The Mother of All Codes and the Role of the Tibetan Buddhist

A repost of an article that originally appeared on my website, LDP, in 2009:


starchild180When I was a young sleuth of twenty-five, I studied the oral teachings of Tibetan Vajrayana (Diamond Vehicle) and Kalachakra (Wheel of Time) and learned that Buddhists of the Mahayana and Vajrayana Schools, or Tantra, as it is also called, kept alive the flames of a burning promise that a ‘treasure text’ would appear when man was ready for its delivery. Buddhists the world over awaited the appearance of their Saviour Maitreya, the next Buddha to be.

Having waded my way through many codes of antiquity, some relating to the Knights Templar, Bird Ogham, Abbe Boudet, and the Green Language of Fulcanelli, the Mother of all Codes from which existing ones originally emanate though now convoluted and only vaguely related, an algebraic system, was shown to me in 1985 by a female autistic savant who is now my wife Avril, her alternative neurology allowing her to access areas of the brain otherwise unreachable and a direct plug-in to the living planet – a claim mystics refer to as being able to access the Akashic records – enabling me to now reveal that this Maitreya they are eagerly seeking and awaiting the arrival of, can be found in the word ‘Gematria’, in Hebrew ‘Gimatriya’ from the Greek ‘Geometria’. That the word in Greek relates to geometry is another instance of loss of origin of a mystery relevance, and declared unfounded. Gematria has been known previously only in a Cabbalistic guise as a method for interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures by interchanging words whose letters have the same numerical value when added – a cryptograph in the form of a word whose letters have the numerical values of a word taken as the hidden meaning. Accuracy concerning an original rabbinical philosophy of Cabal has now cast doubts among scholars who fear that the original system has either been corrupted or lost, or even worse, never having been fully understood or discovered in the first place. The treasure was never lost to be found. It is of course, what I have referred to in a number of my works as Mother Tongue. ‘Gematria’ = ‘Ge Matria’ = ‘Ge matria(rch)’. ‘Ge’ = variant of Gaea, in Greek myth, the goddess of the earth, from ‘Ge’ meaning earth. ‘Matriarch’, a woman who dominates any group or activity, from Latin ‘Mater’ meaning Mother. Gematria = Mother tongue = ‘Matrix’, from Latin meaning womb, originally ‘pregnant animal’, from ‘Mater’, mother. It is the language of Mother Earth, voice of Gaia, the living, breathing, thinking planet, the most Ancient code. This Mother Tongue is a language that speaks in equations. It is a matrix algebra that determines the behaviour of physical systems, acting in mathematical terms as the network of intersections between input and output leads in a computer – the relationship between our human brain and the brain of the living planet – functioning as an encoder or decoder. It is a point or locus of points common to two or more geometric figures, and here we will notice the connexion with geometric figures and words. Are not all the words in the English alphabet a combination of geometrical figures – right angles, angles at various degrees, circles and arcs?


Pothala Palace, Lhasa

Using this Original Code, let us take a closer, deeper look into the traditional role of the Buddhist with the Blavatsky and Theosophical style understanding that our living planet, as is the replica human body, comprises of billions of cells (humans) each with a contributory purpose. The original and enforcedly relinquished seat of power in the Tibetan hierarchy was held by the now exiled Dalai Lama, an actual throne at his now abandoned and exquisite Pothala Palace – also known as Summer Palace – in the capital city of Lhasa, Tibet.

The Hypothalamus - Pothala within the brain

The Hypothalamus – Pothala within the brain

In the neurological placing of the Earth’s brain, we find the Dalai Lama’s Pothala Palace situated in the hypothalamus – hy POTHALA mus – a tiny cluster of cells in the brain and an essential link between the brain and the pituitary gland, which is sometimes called the ‘Master Gland’, where one would expect to find placed Masters of both Tibetan and Indian Buddhism. Within the word ‘hypothalamus’ we can also locate the ‘summer palace’ of the Dalai – SUMA reversed from ‘amus’ coupled with the p,hala,s. To continue, within the crucially meaningful construct of the word ‘hypothalamus’, we also realize the very origin of the most revered lamas, the High Lamas = ‘HY’ potha ‘LAMUS’.
The origin also of the titular spiritual ‘head’ of both Tibetan people and religion, the Nobel prize-winning Dalai Lama, can be revealed as within the function of the amygdala region of the brain, which controls anxiety and fear, the twin emotions that have affected his race most since his undignified flight from Tibet in 1959. ‘Dalai Lama’ = amygDALA (‘DALA’) and by selecting the letters l,a,ma, (‘LAMA).

The Amygdala - neurological role of the Dalai Lama

The Amygdala – neurological role of the Dalai Lama

We also discover the lamas and their intensive meditations, once upon a time in remote and mountainous Tibetan lamaseries, the intent and purpose of these primitive lamas meditations were to raise consciousness to unite with deep space and the cosmic unity. Today in our much advanced push button technological world of computers and micro-chip, we find that we have a similar device to the struggling brain of our lama friend up his mountain top, used to amplify long range radar and radio astronomy signals. It is the Maser -neatly hidden in our word ‘Lamaseries’ (‘La MASER ies’). The Buddhists of ancient and relatively modern Tibet – a race concerned with raised consciousness and one focused technique – have played out the role of living brain cells. When fully alert, a brain gives off beta waves, (We find the word in ‘Tibetan’ – Ti BETA n) responsible for a particular aspired and cultivated brain wave drifting off into far space from their remote lamaseries and isolated retreats, an Asiatic centre of consciousness for the living body of Mother Earth. Within the Mother Tongue there is no meaningless coincidence that the hypothalamus is the seat of all religion. The pituitary gland, sometimes called the Master gland, is officially called ‘hypophysis’ (Hy Poph Ysis = High Pope Isis, Isis being the head divinity of the Egyptian female pantheon, Tibetan equivalent of Tara). Within the word ‘hypophysis’ we see the word ‘pophy, sounding ’poppy’, the plant of the genus Papaver. The origin of the word ‘Pope’ is from Middle English = Papa.

‘AUM MANI PADME OM’ is unmistakably the most famous and well known of Buddhist mantras, roughly translating into ‘Praise be jewel in the lotus’. The sacred formula repeated is believed by Tibetan Buddhists to induce a contemplative state or to increase ones power of concentration. The mantra may be reduced to ‘OM’, and a syllable loaded with power, a ‘means which protects the spirit’, regarded as a sound of cosmic energy. The mantra need not be verbally enunciated, as it can be often repeated in the head. Our Ancient code reveals that AUM MANI PADME OM, as in electronics, is a signal that has been distorted and garbled so as to render it unintelligible without a receiver. The Mother Tongue is that very receiver, and from within the mantra we find deftly concealed the word and neurotransmitter DOPAMINE – …… an actual release of dopamine being issued upon the successful and correct repetition, by skilled and trained practitioners of the mantra. The anticipated release of dopamine through both solitary or mass chanting of the ‘Aum mani padme om’ mantra, any time and all times in constantly growing and never ending aggregate, stimulates the cosmic brain of this living planet, assisting in messages getting around in that brain, travelling, as it does in our own brain, from one nerve cell to another. The process is as follows: One part of the brain sending a message to another will use two kinds of power, electrical and chemical, the electrical message turning into a chemical signal at the point where a sending cell meets a receiving one. Both cells do not touch but communicate across a gap called the synaptic cleft, an infinitesimal space about a millionth of an inch. Receptors (sensitive surface of the membrane) are uniquely attuned to the neurotransmitter molecules that match the molecules in the receptor – as a lock and key. Different parts of the brain manufacture different neurotransmitters – in which we find the hidden word ‘mantras -’ for that is what they actually are – some thirty currently categorised.

Modern science has discovered that the matter which constitutes life has no permanent existence but arranges itself in a pattern; sub-atomic particles forming this life matter are constantly on the move. This pattern, normally called our physical body, constitutes some hundred trillion cells, which replace themselves over and over constant, and is estimated that a total renewal has occurred in approximately seven months, so that we can say every seven months our physical body has died, changed or ‘reincarnated’ – no longer the same body worn over the previous seven months. On an average life span of 80 years we will all go through almost 140 ‘lives’ or ‘incarnations’. Each and every single human body is but a biological cell acting upon the earth – to us our daily, routine lives and varying degrees of either meaningful or meaningless existence depending upon status and opportunity in society unaware of our the earth Herself about to give a new ‘birth’ rather like the closing scenes in Kubrick’s amazing movie ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’s and the restrictive assurance in its sequel ‘2010’, ‘Something wonderful is going to happen’. Proud Man the race is but five billion ever changing microscopic particles, cells, some anti-bodies, attacking those who are diseased bacteria, in a constant war upon the earth, the dwindling decent versus the rampant indecent. Have you ever wondered why there is a colour designation attached to certain skins and countries i.e. the redskin of native America, the term ‘red’ applied to the Russian people? These colours give esoteric indication of the type of biological cells that nations represent, in a body of red and white blood cells. In human biology, cells vary in life span. In the intestinal lining, cells die after about 36 hours, white blood cells after 13 days and red blood cells nine times longer. Nerve cells may live for a century even. It is the regeneration or replenishment of these cells that are in actual fact the true reincarnation that is misunderstood by people of ‘past lives’ persuasion. Biologically, cells comprising skin and the blood return by undergoing division approximately between every 10-30 hours, whilst the reproduction and re-emergence of some muscle cells takes place once every few years. We are now grasping what ‘reincarnation’ is actually all about.

Tenzin Gyatso - HH Dalai Lama

Tenzin Gyatso – HH Dalai Lama

Now we take a deeper, and never before, look into the actual name of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, rather than the titular office which is given to mean in Tibetan ‘The One who is as great as the ocean’. By taking the letters a,n,g,yo and adding them to ‘Tenzin’ from the birth name of the Dala Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, the Mother Tongue reveals and translates his global Earth body biological functioning as – Angiotensin – a hormone that signals the hypothalamus – the Tibetan Pothala – in the brain to produce a sensation of thirst by ordering salivary glands to reduce their secretions. In the human body, the resulting dry mouth and throat ensures that quantities of drink are consumed until depleted water reserves are restored. The Dalai Lama, if only in his cosmic Earth body cell role at the Pothala Palace in Lhasa, rather than in enforced exile in Dharamsala in India, would be an instant antidote to the fearful imbalance of increasing global drought and dramatic rising sea level resulting from both global warming and the effect of polar ice melting. This enforced removal of His Holiness has contributed greatly to the disastrous conditions facing us, so no more an appropriate time to look at the cosmic underlying consequence of the act that brought about his destined banishment, and the cybernetic influences between the Chinese race and the Buddhists of Tibet. Tibet rose to prominence as an independent kingdom in the 7th century, from the 13-18 century falling under the sway of the Mongols. In 1720 the Manchu dynasty of China took control of the region, a sign of things to come, hereafter exercising more or less effective suzerainty over Tibet until 1964 when it was formerly made an autonomous region of China. Prior to this, in 1954, the Dalai Lama and many thousands of followers led an exodus into the safe haven of India where the majority are still today.

The overthrowing of Tibet by the Chinese can be better understood when the Mother Tongue delves deeper into the word ‘Chinese’ and it resurfaces to read as ‘Kinesis’ (phonetic – ‘Chinese s’). The word ‘kinesis’ relates to the science of kinesiology, the study of locomotion in relation to the structure and the working of human muscles. It is from the word ‘kinetic’ of, relating to, or producing by motion or change. This is to be expected from a race whose classical book of Ancient China, the I-Ching, propounds a philosophy seeking to explain nature and human nature in terms of changing balance, such as now experience by the afore mentioned change in sea levels and climatic unpredictability. Kinesis moves and this has been overtly displayed by the Chinese forcing, or politically moving of the Tibetans out of their own country. Kinesis also denotes division, for example, cytokinesis, the cleavage of cytoplasm, the watery gel in which cell structures are suspended, during cell division. The first stage of how a fertilized egg develops in the human body is called cleavage, the single cell dividing into two new cells and continuing to divide over and over. In my book ‘Buddha and The Autist’ written for academics in 2000, I explained in detail how the cosmic effect of the 1945 atomic detonation in Japan initiated a biological reproduction for our mother planet, and that coupled with the removal of the Dalai Lama from Tibet and a consequent invasion fourteen years later, enacted a kinetic motion signalling time for the hypothalamic region of the Earth’s brain to release hormones vital for the preparation of this childbirth, a cytokinesis, a cleavage of protoplasm during cell division. Collectively, as we all await, consciousness upon all the earth’s inhabitants be they ready and willing or not, is being raised by a evolutionary quickening, ‘quickening’ being the medical term to denote the reaching of the stage of pregnancy when the foetus can be felt to move, in a preparation for the living Earth Mother to give a cosmic ‘birth’.

Cosmic fertilsation - Hiroshima 1945

Cosmic fertilisation – Hiroshima 1945

To return for a moment to Hiroshima, synchronicity in conjunction with the Mother Tongue indicates the significance of the naming of the dropped A-bomb regarding childbirth, for it was actually given a gender, dubbed ‘Little Boy’. The development of the bomb by the US Government was at a specially built complex in New Mexico, the name of the project’s scientific director overseeing the design of the bomb, Dr Robert Oppenheimer.
The Mother Tongue shows: Oppenheimer = oppen heimer.
Firstly taking ‘Oppen’, we add the ‘enheim’ re-arranged as ‘heimen’ to produce ‘Oppen Heimen’ = ‘Open hymen’, the act necessary to break a vaginal opening for penetration.

In my scenario, in 1945 a pre-determined fertilisation on a scale both undetected and unimaginable by concrete mind occurred. The incident was however recorded for exoteric historians in an altogether different understanding. It was the unleashing of the mighty power of the tiny atom, a blinding flash where a sperm cell met an egg, an intense temperature raising blast producing an early embryonic blastula from the viewpoint of the earth as a body awaiting conception. In our everyday existence, we acknowledge this act, as we did in 1945, as the consequence of the horror and dread of nations at war. After the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima, Japan,

Robert Oppenheimer - opener of the hymen

Robert Oppenheimer – opener of the hymen

devastation followed taking on incalculable proportions. That this event ever took place is to our usual understanding owing to the plague of war. Man as a race has always had war throughout our past, as if it is a necessity. We are at war today in Iraq and Afghanistan. Three days after Hiroshima came another detonation at Nagasaki – no surprise as after an egg is fertilized by a single sperm the egg changes, preventing entry of other sperm. The Mother Tongue will reveal why war has been not such a necessity, as more inevitability, for we are a sexual planet. From ‘gamete’, the sexual reproduction cell, we have ‘gametophyte’ – in alternation of generation, a plant of the sexual generation, producing gametes. “Gametophyte’ = ‘game to phyte’ = ‘game to fight’ = War. Given that we are learning of the role of the Buddhist regime in the preparation of a world ‘birth’, and their insistence on a stance of non-violence, it is reassuring to know that there has never been a war in the name of Buddhism. There is further starchild100drama to be unveiled in the arrival of the Mother Tongue treasure text, as the next stage is to reveal how, like the handing over a baton in a race, the role of the Buddhist is now concluded and must be left to a new species that by their existence alone will carry on with the sublime task of preparing for a nearing and cosmic event concerning the evolutionary raising of planet earth’s consciousness to a new ‘birth’, the only true ‘re-birth’ of Buddhist thought. I will leave that revelation and the species for a sequel feature.

Colonel Paul Warfield Tibbets

Colonel Paul Warfield Tibbets


However, before we leave the Tibetan Buddhist behind let us finally look to confirm the themed and threaded Tibetan connexion. The success of the final A-bomb mission was in the hands of a pilot for which he and his crew had been in training in secrecy for more than a year. His name? Revealing not only the place name Tibet but also the scenario of a war field.



© Dan Green 2009


The sequel: The Coming Race – From Buddha to Asperger


dan_green100Dan Green is a British author, writer, broadcaster and researcher specialising in Synchronicity and the Collective Unconscious and refers to himself as ‘A Human Search Engine’.

Inducted into the arcane via the Tibetan systems of Kalachakra and Vajrayana, he directed his 2010 Movie Documentary ‘The Murder of Mary Magdalene – Genocide of the Holy Bloodline’ based on his books that synthesise the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and his discovery of ‘The Lincoln Cathedral Code’.

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  1. Fascinating read, an entertaining, sophisticated way to decode yet another script for this cruel play in which we were cast as suspicious or unsuspecting actors (extras, better said). As Ben was commenting before, and now after the understanding of Robert Oppenheimer’s predestined name, I wonder what CERN’s “opening” line will be during its metaphorical Shiva (September?) dance…


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