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The long-term decline in viewership for America’s big TV outlets is finally starting to catch up to their stock prices. Since 2009, media stocks have been some of the best performers in S&P 500, but the last few days have seen $50 billion wiped from these companies.
Mainstream Media Stock Prices Collapsing as People Choose Internet Over TV

Comment: I know this article is about the U.S. media, but it applies globally. What’s coming (as I indicated on previous occasions – including the predictions for this year) are licences to use the internet.

In the U.K. (and several other countries) there is a stealth tax, called the ‘TV Licence Fee’, that is purportedly a Earth Avalonmeans of funding the creaking state broadcaster (unelected), British Broadcasting Corporation.
For them, the loot they have been holding up the British people for, as a reward for their suffering and courage during WWII (and now trialled susceptibility to propaganda through radio – that they also paid a licence for) since 1946, is getting alarmingly light-weight, they’ve realised. The TV licence will move over to being a Broadband licence which will be far easier monitored, regulated and fee-collected; a haul that will be shared amongst the other TV companies that tow the line.
A licence will also be introduced that every website owner (it will be globally-synchronised and policed) will have to have. This will be promoted as a means of security and safeguarding for the population; when, in fact, it’s purpose is to clamp down on free speech, whistleblowing, and human awakening.
It’s where we are going (and very fast); and I suspect the current revelations about child abuse and murder from the press gang are part a surreptitious ploy…and bait, to move it, and other plans, along.
If you make public accusations, you just have to have real evidence to back them up. If you are basing your allegations on what someone else, or others have said, it is called ‘hearsay’, and it carries no moral weight.  In fact it’s a sign of demonic incitement…and how the Darkness rubs its claws at that! In the cloaked courts of Dark jurisdiction they’ve got their act together, and ready.  Libel, slander, and defamation at present can carry prison sentences and large fines and these are surely in the pipeline to be made more severe.
We must support the first hand witnesses to relate themselves their own testimonies as much as we possibly can; and in an ethical, sympathetic, empathetic and sensible manner. Any other way is falling into the traps they have set for humanity.

– Ellis

Basic UK Libel


When it comes to telling apart prey and predator the eyes have it, new research has shown.

Prey species such as sheep and goats can be distinguished by their “letterbox” pupils while those of cats, crocodiles and other ambush predators look like vertical slits.
The key to a successful predator is in the eyeballs says new research


My first article this year in 2015, concerned the numerological synchronicity with 2015 and the OMD song ‘Enola Gay’ and 8:15 – click ‘2015, 8:15 and Enola Gay’ . 8:15 = 20:15. In my last article, I wrote about Time in ‘It’s 8:15 And That’s The Time That It’s Always Been‘. Give it a few days.

Because Time really is changing on 8/15 at the Core, as Kim Jong Un changes Time on 8/15, 15th August, in North Korea and Time will go back.
Kim Jong Un, Time, 15th August And 8:15


There can be no doubt that John Keel was one of the most important people in the field of Forteana. His work ensures that he still is, even after death. And, no, I’m not just talking about his acclaimed book, The Mothman Prophecies, which is probably what most people associate him with. But, let’s not forget his other fine titles, including Operation Trojan Horse, and Disneyland of the Gods. Plus, Keel was someone who recognized the deep and undeniable cross-overs between – for example – the worlds of Ufology, cryptozoology, and demonology. There’s something else, too: Keel was very much a man ahead of his time. And I’ll explain what I mean by that.

In today’s world of Ufology it’s not even remotely strange to hear accounts of “hybrid babies,” “hybrid children,” “black-eyed children,” and alleged alien-driven genetic experimentation. While there were several, early accounts that were at the very least suggestive of alien interest in human reproduction…
John Keel: Ahead Of His Time


I can’t believe that it was 7 years ago today that I wrote this…but it was…

ZZZZZZssssssssss! CRACK! Like a god’s new arrow the lightning bolt slew through the rolling black sky to strike at a sultry willow tree half submerged in the turbulent morass. A huddled figure, drenched, leapt from the hide-bound willow vessel wrapped the sinew cord around a withy branch and scrambled up the bank. Soon the boy was out of the rain…but not out of danger.
A School in the marshes


Something is amiss in Queensland and Australians want to know what could be the cause and should they be worried. What’s amiss are mysterious bright flashes and unexplained loud booms in the city of Bundaberg and a sudden series of eight earthquakes reaching up to magnitude 5.7…
Bright Flashes, Loud Booms, Earthquake Swarms in Queensland


My dreams have been out of control–must be the travel to Cajun and Bayou country. One night I’m wrestling with a beautiful Spanish woman, my hands between her legs searching for something other than a mattress. The next night I’m in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Everything is in Hebrew and I’m getting the tour of the city by a Rabbi when all of a sudden it becomes Sodom and Gomorroha with some kind of freaky pride parade clashing with the orthodox crowd. A few days later I read about a similar clash taking place in Israel. The lines are getting blurred, so blurred in fact that…
Meditations On Lafayette, Cecil The Lion, The Month Of Leo, 11th House Radio Broadcast


If you’re a fan of puzzles, wrap your eyes around this one – and you could get a thank you from the British Library.

A 13th Century sword featuring a cryptic message has had the experts scratching their heads for years, and now they want to public to have a go at solving it, they’ve announced on their blog.

Not a lot is known about the weapon, but the 18 letters on the blade – NDXOXCHWDRGHDXORVI – are thought to have a secret meaning.
Can you solve this secret 700-year-old riddle found on a Medieval sword?


This is the secret penthouse hideaway in Jersey used by former Prime Minister Edward Heath, reports Lucy Thornton from Jersey for the Sunday People .

The late Tory leader, now being investigated for historical child sex abuse, spent six months in the early 70s living in this luxury top floor apartment.

The Waters Edge hotel in Bouley Bay – once considered the best on the island – was then owned by Heath’s pal, a former nurse called Mike Wavell.

Mr Wavell later became President of the Defence Committee, in charge of Jersey’s police force.
Edward Heath’s secret Jersey hideaway at centre of child sex abuse probe

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