12th August 2015 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

Well, it’s what the blaster-offer-ers call ‘the Glorious Twelfth’, when they slaughter thousands of little birds for their amusement.

Tomorrow’s the 13th August, one of those four and August dates, and a 29 to boot. A mixture that can invoke and evoke emotionally profound loss, and separation; as well it is, this year, between and other-worldly.


The number of parents taken to court in England because of children skipping school rose sharply last year, official figures show.
In 2014, 16,430 people were prosecuted for failing to ensure their children went to school, an increase of more than 3,000 – or 25% – on 2013.
Ministry of Justice figures, obtained by the Press Association, revealed more than three-quarters were found guilty.
Head teachers’ leaders said good attendance was “absolutely critical”.
School truancies lead to rise in prosecution of parents

Instead of asking kids why they can’t bear school, the administrators of darkness fine parents…of course they do, it’s an energy sucking enterprise, all of it.
School is set up for the benefit of dark ambitions and not for the well-being of children’s and society’s future. If it was for what they claim then children would be taught the basics – the 3 R’s (and told the truth about them) and after that, lessons tailored to a child’s natural inclinations. – Ellis



phenomenaprojectThis project has the potential to be world-view changing. Listen to Don Philips and Steve Mera talking to Ben Emlyn-Jones about some of the paranormal incidents that have happened during the making of this projected (ahem) TV series:
HPANWO Show 147- Phenomena Project Update

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