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Distant DNA links have been discovered between Aboriginal Australians and tribes living deep within the Amazon rainforest.

Researchers in the US and Denmark have established that people sharing DNA links with Aboriginal people crossed the Bering land bridge between Siberia and the Americas thousands of years ago.

Amazonians’ ancient links to Indigenous Australians

The second paragraph is not necessarily true, or the only reason for the presence of this DNA. – Ellis


Female Milab from Australia:

“A spiritual warrior is one who RESISTS any and all attempts at the corruption of their mind/soul matrix. A spiritual warrior does not follow the flow of the turbid stream of mediocrity, homogenization and annihilation. A spiritual warrior defends to the bitter end– individuality, humanity, innocence, truth, beauty and decency. This world is in dire need of more people who are willing to go to their grave for these principles.”

“To preface my two-part article and interview with Lilu, a female milab from Australia, I find it important to discuss a few important issues about the milab experience itself. My understanding of a milab is a genuine alien abductee who also remembers interactions with a military human element and/or a shadow government faction in or out of their alien encounters. The military presence may appear to be in collusion with aliens, and may also appear to be opposed to the alien agenda, for example when the abductee recalls being interrogated by the military about what transpired, in search of “alien technology” regarding their alien encounters. In short, a milab is:”

Eve Lorgan: A Pandora’s Box: A Two Part Article and Interview with a Female Milab “Abductee”


The sound quality of these two videos is unfortunately a bit of a trial but the content is mostly fascinating:

One thought on “26th July 15 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. Just some thoughts and the ABBA ORIGINAL issue one could say the name states the fact I am the Gate Keeper of The Ramindjeri nation or nations of KARTA …English Gate to Star Heaven ….Named by the Ancesters , Our home while on Karta is called http://www.WuldeWaiirri.com.au Eagle HAEAVEN home amongst the Stars ….it is a special place ,We have our Queen of Queens Christine Walker , we have some very special things hear that I carnt talk about , google Karno walker he was the Whale LORE man peace maker of the great southern lore and lore enforcer , Our king of kings special man some say feather foot kinEman We are under attack at this point in time ,had helicopter attempting to land ,people late a night and just got rid of a british queen scout spy and possibly a assassin ,after Karno Walker who batteled for years to get our land back he was a marked man and just droped down dead just over a years ago ,they say heart attack but I don’t know I have seen things like this before …I will post some stuff latter. We have the YDNA it seems we are connected to the Tribe of Rueban yes them 10 tribes where never lost but they have been genociding us for a long time now them regicides

    Words From The Land Of Nod Called Hamer The Hamlett of HAMER Bent on Hope and Courage Please feel free to correct any thing In Stated below Truth is Truth
    History and Bibical states for the record The first born of Adam was the Clay Man know as Cain who wandered or Walked to a other kingdom D.O.M. Named at that time as Nod historical records indicate there was kings in the land of Nod in those days It would be safe to ask where is Nod today The Land of Nod and Cain married his wife Was this the first 2 Kindoms ?as ADAM was given D.O.M. over the earth being the first born with the birth right a unalieble right from His Creater as stated in The Gospell Book of Genuies Genieoligies Genisis origional Historical records we have to date. Cain has sons and daughters as the command stated be friutfull and mulitplie. yes we know about the pre -adamites the watchers
    The next Patriarch what is chossen is a man named Noah and his familly the record states Noah had 3 Sons Ham ,Shem, and Japeth and where wives. After the Flood the earth was divided up into 70 lands or Nations and divided up among the 3 Sons as stated in Genisis The Table of Nations known also as the Rainbow Promise or the Noahic Royal Grant Genisis 9:8-17 The Unconditional Divine Promise The Covenant and the sign was a rainbow Genisis 9:17 The Creater established ” HIS ” Sovereignly promised to Noan becomes the new Father of ALL manking and His Priestly Coded off spring or clans e.g. HAM is Gifted by Royal Grant to (The Hamite) a ( Black Man) 30 Lands or Nations , Shem the Shemite 26 Nations Jepeth the Jepthite 14 a total of 70 Lands or Nations as latter stated and names given of these Lands . It would be self evidant of the Blood Lineage being possibely known as ( J1 -or Y D.N.A.)?
    Priestly Coded King HAM-MURABI coded a Kinsman may of set out the marker Stones or Monuments with His Royal Insignia engraved on the Border marker Stones and The LORE
    or The Most High The Creater who made the Land Free of Charge and Gifted to To This new Sons as a Blessing from the Heavens so to speak with “Stele” Satelite Telicomunications to indicate owner shi[ or castodionship to assist the new Keeps of what Land they was to Look after know as the Covenant Coded LORE of HAMMURABI The LORE giver of 23 Loregivers redirected Moses The Lore man and priestly Coded King e.g. The Ten Commandments as viewed in the United States of Congress and The U.S. Supreem court of America . As one knows with out Lore and Justice and the Presumption of inocence until proven guilty with out Just Lore there in Anarchy and the nations and its people suffer the injustice to a point of rebellion or as stated my all the people who over melliniom as stated and is echoed in the voice of the oppressed people and there leaders are offten suppressed be teranical goverments and there territorial faulisfied claims of ownership of land stollen and colonised be the military implenents of the repundant policey of detribelation of the originals tribels.
    These good people are sadly silenced and if possible removed from our history books as those who ranted and raved and was made Alien to a corporatized sysyem of slavery to debit and licences taxes and funding wars of other land grabes and the murder of people inthe name of spreading domo-crazy War makes peace sadly history it the keeper of mans folly and gried and the Rules neverending attemps to justify the need to spill Young mans Blood for the Old Rich mans gain They never feel the pain of Children and Mothers how suffer for a Flag can be stuck in the ground ,only to have another do the same at a latter date The Good Book states The Meek will inherite the Earth Like The 12 Tribes that the institiional Church preaches was lost on only needs to LQQK independantly at the evidance this is a fabricated mistruth We have the Lion Tribe of Judah calling the Older Brothers The Australian Abba Originals The Tribe of Reoban It Takes the Black Man of Ham to track his borther to the Land of OZ the land some call down under We have been Murdering Rapeing stealing the Blood lineage of The Christ for over 2000 years enoff is enoffe as my very distant Sister Said We are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the injustice Quoted from Lowis Fanny Hamer Please concider please investigate to the act of genicide by so call royal protection unite regicides

    The late Karno Walker was a very special man and I as a Christian Man in the true sence I hope have been called and honored to stand FIRM on His Behalf with His now Widow Christeen Walker Who dedicated there lives for Justice for all Tribel People every where
    I it now my understanding that we need to protect this Ancient Reuban Tribe and the other 11 Tribes that are divided into subtribes The is a Shamfull Act and one day we will be face with the oriabal truth we did nothing one only need to look back at the fact the the media new what HITLER was up to but said nothing Please concider our please we concider doing what is right what is honorable truthfull thank you and may my Lord Bless you for reading this and streanthen your Soul and Spirit and say NO ! and Yes to Let Freedom Rain .


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