happen to Buddhism, why the inexplicable global rise in autism, and are there aliens, by trying to explain a new type of Buddhism that has entered our world, a new species in fact, and by comparison with our held concepts of ‘normal’ quite legitimately alien. Where to start to explain the full tapestry? Firstly, for convenience, allow me to refer in this essay to persons or a person with autism as a PWA. Two and one half thousand years ago in the Far East a seed was planted from which would germinate and grow a great movement involving the practices of meditation, relaxation, mind control, philosophical respect and admiration. Approximately 2,440 years later, in the West, a medical profession diagnosed and classified what they decide to term a brain condition and its ‘sufferer’, causing a misery to those closest to it, and yet both factions seeming to be in pursuit of a common goal – a cosmic glimpse of reality. Is this the worst possible dichotomy of thought, the concrete Western mind versus the enlightenment of the East? It is almost as if we are discussing the two individually functioning lobes of the brain. The first thing we learn in Buddhism is that all life is suffering – the same suffering experienced by those who witness what they see as the plight of the classic mute and near immobile PWA? Why is the PWA condemned for not leaving the sanctuary of their own safe, private inner world to venture out into our more dangerous version, a less safer society with enforced mores, and yet the whole notion of a spiritual search for Buddhist Schools and sects the world over is to turn within and to renounce this outside material plane? Both Austrian psychiatrist Leo Kanner and Austrian paediatrician Hans Asperger, joint claimant founders of modern day autism, emphasized the word ‘aloneness’, more correctly, a mental aloneness, as the predominant and most obvious feature of autism. To quote Kanner regarding this definite choice of the term, we read, ‘It whenever possible disregards, ignores, shuts out anything that comes to the child from outside.’ Kanner went on to stress that the lack of contact he was describing was only in dealing with people whereas on the other hand objects might be acceptable. He chose his other defining feature as obsessive insistence on sameness, ’Most simply in the form of repetitive stereotyped movements and noises, additionally in the adoption of elaborate rituals and routines and lastly, the surfacing of strange, narrow preoccupations better expressed as highly focused intense fascinations and fixations.’

Leo Kanner

Leo Kanner

Let us backtrack for a moment as we come away from this clinical diagnosis and view it through the eyes of a nirvana seeking bhikkhu Buddhist monk. Does Buddhism not teach that it is necessary to attain the state of enlightenment – a view of reality – by shutting out anything that comes from the outside (i.e. the deception of the material world, all not as it seems, as new models and paradigms in quantum theory attest) and to concentrate on the within? That Kanner found no problem with response to objects is equally acceptable to the Buddhist thinker, the emphasis on the focus for meditational purposes, the very intention of meditation to raise consciousness from the bland, everyday mundane.

This ‘obsessive’ insistence on sameness echoes Buddhist thought that the phenomenal world that we entertain in our ordinary consciousness is an illusion and that ultimate reality is impartial and lacking differentiation? It will be the same, if everything is the same i.e. One. The PWA sees this wholeness. They are one another, eluding this human delusion of separateness. Their sameness is represented in the form of repetitive stereotypical movements and noises, additionally on the adoption of elaborate rituals and routines. This strikes a chord with the schooling of Vajrayana Buddhism, the Diamond Vehicle that extends to Tibet, China and Japan, with its own distinctive features of various contrived ceremonies or rituals whereupon trance-like states can be achieved; stress laid on the use of an endless number of mantras – sounds repeated over and over, and mudras, vocalization of strange sounds with physical gestures that accompany worship. The intense rocking backward and forward as a symptom displayed by many a classic PWA is replicated by the rows upon rows of Tibetan monks at the height of a ritual Puja ceremony as they sit cross-legged on the floor rocking in tandem to strategic and unattractive murmuring sounds and chants. Another symptom catalogued and classified in autism is the obsession with spinning objects and things that spin, this too can be observed by turning our attention to study mechanisms/objects that direct focus in prayer and worship – Kanner’s strange (to the Western mind) narrow pre-occupation expressed best as highly focused, intense fascinations and fixations – in Tibetan Schools’ prayer beads. 108 of them are used as rosaries to assist in the remembrance of the number of prostrations that novice monks undergo on a certain number of particular mantras to be chanted. Tibetan prayer wheels are sets of prayers, the wheels cylindrical in shape containing prints from sacred scriptures, spun by the hand clockwise as the devotees move themselves along the side of temple walls in which the wheels have been installed. The same brain department seeking a state of achievement seems to be operational here in both PWA and Buddhist alike, only in the PWA more naturally than the prescribed contrived method of the monk. It is a shame that the appearance of such fascinations as just described and the adoption of such rituals, often before the age of five, were not to be seen, both Kanner and Asperger thought, in any other condition. Is then, Buddhism a ‘condition?’ In Chinese Chan, popularized as Zen Buddhism, truth is transmitted from mind to mind, bypassing the normal language. Is this why classic PWA are mute? Again the correlation between Buddhist and PWA becomes noticeable regarding focus on strategic or specific objects, and in Buddhist terms this method of meditation is called Samantha or Samadhi, whereby the mind focuses in a prolonged setting of quietude on a chosen subject/s. The reward for successful meditation will be a development of relatively unrecognized insights that cannot be attained or reached by our everyday practical mind, nor again, in normal terms can be explained – simply experienced. The struggle to achieve a correct body posture through yogic training is an attempt to discover an alternate heightened awareness from everyday experience, a mental/physical stimuli, ‘feeling’ the stillness in the air like a radar or antennae, to concentrate on things we usually dismiss or bypass; colour, texture, the feeling of objects. Such things are often watched when we study the PWA’s fascination for feeling and sniffing textures. Such scenes are visibly evidence of a heightened awareness at work, inward states of mind changing the quality of usually accepted thought processes.

These states in the Buddhist can be expressed by a whole emotional gamut, all rapidly changing seasons of the autistic mind. Some PWA have their own body postures, to some degree so do schizophrenics – these are natural to the autistic condition, directives from a department functioning in the brain that most of us have ‘switched off’. It is a yoga they did not have to learn, a method of freeing their nervous system from conditioned perception. Naturally conducive to the autistic state of a heightened and alternative awareness, their rocking to and fro, if not to pulse beats, is an externalization of the balance of the mind. To an outside viewer of the classic autistic condition, one might say here was a creature in sufferance – it would certainly look so from a non-PWA point of view. A visible detachment, a specific concentration of mind, an individual lost, with nothing to gain and nowhere to go. It simply ‘is’. It has let go in this world. It simply watches. It has no desire. It is a figure representative of a termination of personal existence. In our non-autistic world it must be suffering, but in its own autistic world it is blissful – it is a glimpse of that cosmic reality that can be only ever continually be pursued, far divorced from our daily, shackled and dense bare level. PWA are the best quantum physicists I know of. In philosophical terms it has been held that ‘reality is simply the collective vast experience shared by the majority of the world population on a daily basis. It is self-programmed by each and every individual’s brain. It is done at such a great speed that we are generally unaware that we are like an editor in his suite, editing cinematic film in our constant video. Non-PWA, using the vastly common open departments of the brain, edit out a vast number of things that are going on about us in this world; vibrations, frequencies and rays, referred to as generally unseen and unheard – that in ‘reality’ are there and do exist, putting us at odds with the vastly more sensitive PWA with their strangely opened extra channels. Confusion as to our finalized everyday product and perspective with what is actual external reality is the Maya of normal consciousness, as spoken of by Buddha. The PWA is unbridled from conditional perception, they are more a totality, a whole at one with the All, and yet we wish to pity them and drag them into our world of multiple foibles and desires, the illusionary realm of individualness. PWA are seen to have a problem identifying themselves in a mirror or in a photograph. In Zen Buddhist terms they are viewing the ‘empty mirror, or reality’. For a Buddhist not to see nor understand his/her reflection in the mirror would be for them to have discovered and seen their ‘Original Face’ – a Zen term for enlightenment. People will always make mistakes looking for answers to autism; they look for it outside of itself, looking at it from outside of itself. You can’t look into something that’s inside out! The DNA blueprint for Man is altering, mutating, and evolving the human race. Whether great numbers of population can take or are ready for this strain does not alter the fact that the process has begun, since autistic births were first recognized. Brains capable of it, are now functioning in a manner hitherto unknown – more young prodigies are being born. It is an evolutionary march leading to a great Something. It is reminiscent of the motion movie ‘2010’ – sequel to the seminal ‘2001; A Space Odyssey’ – wherein a disembodied astronaut, who had left earth, could only reappear for moments on his wife’s TV screen to declare, ’Something wonderful is going to happen’. The space traveller’s name in this epic work of fiction from Arthur C. Clarke’s brain was Bowman. I suspect his Collective Unconscious was at work concealing in basic anagram both ‘womb’ and ‘woman’. Something wonderful IS going to happen!

Hans Asperger

Hans Asperger

Hans Asperger, co-founder of the autistic condition, described autistic intelligence as untouched by tradition and culture, calling it unconventional, unorthodox, strangely ‘pure’ and original, comparable to the intelligence of true creativity. The work of British neurologist and New York based Oliver Sacks, popularizing the field of neuropsychology, has shown how neurological dysfunctions within autism can set free hidden, natural abilities. One of the numerous remarkable cases Sacks has collected is of two seriously handicapped twins who could neither add nor subtract basic sums but managed to entertain themselves by reeling off 12-digit prime numbers. How they could do this most remarkable feat was outside the area of maths in general, of which they knew hardly a thing – it arose from an aptitude to be able to reflect a private understanding of the harmonies between numbers. Speculation arising from Sacks’ work ponders over whether mathematics aesthetics and music can be perceived as ‘landscapes’ – as opposed to logical systems understood through rational deduction – in which the mind surveys in an instant. The PWA as a species is still evolving, the prototype with us now is the latest presentation in the mutation of the truly most complex mystery known to the inhabitants of earth – no, not UFOs and aliens, these concepts we misunderstand or interpret to our own satisfaction, predilection and vanities – but the human brain. No-one is left out, we all possess one. The only mystery that should concern us as a race is nearer than we ever thought, an organ far greater than any computer could ever be, as no brain depends on linear-sequential programs. When asked how autistic prodigies perform their amazing feats, whatever they may be, these newly births answer the same and in simply the best way they can, ‘It is in my head’, they will say. How can a savant, for example, and it has been recorded, be able to figure out the cube root of a six-figure digit in six seconds without a knowledge of mathematics? The answer is in their head! Rather, a specifically designed brain. But of which department? The autistic department. But the PWA is a species, a new order with access to their own departments, dipping in in a flash. How the fanatical geneticist would like to locate and isolate the autistic intelligence gene and try to draw on that unfathomable well. The intelligence is the Great Wisdom, the Nirvana chased by the Vajrayana Buddhist ideal, direct experience with cosmic reality. The purest state of becoming a true astronaut. Autism is leading bamboozled neurologists on a migratory course. Some feats accomplished by prodigies and savants would have some regard the PWA’s ability as ‘paranormal’, and here again it meets head on with the mysticism experienced by the Tibetan school of Vajrayana, or Lamaism. But not so. This is the dawning of the science of a new millennium. The successor to the Buddhist is an inherent intelligence within evolution, a further advanced and more natural component part of an impending cosmic childbirth – a race that would learn and recognize both sounds and rhythms in preparation for delivery of the birth.

Buddha in full lotus 'floats'

Buddha in full lotus ‘floats’

As the position of the full lotus is essential to the Buddhist in their preparatory measure prior to meditational practice, let us lead an overlong due investigation into this adapted sitting position in which the legs are crossed with feet resting on opposite thighs, and the hands resting on the knees. The Mother Tongue reveals that the two words that describe this first stage of yoga, ‘full lotus’, run into one another, a singular phonetic ‘fullotus’ = ‘floats’, as in floating, to remain suspended within or on the surface without sinking, or to be suspended unsupported in space without falling. Let us study an unborn child, who, after seven or eight weeks, replicates the manoeuvres of an astronaut that floats freely in space, linked only by an umbilical line to the spacecraft – the movement of a foetus tethered only by its umbilical cord also, sends it tumbling in slow motion inside the amniotic sac as it floats weightless. The parallels between this unborn child and that of an astronaut on a space walk are all too apparent, and for a fusion of both images we return to the stunning scene depicting the birth of the Mind Star Child in the closing moments of Kubricks’ ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’ movie. A new perspective must be taken on board when we ponder over the deliberate shaving of the head being an integral into Buddhist monk acceptance, for this is to replicate the very start of the new born life, a bald headed baby, secondarily for hygiene or renunciation. The deliberation in choosing saffron for the colour of Buddhist robes also needs explaining, for saffron, moderate orange-yellow to moderate orange, also called saffron yellow, is the colour of the early foetus, eyelids fused shut and skin transparent, as it floats in the amniotic sac. The full lotus, then, is an unconscious posture that the Buddhists have employed, a simulation of the unborn baby inside of the mother during the period of gestation. If we can stay with that period, we can also invite PWA into the picture, for a bizarre behaviour demonstrated by the mother-to-be during her pregnancy can be likened to some peculiarities displayed by PWA or Asperger Syndrome, we speak here of the phenomenon referred to as ‘pica’, a craving for unnatural food such as mud, dirt, plaster, coal or cloth (and pickles and ice cream) and a whole host of wonderfully inappropriate others. Authorities state that there is no specific nutritional need that would be assuaged this way, the cravings put down to either hysteria, or a bid for sympathy. Such cravings are thought to be signs of iron deficiency.

Saffron robes of the Buddhist monk seen in amniotic sac

Saffron robes of the Buddhist monk seen in amniotic sac

Returning to actual childbirth, some premature babies are actually born autistic, a very convoluted state of affairs when in cosmic terms it is the already living PWA that are assisting in the precision timed birth of a planetary Mind Child, galactic gift to the cosmos, reminding us that in dealing with autism we can’t look into something that’s inside out. If one can grasp understanding of this then it is easier understood why it is that PWA can repeat their actions in a strange loop, in computing a series of program instructions performed repeatedly until one specific condition is fulfilled or as in a tape loop where a magnetic tape recording joins in an endless loop so that it constantly replays itself. Here the PWA is synchronizing with the ‘strange loop’ affecting atomic particles. The inside out effect can best be demonstrated if we pick up a long elastic band and twist it into a figure eight – the geometrical lemniscate, an ancient symbol denoting eternity – you will see that at the point of intersection the outer edge will become the inner. The ‘lemniscus’ is a bundle of sensory nerve fibres located in the brain.

The term ‘autistic’ comes from Swiss psychiatrist Paul Eugen Bleuler, who in 1908 used the word from the Greek ‘autos’ meaning ‘self’, to describe the social withdrawal seen in adults with schizophrenia. Our foray in the world of the Far East strongly suggests that the origin of this word, and the species-to-be, far pre-dates 1908, for the Mother Tongue locates its origin in the Tibetan word ‘Tsa-u-ma’ – anagram ‘autasm’ – which refers to ‘central channel’, a further reference to a middle, to the Tibetan Lamas the major energy channel of what is known to them as the vajra body, visualised as a hollow tube of light in front of the spine. Tibetan mysticism tells us that this central channel connects vertically from the crown of the head to an area in front of the spinal base. At strategic points down this straight line are seven focal points referred to as ‘energy wheels’, a further notation implying the autistic fascination with spinning, commonly known today to all as chakras. The vajra body is a collective system of channels, energy winds (the energy serving as the mount for various dense and subtle states of consciousness) and drops (used in the generation of great bliss) that can be activated though yoga tantra. It is down the central channel that various bursts of energy can be directed outward, often misinterpreted as an autistic outburst, more correctly the overload energy of the PWA referred to by the Chinese as Chi. It is by direct reference to these energy winds coined by the Tibetans that leads us even further back into antiquity and the word ‘Aeolian’, pertaining to Aeolus, in Greek mythology the god of the winds, from which comes a word most popular in New Age terminology, a corruption of ‘aeolian’ becoming

Asperger Gary McKinnon

Asperger Gary McKinnon

the modern day ‘alien’ (‘ae-lian’), as in science fiction, belonging to another planet or world, in this instance the alternate consciousness of the PWA, or a resident of the autistic realm. Ironic then, that in 2009 Asperger Syndrome has been given high profile global attention with the case of British computer hacker Gary McKinnon, an Asperger who alone enacted the biggest military computer hack of all time by infiltrating networks owned by NASA, the US Army, US Navy, US Department of Defence and US Air Force in a personal search for concealed evidence regarding the reality of alien technology and UFOs. An ‘alien’ seeking his own kind?

Interesting to notice that from the great Chinese universal force that produces harmony in nature Taoism, ’taoist’ equals ‘twist’ as in the twisting spiral staircase of the DNA and by a simple rearrangement of its letters we arrived at ‘Aot-ism’. In the aforementioned yoga, the Buddhist will assume a heightened awareness of both mental and physical stimuli. He or she will attempt to pay a keen attention to the movement of their own muscles and rise and fall of breath in an endeavour to ‘feel’ the stillness in the air around them, that lull we experience before a thunderstorm, seeking to apply concentration on colours, textures and feeling of objects – the very collection of sense awareness that has been studied and accredited to PWA. The Buddhist has tried to express this change in his/her mental cognition into words, the outward conveyance or manifestation displaying signs of zeal or ardent fondness, delight, melancholy, lassitude or an anger of the same design as autistic outburst. The PWA is well known for occasional incomprehensible or meaningless utterance or sound. This is agreeably comparable with a technique employed in the Tantras of Buddhism. In its pristine stage, the mantra – which has four forms – is given in detail, as in a hymn. Condensed, it becomes a one-sentenced formula. This formula dwarfs again into a single word, until in its final stage it becomes but a pure sound without any meaning whatsoever, at this ultimate stage known as a seed. In Buddhism the mind must be taken away from the hymn to the finalised pure sound vibration. It is then that this vibration will allow the birth of the psychic body of the disciple, already held by the natural born PWA.

“…is like stepping through Alice’s looking glass. One finds oneself in a topsy-turvy wonderland in which everything seems quite mad – charmingly mad for the most part but mad all the same. It is a world of bewildering dialogues, obscure conundrums, stunning paradoxes, flagrant contradictions, and abrupt non sequiturs, all carried off in the most urbane, cheerful and innocent style.”

The verbatim account you have just digested comes from Buddhist commentator Houston Smith, who in his own world gives a glimpse of Zen from the perspective of the concrete western mind, and yet, to any serious student of Asperger’s Syndrome, it could so easily be mistaken or accepted for a description of the mind of a person with the syndrome. Uta Frith, British commentator on autism for the psychiatric and psychology profession, wrote in 1989 that unsatisfied researchers are unable to come to grips with the experience of PWA as it seems to be in so many ways a lived paradox. Researchers’ experience in interacting with PWA has been itself extraordinary, and Frith draws a parallel with madness, saintliness and saintly madness. This is very like the Tibetan School of Vajrayana Buddhism and its adopted association with the ‘crazy wisdom’ teacher, or ‘siddha’, who disregards conventional Buddhist orthodoxy, any situation offering up opportunities for the blossoming of an enlightened mind, improvisation playing a majority role in any particular circumstance – the spontaneity that is free to act on situations without tacit agreement or custom or comparison of ideas to elicit Truth. It is a ruling enacted from the autonomous, self-contained autistic world beyond compliance to rigidly followed, established practice or accepted standard.

The term ‘Asperger Syndrome’ is a popular reference to individuals with some autistic features who fail to fit all the criteria for a basic autism diagnosis. The most popular held belief is that Asperger Syndrome is a synonym for autism of a less severe kind, or milder form. It is about five times as common as autism. It has been suggested that the syndrome is a mild form of high-functioning autism – there are high functioning PWA and high-functioning Aspergers. Some authorities even argue that Asperger Syndrome is a syndrome in its own right distinct from autism. Rather like the Tibetan Buddhist collective body of descending degrees – Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama, High Lamas, lamas and non-monastic novice monks, there is a autistic hierarchy, classic PWA, High-functioning PWA, Aspergers and savants, a body of persons organized and classified according to rank, capacity, authority and ability, thus there is no real mystery why Aspergers should be more able on the autistic spectrum line – they are a designated dispatch, an invent on specific business. Incidentally, the search for the ‘reborn’ Dalai Lama begins approximately in the third year after the absence of the prior incarnation and it is also in the third year that diagnosis for children with autism is preferred. Tests to authenticate the reborn Lama is also similar to testing for an autistic child, in that items known in the previous existence of the Lama are produced, objects that we in the west might refer to as ‘toys’. Toys are placed

Mandala of the Vajrayana Diamond vehicle

Mandala of the Vajrayana Diamond vehicle

before suspected autistic children to see if they show an interest or response. Another comparison worthy of mention is how the autistic obsession with precision and geometry is matched by the Tibetan Buddhist when they painstakingly arrange grains of coloured sand into a Mandala representing the Buddha’s enlightened mind. Whereas the classic PWA collates rhythms and sounds as a duty to examine and compare carefully in order to note points of difference and agreement in preparation for a new, exciting world birth, the Asperger will assist in the collecting of all manners of specified information, the culmination a great library donated to the birth. Clinical observers only scratch the surface when they witness trivia mixed with more relevant data. Aspergers have excellent, often staggering rote memories and usually become interested in one or two subjects, such as astronomy, geology, psychopharmacology, toxicology, astrophysics, biology and a whole host of exclusive interests such as the music top twenty, jockeys and winning horses, the name of carrot species, rose varieties, Beatles memorabilia, the lives of the Mitfords, bus routes, the livery of Great Western trains, Dewey decimal classification numbers, capital cities and their tallest buildings, boxing records, prehistoric monsters, or characters in a television serial! Although absorbing everything concerning their chosen field, they have little grasp of the meaning of the facts they learn – it is for the purpose of being ‘passed on’. This is rather like the Akashic record of the mystics – allegedly the history of the planet earth forever made available by the applied process of an etheric library surrounding it. We will now look a little deeper into the term ‘Asperger’ with Mother Tongue simplicity and guidance. Synchronising with the appearance of the ‘UFO’, autists started to communicate in the late 40’s like long awaited signals from outer space, and so Kanner and Asperger made the discovery. The PWA, by virtue of what they are, answered space signals in the cosmic scheme of things, that asked them to reveal themselves and their existence. Only That which put those signals out could verify this fact. It was their time to be revealed, as evolutionary waves functioning as impulses, hence why the PWA can be so impulsive. They role play sensory receptors, that both transmit and receive. That this species answered space signals can be found in the name of their founder Hans Asperger…..hANSAS perger = ‘ansas’ = answers. The Buddha denied the existence of a soul that could reincarnate, but sanctioned a similar concept whereby rebirth could be possible. This ‘rebirth’ we have learned is that of the Cosmic Child Birth that is already on its way. At a point in the Buddha’s discourse, there was mention of the Self, otherwise referred to as the Pudgala. Orthodoxy decrees that PWA are, by virtue of their social disability, egocentric, because of extreme difficulty in reading the reactions of others. Given this critique, it is therefore interesting to notice that all that is required to synthesise this Buddhist concept of self with the critical examination of the alleged selfishness of the person with Asperger Syndrome is to simply insert the very initials used for it – A.S. – before ‘pudgala’, to bring about ‘ASPUDGA la’, or ‘aspudga’, to pronounce ‘Asperger’. By doing so again, we can transfer the reverential observance known as the Sanskrit ‘puja’, the Tibetan sacrificial action/prayer, into ‘Aspuja’. Now, from this ‘asperger’ we take out the ‘perger’ – Old French, ‘for to purge’. To purge is to free from impurities, to purify, and in medicine to cause evacuation of the bowels. In our new understanding, this implies an evacuation – discharge, removal – of the Buddhist begging bowl, in the planetary earth body not ‘bowl’ but ‘bowel’, as it is now time for the form of autism known as Aspergers to supplant the Buddhist by behest of the evolutionary process of natural selection. We cannot leave this insight into the word ‘asperger’ without commentary on ‘asp’, a venomous snake of many kinds, plus noting that serpent worship was prevalent around the world in ancient times giving rise to disparate religions and cultures of humanity. The asp is a viper, Vipera aspis, of Southern Europe, any of various venomous Old World snakes of the family Viperidae..the word ‘rid’ contained within meaning (we meet again) to remove, removal. The word is from, again, Old French, vipere, from Latin vipera, snake, contracted from ‘vivipara’ (unattested), ‘That which produces living young’ from the ancient belief that vipers were viviparous, giving birth to living offspring that develop within the mother’s body. Indeed so, this is the active role of the person with Aspergers in the Cosmic Birth. It is worth mentioning that in Roman Catholic ceremony, the ‘asperges’ is a short rite preceding the High Mass on Sundays, consisting of sprinkling the congregation with holy water. The first words of the rite (Latin); “Asperges Domine’ – ‘Thou sprinkle me, Lord.’ A highly commendable religious appraisal by anybody’s standards.

There are three primary players in the making known of autism by divine agency and inspiration; Bleuler, Kanner and Asperger. Their names at birth are meaningful given their destined roles, so allowing the Mother Tongue to point out their purposefulness we see a hidden ‘Bleuler’ reordered within the word ‘cerebellum’, the hinder and lower part of the brain, ‘ce REBELLU m ‘, furthermore containing the word ‘rebel’ – it is in this region of the brain we find that refusal of allegiance and opposing of force of the PWA and its autonomy toward conventional ruling. Looking into the name of ‘Leo Kanner’, we find contained in anagram ‘Koan’ – the technique employed by the Zen Buddhist seeking paradox to transcend conceptual/logical thought as demonstrated in Asperger Syndrome. With ‘Asperger’, we go one further transmutive step to phonetic ‘Aspgyr’ = ‘spagyr (ic)’, meaning of or pertaining to alchemy or alchemical, from New Latin ‘spagiricus’ – coined by Paracelsus the Swiss physician who improved pharmacy, encouraged scientific experiments, and generally revolutionized European medicine – the art of transmutation, to change from one state into another, Buddhist to PWA, as the Mother Tongue itself changes from word to word. Related, let us not leave out the name of the German psychiatrist Hans Berger – containing ‘ h A n S BERGER’ – who in 1929 first demonstrated that the electrical impulse of the brain could be recorded, continually generating electrical current. Significant in a world of no meaningless synchronicities, that both Kanner and Asperger hailed from Austria, the land-locked country of Central Europe, where also was born a painter and decorator named Adolph Hitler who earlier had manipulated an entire country to instigate a push for world domination involving a search for a “Super Race’ and a Nazi official expedition to Tibet in 1938. Even the words comprising ‘autist’ are contained within the title of this country!

A Coming Race and a Cosmic Birth

A Coming Race and a Cosmic Birth

In the Theosophical sense and accountable to the Gaia Theory, we discover that the name ‘Austria’ is a latinisation of the same Germanic word for ‘East’, and in our cosmic earth body scenario detailed in my ‘The Mother of All Codes’ a representative of the female sex hormone oestrogen and the oestrus of regularly recurring period of fertility and sexual preparedness when pregnancy is possible. Where better to expect a place concealing the kick start to a new ‘birth’ of a race?

The conclusion of my long and personal investigation has brought me a greater cosmic understanding of the role of both Buddhist and PWA, a tangible connexion between various schools of the Eastern Buddhist’s search for enlightenment and the unfolding and ongoing evolution of the autistic consciousness as evinced in the common aspiration of turning within, detachment and elaborate ritual. After two and a half thousand years it appears to me that the Buddhist is handing over the baton in a new style of race. The role of the person with autism and Aspergers and where it is destined to lead us, has now begun for earnest.


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dan_green100Dan Green is a British author, writer, broadcaster and researcher specialising in Synchronicity and the Collective Unconscious and refers to himself as ‘A Human Search Engine’.

Inducted into the arcane via the Tibetan systems of Kalachakra and Vajrayana, he directed his 2010 Movie Documentary ‘The Murder of Mary Magdalene – Genocide of the Holy Bloodline’ based on his books that synthesise the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and his discovery of ‘The Lincoln Cathedral Code’.

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