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bradpittThis article was originally published on my website, Otherworld Journeys, on 29th September 2013


Samantha Carr is the author of “A Knights Journey: A Journey of self-discovery and awakening.

To say that these are tough times is something of an understatement. Obviously in the past there have been other recessions but this global meltdown has left millions in a downward spiral of despair. Many people, including myself, have lost jobs, homes and all hope as a result. This is all on a background of worldwide turmoil in the shape of the war(s) on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, a recent war in Libya, an uprising in Egypt and a potential war in Syria. Not withstanding the second level 7 nuclear event in my lifetime in the shape of Fukushima which had a catastrophic meltdown of 3 reactors in March 2011.

In amongst all of this confusion I have continued to have dreams which at times guide me to greater awareness and at times leave me unsettled. One such dream was on 8.7.13 when I dreamt that an aeroplane crashed into an air traffic control tower. The symbolic element of the dream is that of a tower which has many interpretations i.e. Tower of Babel and the association with Mary Magdalene and the word Magdala which means tower. There is also the connotation with the twin towers disaster on 11/9/01. This crash has not happened yet and unfortunately I was not given a location during the dream but this was a ‘trigger’ event for further things to happen.

On 22.7.13 (the feast day of Mary Magdalene – ed) I dreamt of a cat being chased by a tiger, it was a surprise for the people watching as nobody had known the tiger was there. It reminded me of the film ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ although it was the tiger rather than dragon that was hidden. In fact the title of the film originates from a Chinese idiom meaning ‘talented or extraordinary people hidden from view’. This reminded me of the thousands, if not millions of indigo or starchildren/people that have incarnated here on the planet. The cat could be symbolic of ‘fat cat’; those that have the power over the people at the moment. It could mean that the tiger is soon to reveal itself and have those fat cats on the run.

On 11.8.13 I dreamt that the water table was rising. Symbolically this could represent Aquarius; The Water Bearer. It is also worrying, in relation to the Fukushima incident noted above, if the water table is rising then it indicates that there will be a significant impact for the high radiation levels in the sea surrounding the Fukushima plant. In between these dreams I have had other dreams which have given insights on a personal level and using these dreams as a foundation helps me to research the more symbolic dreams.

Recently I have had several dreams involving horses; the first dream was on 17.8.13 and was quite simple; in the dream I saw Brad Pitt ride a horse into the desert. To be honest, lots of women (and men!) dream about Brad Pitt and wouldn’t associate this with the apocalypse. However, my first thought was of Brad’s recent film called World War Z which I haven’t seen but I’ve read some reviews. The film centres on the idea of an ex UN inspector and a zombie apocalypse. Therefore my dream had the symbolism of Brad Pitt as the first (zombie) apocalyptic horseman; as noted in revelations, remembering that the word apocalypse, translated from Greek literally means ‘a disclosure of knowledge’ or lifting of the veil. (We also have the reference to ‘the pit’ – the abyss, and the nail -. ‘vav’, which is letter ‘v’. Its value is 22 in English – ed)

The second dream was on 24.8.13 and involved a US navy ship at an airport in Egypt. The ship was at the arrivals area and in fact became the sole point of entry into the region. Everyone on board took short visits to the mainland on horseback and then came back. The ship was a holding area. This time the horsemen were the tourists/residents on the naval ship; this symbolised to me that Egypt would be a focus point for an apocalyptic event where the veil would begin to be lifted.

The next night I had a dream in which someone had painted a horse silver and it ran away; it was beautiful in the moonlight with the light reflecting off its shiny back. Then it came back and the rider got on and rode away. The silver colour reminded me of Mercury, the metallic element and also the planet which is associated with a ‘messenger’.

In our modern world it’s hard to think of a messenger that could touch the hearts of people across the world; at least outside the world of celebrity culture anyway – and I don’t think that Brad Pitt is the divine messenger! It is difficult to perceive how the messenger would be able to connect effectively with billions of people, except through the medium of television and/or the internet. It would have to be something pretty awe inspiring and dramatic because lets face it, these days anything can be faked and most people have ‘seen it all before’. One of the modern ‘horsemen’ is the news; this is where we receive our message about what is happening in the world. Often that message is distorted in the sense that it is reported to support a particular agenda but with a little bit of delving it is often possible to dig beneath the headlines and find the real message which is often symbolic.

On 16 September 2013 a gunman shot dead 12 people at a US Naval base, several other people were injured. This was a shocking event for many reasons; not least because one expects a naval base to be a secure place. The gunman was an ex serviceman called Aaron Alexis. On 17.9.13 I woke up with the thought of Levi jeans and Levites in my mind. I don’t believe the two were connected symbolically at all, it was just a way for my subconscious to remind me of a message. On researching Levites further I noted that Aaron was the older brother of Moses, a prophet of the Levite tribe; one of 12 tribes of Israel. His name backwards is six-ela, the number 6 is ‘vav’ in Hebrew. Ela or rather Elah is a word used to describe God and also means ‘awesome’.

Ella is also ‘goddess’.
Personally I suspect that this was a Kabbalistic ritual event using reverse language. Levi was, I think, the great grandson of Abraham. He became the guardian of Abraham’s Kabbala.

Briefly: The opposites of their Kabbalah associations apply. Ela means ‘tree’ too. Number 6 refers to Tiphereth, the 6th sephira on the Tree of Life, the heart – which, when reversed (traeh) or how Hebrew’s right to left writing would read it, sounds like ‘tree’. Tiphereth is to do with beauty. Aaron, on the tree of life is Hod (glory), number 8. It was a 16-day (sudden drama rending justice) in a 33-year (The date was 22 – the total of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet and the numerological value of ‘v’ – vav. The date also gives ‘40’, which is the total of the gunman, Aaron Alexis’s birthdate. (22 and 40 can rend down to 4. Four-frequency is a big deal in his name as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiferet
The Brad Pitt dream earlier, with its ‘abyss’, also suggests the Kabbalah: http://hermetic.com/caduceus/qabalah/046_kab.html. As well, the desert could be Sinai, where Moses had the Torah delivered to him. Ezekiel’s Kabbalistic vision of the chariot reminds me of the Tarot Chariot – card 7, which relates to ‘Victory’ and the 7th sephira, Netzach. This then forms a strange triangle on the Tree: Tiphereth – Hod – Netzach (6-7-8). – ed

This reminded me of that awful song ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna in 2007; the year of the rained out summer. In the song she often repeats the words “Under my Umbrella, ella, ella, ella…” and I wondered if that was in fact an incantation or summoning. It is worth noting that often celebrities have a deep knowledge of the occult and therefore this type of incantation (and the symbolic music videos) is not an accidental choice.

I had a very interesting interactive dream on 20.9.13 where I was given a message about the Fourth Horseman, or rather woman. The dream was fascinating as I met with several people who I know in real life and at least 1 of them had a dream in the same location on that night. In the dream I was told that there was an ancient text that referred to the Fourth Horseman which related to a woman, a very pretty woman who would appear and bring in a ‘new age’ i.e. lift the veil. This female was known by the name of ‘Atouiyah’. There was also a reference to Pakistan and a ‘Columbia prophecy’ that would commence when one of the individuals present in the dream had their first child. I symbolically saw two holy grails in the form of skulls and all of the people in the dream merged into Avatar characters i.e. blue with pointy ears.

It was a powerful dream with many different symbols; it was very interesting to have a central female character; many modern books and films have investigated the loss of the sacred feminine and divine wisdom of the Goddess. In my opinion her presence and wisdom is long overdue a reappearance. Shortly after this dream, there were two major earthquakes in Pakistan one of which resulted in the appearance of a new island. I have not found the word ‘Atouiyah’ anywhere and I may have spelt this incorrectly but the sound is correct.

The two skulls reminded me of two vessels of the holy spirit or the two prophets/witnesses that are mentioned in Revelation. This helped to explain the morphing into ‘Avatar’ characters; in Hinduism an Avatar is a form of God on earth. Revelation mentions that the two prophets would have God-like powers; they have power over the skies and waters. Interestingly the passage of the bible that begins to reference these two witnesses is 11.3: “And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.” The aforementioned Fukushima disaster happened on 11.3.11. Revelation 11.6 also states “These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy…” I think this could relate to radioactive rain from a nuclear fallout possibly as the result of a China syndrome event from the three reactor meltdowns at Fukushima.

I could not find a Columbia prophecy but I did find that Columbia is another name for America; the female personification in the same way that Britannia personifies Britain. So it seemed that America would be part of this unfolding ‘lifting of the veil’. One of the friends from the dream pointed out that there was a Columba prophecy from the Irish Saint Columba. One of his prophecies is: “…that seven years before the last day, the sea shall submerge Eirin by one inundation”. (1) I really hope that this prophecy never happens, there again the friend from the dream has not yet had a child.

At first, when dreaming about ‘horsemen’ I was worried about a possible apocalyptic event/events; however, the more that I have researched the dreams I have come to be reassured that there will be a lifting of the veil and revealing of knowledge and power rather than a dramatic end disaster. Those of us here who are researching and learning, trying to be better, are part of that dramatic shift, we are all starchildren, fallen from the stars which are our home.

Samantha Carr
29th September 2013

1: unveilingtheapocalypse.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/st-patrick-and-end-time-flood-of.html


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