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modchemwarfPotentially lethal biological agents were unleashed on an unsuspecting British public and chemical warfare was trialed on military personnel as part of Ministry of Defense (MOD) experiments carried out over decades, a shocking new book reveals.

In his latest work, entitled ‘Secret Science: A Century of Poison Warfare and Human Experiments,’ University of Kent historian Ulf Schmidt presents a series of case studies about covert state projects conducted between 1939 and 1989.
MoD released potentially lethal bacteria on London Tube, chemically experimented on soldiers
I recall when I was a teenager an older work colleague attempting to persuade me to spend a week (I think it was) of my holiday in a government project which the man told me was to find a cure for the common cold. It was well-paid, and he’d done it a few times, he said. Where was it? Porton Down. I never went. Even then it seemed stupid. – Ellis

When I first heard about the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski case I thought, “He’s been found out at last. Perhaps some of the other suppressed secrets will come out”. However, the spin doctors soon got to work to turn it into a PR job for him, so the truth remains hidden for the time being.

Some would say it’s unlucky to come into contact with the Clinton’s? Some wonder what Bill’s secret agenda is? Some wonder what he’s hiding? Some perhaps came too close to the truth? The following is a list of dead people connected with Bill Clinton – the late Paul Vigay, UFO & crop circle researcher, technical wizz and a lovely guy:
An article from Winter 1999/2000
Clinton Deaths





pyramidkinA reader of Epoch Times sent this into them: a description of an at-home psychokinesis experiment he’s tried that he says has worked for him and others he’s shown it to.

The reader, Tomich Carpenter, wrote: “I am not in any way a scientist. The following is my experience from 35 years ago. This was shown to me by an old gypsy woman, make of that what you will.”
Can You Perform Psychokinesis? Try This Experiment at Home for Fun


chinacurrencyMarket expectations of more depreciation could cause the yuan to quickly depreciate
China’s Currency Slides After Beijing Announces Devaluation



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