Royal wedding photo

The martyr, the absent, black eyes, and ghouls

Originally on my former website, Otherworld Journeys, from 5th May 2011.


I was given this extraordinary (and to me, disturbing, in many ways) photograph by the lady (Jan) who took it as she watched the proceedings as they were streamed live on her computer:

 Posted by permission. Camera: Canon Power Shot SX210 IS

See what you can see – there’s lots more to see:

The cross pattern we’ve worked out is more than likely to be a moment of film transition from the altar scene to the the birds-eye shot that I mentioned above – but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an artefact of disturbed energy in other ways. As for the stars: Regarding the stars you mention. I was asking myself that when viewing media coverage and I noticed the photographer sweep down from the windows and in the camera shot I could very clearly see the starbursts from the Sun in the windows. Perhaps I am mistaken but if I follow my intuition that was at least the partial answer to my question. Or amazingly and hopefully, or perhaps a bit of both, it was Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s loved ones sending blessings to the couple. – Jan


The picture is 100% genuine and is currently undergoing analysis by a specialist I know to see what else may be in it.



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