Mary in her Magdalen aspect with demonic presences.

Mary in her Magdalen aspect with demonic presences.


Demons are ‘crack-entities’ that haunt the spaces in-between, where the rivers of energy flow on their way to pooling into form.  They are fishermen, skilled in the arts of subterfuge, tracking, stalking, baiting hooks, and imitation. They spin the whirlpools to suck in the incessant effluence of the insatiably avaricious and collect the self-obsessed and imperious. They are carnal engineers specialising in channelling for their own purposes the evaporating spirits (energy) of such people as well as the vulnerably traumatised and the unaware and insecure among the perishing. They are also unconstrained by time, as we believe it to be.

Wars are demoniacally contrived mass energy-harvesting (sacrificial) rites and the clock, the calendar, and the alphabets, were expertly designed, in a large part, to calculate and accommodate them. They are the wheels within the wheels and as such they leave their tracks.

At the outset of every demoniacally instigated scheme or project a sacrifice is selected and an elaborate though disguised rite is carried out. It’s aims are to amass as much energy from the victim and those who are made aware of it as can be caused to be released. The rite is always synchronised to the energetic environment and its motions; their ceremony, conducted by way of their command structure (their wheels – see above) is woven in to it. The victim, the scapegoat, the be-lamed, has to hold the energetic patterns that accord with the rhythms of that moment and the intricacies of the spell (e.g. name, place, time, dates, religious feast times). In most cases a sacrifice is one element, and stage, in a much larger agenda that combine in the time-line to construct a step. (My 2012 Megaspell articles documented many of these.)

Here is a brief demon-stration of how one such sacrifice was constructed by the universal language of numbers.



This scapegoat was the first British soldier to be executed for desertion in WW1. He was a young man called Thomas Highgate, from the small village of Shoreham, in Kent. Scapegoat – note ‘desert’ in the word ‘desertion’.


Thomas Highgate was born on 13th May 1895 (the 133rd day of the year [totals 7], 232 [also totals 7] before year’s end).  7(05)7 days later he was delivered unto the Gods of War by his fellow canon fodder at 7.07 am (7-7), on 8th September (17) 1914 (33) = 50. Thomas had been nabbed, tried and convicted all on the same day – a 696 date, 6th September 1914. He’d been caught, the story goes, hiding in a barn. Who did the barn belong to? Baron de Rothschild.

Thomas was dressed in civilian clothes (no explanation has come forward for how he got them). “I have had enough of it, I want to get out of it and this is how I am going to do it,” Rothschild’s English-born gamekeeper reported him saying. Right.

It was the 35th (8) day of the war and the 251st (8) day of the year. 35 is half 70, which energetically derives 7 and gives 7/2. We have the coming together of the numbers 7, 33 (and 6), 17 (and 8), and 888, revealing the meter of the demon revels and the numbers that will chase this spell and its relays. The date of the ritual sacrifice adds to 50, and its reverse, 05, was bracketed by the 7s in the number of days he had marched towards his doom. Thomas was told he’d be murdered at 6.22,  45 minutes before he was shot. He was 19.

Half a million (500,000 – 5 and zeros again) men were reported killed and wounded in the 7-day Battle of Marne. (The media are always mobilised to broadcast and thus empower the rites, enabling more energy to be released and so acquired – this works in false flag events too. The army, through their own orders and journals, ensured the rest of the troops knew all about the cruel end of Thomas quick smart – but, of course not, the true reasons why.)

Marne means ‘Lady’, so easily referencing Mary (and Isis). The date of the culmination of the sacrificial rite, 8th September, is the Feast Day of the Nativity of Mary, and Marne is especially associated with St.Mary in many ways, including the famous demon statue-strewn Notre Dame Cathedral at Reims.

Thomas Highgate (whose name adds to 22) would have had his 22nd birthday, had he lived, when ‘the Lady’ first appeared at Fatima in 1917, promising the girls would go to heaven – which is entered through the High Gate, the light twin (Thomas) of its dark twin lacuna, Hell: “The gates of hell will never prevail, where she offers her protection.” – Pope Pius XII

Too late Pius (22/7-us) XII (adds to 8) for Thomas Highgate!

Mary is most always, obviously and surreptitiously, portrayed in some way on war memorials.  These sickening rites, despite their apparent connection to Mary, are not in tribute to the feminine they are aimed at despoiling Her and the compassionate, caring and life-giving aspects she represents.

The worthies of Shoreham parish council voted not to have Thomas Highgate’s name included on their war memorial, when it was restored despite a 170 to 46 in favour show from the parishioners that it should be. The P.C. Brigade (‘upright and true’) I suspect) conceded to leave a space for his name after the local vicar, the Rev Barry Simmons’s, concerted efforts and resignation –  a space between that offers, while it is empty a home for…you know who; whether they realise it or not (see opening paragraph). This dark spell that was first cast over 100 years ago is clearly holding hard with some.



The church at Shoreham is dedicated to St. Peter (the gatekeeper of heaven supposedly) and St. Paul.

It is claimed that during the Second World War Shoreham was bombed more than any other village in the UK.


On 24th June 2015, St. John Day (John, a Marian aspect oft twin and alter-ego), and a prime divine of Templars and Freemasons, the demons left their mark, twinning the village’s prostrate white cross monument and the red poppy fields below it with a chemtrail cross. Mirrors and polarity, times. The toxic sign above and the fallen cross below.

As creations of nature poppies are beautiful but claimed and promoted as symbols, through Demeter, they represent forgetfulness, bemusement, the underworld, and the spaces in between. Being deep red, the colour of blood, and of smokeless fire, the Djinn and Jehovah.


Images of the Shoreham Cross


Thanks to Matt for the photograph and for inspiring this article.


The title picture of Mary and the demons is from my book, In These Signs Conquer.




14th July 2015



Newspaper articles on the campaign to acknowledge Thomas Highgate on the memorial.

Thomas Highgate – first British soldier executed during World War One

Private Thomas Highgate

Reims Cathedral



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